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    Welcome to Blockchain Arcade

    By enjoi

    In 2021, Blockchain Gaming swept the world. Tokenized assets (both NFT, and digital currencies) were a new phenomenon begging for product/market fit, and found it within a niche ripe for disruption. Previously, gamers traded their time and money for entertainment, but now new startups were moving the hurdle of money over to the reward side of the equation. Vast communities in Asia, India, South America embraced this idea, many earning more than their full time jobs by playing games a few hours a

How to Redeem Sculptures and Merchandise

Sipher Sculptures and Exclusive SIPHER Merchandise can now be redeemed by participants that contributed to the NEKO Dutch Auction within the Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond tier prices! We’ve created this guide to assist those eligible participants with the redemption process. Sipher Sculpture Redemption Requirements: Ather Labs Account. If you’ve not created yours yet, you can find a guide here. Set up the Polygon Network on your wallet, and possess some $MATIC (for tr


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Say No To Gas Wars: The Technology Behind the Illuvium Land Sale

This article details the technical aspects of Illuvium's recently concluded Land Sale, focusing on the backend technology and approach. Warning, it's a long one. I've tried to put enough detail in here so that other teams looking to run a similar NFT sale can take away valuable information and ensure the success of their sale. Apologies to the casual reader! Overview Illuvium's first Land Sale, where we sold ~20,000 NFTs representing virtual plots of land in the Illuvium homeworld, was

June 2022 SIPHER Update — “We are AtherLabs”

June 2022 SIPHER Update — “We are AtherLabs” Our World Architect (CEO), Tin Nguyen, shares yet another SIPHER Development Update. “We’ve recently revealed our gaming & web3 tech studio’s official name: AtherLabs” TL;DR Our team has continued to expand as we’ve continued recruitment, bringing us to 156 full-time members. With passionate engineers, game designers, and artists in our team, we’re in a really good position to continue crafting the grand World of Sipheria. A


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Dev Update: June 24, 2022

Happy Friday! The Kingdom Studios team has been busy as always The Front-end Team has spent the week getting the Raffle Master feature finalized and plugged in to Serendale so that you have somewhere to use all those tickets you’ve been getting through DFK Duel. They’re also working on Crystalvale Profession quests and as always, quality of life improvements to make this game better than ever. Getting ready to help with Crystalvale gold mining. The Solidity Team is continuing work

Introducing Fancy F-Ray Mode: New Release and Feature Details

New F-Ray Goggles in the Fancy Marketplace — Find out more in this cool guide. Are you ready to see a whole new world unfold in the Fancy Birds gameplay? We are excited to bring to you Fancy Vision which is powered by our exciting new F-Ray Goggles available in the Fancy Marketplace. This is the first of the many power-ups for your birds with new and fancier additions to get you flying high in the tournaments and leaderboards. If you haven’t already heard about the F-Ray Goggles a

Introducing Fancy Seeds: All New FNC Earn Mechanics

Players can now feed their birds food from the marketplace. With all that fanciful flying, eventually all birds will get a little tired and hungry. Well, it’s time to get some food and store some real fly energy. Feed a Fancy Seed to re-energize your bird and continue earning FNC for quests! Chirp chirp! Flap flap! Fancy Birds brings new and exciting Fancy Seeds to the Fancy marketplace to ensure your bird is a top avian with some sharp earnings. Here’s everything you need to

Latest Game Introductions and New In-game Pricing

Hot Take — A game with hot new updates and power energy is as exciting as it gets. Spicy. And we heard you! The Fancy Dev team has been hard at work to bring some snazzy vision goggles for your birds. And I am sure you are wondering- are these safety focals or maybe they are fly blinkers??…. Well, let’s just say they help you make some real hot Golden Crashes!! Yeah, you heard that right. (Pssst, we did mention in our Discord that excitement is brewing at the game development end).

Illuvium x Immunefi Bug Bounty

As we are continuing to enhance our diverse security plan to further protect against malicious actors and exploits, we have teamed up with Immunefi to implement our new bug bounty program. That means we will now deliver rewards (max bounty up to $150,000) for finding bugs in our website, applications and smart contracts. While we already have skilled in-house team members that focus on our security, code review and development, our partnership with Immunefi will add an additional layer to our se

Crypto Terms : STEPN & beyond

Crypto Terms: STEPN & beyond Greetings! STEPN has come a long way from our humble beginnings in December of 2021. We are well on our way to accomplishing our mission of bringing Web3 to the masses. That said, it is acutely evident that many of our users are new to the crypto space and may not be familiar with the jargon used. We have compiled a list of terminologies specifically relating to the STEPN ecosystem and beyond to help you navigate the crypto world a bit better! Glos


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Governance — Phase 1.5

Governance — Phase 1.5 Hello, Unifam! With twelve weeks since the initial launch of the Governance Phase 1 post, and with the approval of the CUIP-04 — Governance Council Installation, we believe that now is the perfect time for us to iterate and supplement. Upfront, we acknowledge that building a self-governing community is a monumental undertaking — one that we hope we are all willing to experience together. Our hope is for our structure to evolve as we learn and grow together a

Part 3: Reimagining FitTech From the Bottom Up

This is the third and final installation of our series, STEPN: Building the Future in a Bear Market. In previous parts, we discussed two of the fundamental ways we seemed to achieve “overnight success.” We did this by working hard and long hours and actively “building the future” ahead of us, instead of just sitting around and trying to speculate at what would happen. The first portion of our series is Part 1: How We Created a Blue Ocean Market. It covers how we pioneered the move-and-


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Crabada Introduces $CRA Staking Program

$CRA-for-$CRA rewards are available for a limited time only! Participate in the newly launched CRA staking program by staking your CRA to receive CRA rewards for a limited time only! The new CRA Staking Program will take place on Swimmer Network (Subnet). Users who want to take part in CRA staking will have to bridge their CRA assets from Avalanche C-Chain over to Swimmer Network. CRA Staking Program The staking periods and interest rates are as follows: 3

The Sandbox Belonging Week

Celebrate your uniqueness and differences during The Sandbox Belonging Week. Create your avatar, join the metaverse and represent your inner self! Starting June 24th, we are proud to welcome users to The Sandbox Belonging week. Dive into 3 LANDs of inclusivity: Find a safe and inclusive place in Metapride METAPRIDE LAND is the gay village of the metaverse that will provide access, support, and community for all. Join and celebrate your true self with friends, allies, an

Introducing: The Creator Academy

We believe in nurturing growth amongst our community members. Visit Creator Academy Axie creators of all sizes create so much value for our ecosystem. However, until now, there’s been a shortage of educational resources allowing Axie creators to take their content to the next level. Today, we change that: We’re funding 200 fellowships for creators to participate in Nas Academy’s new Creator Academy. This training school has been designed by Nas Academy specifically for A

The Serendale Town Crier — June 17, 2022

The Serendale Town Crier — June 17, 2022 DeFi Kingdoms Community Newsletter “Oyez, oyez!” — Town Crier Milo DeFi Kingdoms Events DFK Duel has finally arrived in Serendale (beta)! DFK Duel is a mini-game that gives Heroes the chance to compete using Hero Stats, Backgrounds, and Elements. A winner is decided based on random selections performed by the Duel. The winner of the Duel can expect to reclaim the gold they put into the Duel and a pile of tickets. The loser does not g

Patch Notes Update — June 15, 2022

Patch Notes Update — June 15, 2022 Good release day, Kingdom! DFK Duel DFK Duel is a mini-game that gives Heroes the chance to compete using Hero Stats, Backgrounds, and Elements. A winner is decided based on random selections performed by the Duel. For Roll One, the Duel will select a Hero Stat and give each Hero points equal to the Hero’s Stat points. For example, if the Duel selects the WIS stat and the Hero has eight WIS, eight is the point value they receive from

Part 2: Building the future, rewriting the playbook of growth

In our previous article, we laid out our philosophy on how to predict the future. Everyone wants to know what will happen in the future, but beyond a few lucky guesses, no one really knows what is around the corner. Even the best of the best, experts with all of their fancy financial models, are unable to figure out which direction the stock market is heading tomorrow. As Jeff Stibel of the Harvard Business Review lays out: But instead of throwing a bunch of resources, time


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The Axie Creator Program

Everyone should participate in the value they help create. This is the core belief behind many Axie initiatives like AXS leaderboard rewards, Lunacian Codes, IRL meetup grants, and more. These programs deploy support back to Lunacians everywhere while helping to further align incentives. Today, we begin testing a framework that provides valuable support back to our community of contributors and content creators: The Axie Creator Program The Axie Creator Program is being desig

Crabada Is Integrating Chainlink VRF and Keepers to Help Power Provably Fair and Automated Weekly…

Crabada Is Integrating Chainlink VRF and Keepers to Help Power Provably Fair and Automated Weekly Draws We’re excited to announce that Crabada is integrating Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Chainlink Keepers on Avalanche mainnet! Integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network will give us access to a verifiable source of randomness that is needed to help power the Crabada weekly Lucky Draw event, and a decentralized smart contract automation service t

“Avoid horns, extra eyes, wings and other excess stuff” – artist, designer and pixel art expert Griseus explains why less is more

Griseus is one of the designers responsible for bringing the Solarbots world to life on our screens. The self-taught artist explained to imimoqui how to make artwork stand out by going beyond the obvious when designing visuals.   Can you tell us a little bit about your background – how did you get your start as an artist?   Hmm. I can't tell you exactly how it all started. It wasn't that I saw the Mona Lisa and it shocked me into starting to draw. It all just came by itself. When I was a k


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🛠️ Origin Update 🛠️

Later today, we will be deploying updates to Origin. The game will be down until the updates are complete. Download Origin ✨ What’s New ✨ In Arena Mode, players that go first will once again be able to use attack cards on the first turn (We have removed the "Disarm turn 1" mechanic based on feedback) We have introduced a scaling system for Energy and Card Draw: The player who goes first gains 1 Energy and draws 3 cards on their first turn

DFK Duel Guide

The mini-game you’ve been waiting for is finally here! The DFK Duel Preseason launches tonight and gives players the opportunity to let their Heroes duel against other Heroes. To duel your Heroes, first you must pay a visit to the Duel Master in the Tavern in Serendale. He will guide you through your dueling. Team Size Selection Starting a Duel Duel Sizes The first step before you will begin your duel is to select the size of duel you want to participate in. Solo is 1v1, Squa

Crabada Lore: Unleash the Craken

A Sunken Class Short Story Part 1 The ocean is full of scary and foreboding creatures, hiding in various different corners of the seven seas. Tales abound of the monsters that inhabit these desolate parts of the ocean, preying on anybody and everything foolish enough to venture into their territory. Yet as with any dangerous proposition, there usually lies the tantalizing prospect of invaluable treasure that lies beyond for any adventurer brave enough to risk it all. It is wi

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