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Undead Blocks is the world's first multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game on The Ethereum Network. Upgrade weapon loadout NFTs and survive through endless waves of zombies to earn ZBUX. Closed Beta will only be available to Weapon NFT holders.
  1. What's new in this game
  2. 1 July 2022 — Hanoi, Vietnam: Undead Blocks, the world’s first AAA FPS Play to Earn Zombie Shooter game, announced today that their $20K Pistol SpeedRun will be fully sponsored by Double Peak Investment Group & their gaming guild, Kratos Guild. As part of the sponsorship agreement, a Double Peak skin was specifically crafted for the SpeedRun, to be used by all participants for the event. Galen Law-Kun, Founder of Double Peak Group commented: “We could not be more excited to be the official sponsor of the first ever Undead Blocks SpeedRun. Since our initial investment in their seed round, Undead Blocks has proven to set the industry standard in Web3 FPS gaming and we are excited to expand our relationship with the united goal of empowering gamers to own their digital assets.” Grant Haseley, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Wagyu Games, commented: “We are thrilled that Double Peak has sponsored our first Pistol SpeedRun for our NFT holders. Galen and his team share our aligned vision of providing entertainment value for Web3 gamers around the world and this tournament will certainly provide that for Kratos Guild members and gamers around the world.” About Double Peak Group Double Peak is a family office focused on investments in the digital asset and blockchain space. As one of the first family offices based out of Asia focusing on digital assets, they have been deeply entrenched in the crypto markets since 2017. Double Peak has adopted a philosophy of value investing and making key investments with a long time horizon in early stage funding rounds and secondary markets. The ultimate vision is to bridge cutting-edge decentralized technologies between China and international markets. The team consists of talented people with institutional backgrounds. Namely, investment banking, private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurship. They have been involved in the blockchain space from early 2016 as both investors and advisors and can leverage close relationships with other participants in the Asian ecosystem. Double Peak have invested in a multitude of areas including: Asset Management, Banking & Payments, Cross-Chain Platforms, CeFi-DeFi Bridges, Infrastructure Protocols, Investment Funds, Gaming/NFTs, Privacy/Security, The Metaverse, Trading and Exchanges. About Undead Blocks Undead Blocks is a play-to-earn multiplayer FPS zombie survival crypto game. Players can fight their way through hordes of zombies using special NFT weapons and earn ZBUX, the Undead Blocks reward currency, as they progress through easter-egg filled maps. Undead Blocks puts over 140 unique weapons and explosives at the disposal of gamers. Undead Blocks Official Website Media contact: admin@undeadblocks.com View the Original article
  3. The game is extremely reminiscent of Call of Duty Zombies The gameplay on the beta feels very, very nice. The UI is very good and it’s one of the highest quality games i’ve played since joining the web3 space. There are a few things to fix with the movement and some delays that i see in between functions, but regardless the experience was extremely fun and filled with nostalgia. I personally think it’s a game that would catch a lot of traditional gamers eyes and attention depending on how easy it is to understand the economic loop and get onboarded into the system. I know they’ve got rentals for guns eventually and an interesting staking program. It’s one i’m definitely watching out for and will be playing!
  4. Ive been playing in the beta for awhile and I’m enjoying it. They have listened to the beta tester and fixed any bugs that have come up. The discord is always helpful and Grant does AMAs almost everyday. thats more then i can say for other projects
  5. Its a good point, and I’ve heard it brought up a few times. The question i’d pose is, if its fun does it matter? My guess is no, but maybe it does feel less unique/serious, and thus attract less players? Topic for conversation more than anything else. I think there are other draws for a game than just assets.
  6. I do want to say though through another inteview, the reported to have used 50% of their assets from the Unity Asset store. They haven’t been in development for very long either, so this game was definitely rushed
  7. Enjoi is joined by Grant Haseley, Executive Director at the P2E Zombie FPS game - Undead Blocks. They discuss existing and future gameplay, sustainable tokenomics, making blockchain gaming FUN, and why Grant thinks Undead Blocks is changing the game.
  8. Weapon holders get Beta in May, as far as I know.
  9. Agree. Even the beta looks great. If they can keep shipping a fun game, and keep the economy relatively stable I’ve got high hopes. Do we have a timeline for weapon holders beta yet?
  10. I can`t wait for Beta to be open for “Weaponholders”. The Bootcamp player who are playing already are streaming real awesome gameplay. And in the last week the Devs put more stuff in the scenery which also looks more apocalyptic now! I think the Zombies are a bit faster now also.
  11. (Initially posted on Medium) Hello Survivors! We want to personally thank you for all of your support — we would not be where we are today without our amazing community. The Beta Bootcamp has been delivered to the first round of beta trainees with more trainees joining every week. We are getting close to delivering our closed beta to all of our Armed Survivors! In this article we will cover an exciting new way to compete & earn during the closed beta, introduce our two-tiered reward currency & explain how our daily leaderboards will operate for full game launch. It’s time to kill to earn. Beta Tournament: $25,000 Pistol SpeedRun Competition Launching May 27th, 2022 Undead Blocks introduces a new way for NFT holders to compete & earn during the beta phase. Remember when we said that Armed Survivors couldn’t compete in our beta? Yeah, we changed our mind. While the team at Undead Blocks is focused on improving the beta version before the full game launch this summer, we also want to gamify and reward our Armed Survivors during the beta phase. Today, we are introducing a beta-only tournament called Pistol SpeedRun. What is Pistol SpeedRun? Pistol SpeedRun is a fast paced game mode that will give every weapon NFT holder an equal chance at $25,000 in cash prizes. The objective of Pistol SpeedRun is to complete 5 waves of zombies as FAST as you can with a pistol & knife. Sheesh. The tournament will last through the weekend of May 27th–30th, giving Armed Survivors 72 hours to clock their best time! Note: Armed Survivors cannot lend their weapon loadouts during the competition or the beta phase as the Undead Blocks Marketplace is currently under construction. Who Can Participate? All Armed Survivors may participate in the SpeedRun competition with 250,000 Gold ZBUX being distributed to Armed Survivors. First place will receive a guaranteed 10,000 Gold ZBUX ($1K USD) and the additional 240,000 Gold ZBUX ($24K USD) will be distributed exponentially dependent on the amount of Armed Survivors that participate. Note: Every Armed Survivor will earn Gold ZBUX for participating in the Pistol SpeedRun Tournament. The player’s winning amount will be determined by their ranking on the leaderboard. We are anticipating thousands of players for the tournament — streaming your SpeedRuns is encouraged! Introducing Gold ZBUX: The New Gold Standard in Reward Currency Undead Blocks Introduces Gold ZBUX. Introducing Gold ZBUX, the holy grail currency of the Undead Blocks in-game reward ecosystem. Gold ZBUX will be a stable in-game reward currency, valued at $0.10 and can be redeemed for your choice of cryptocurrency on the Wagyu Games website. Upon full game launch, Undead Blocks will reward Gold ZBUX to every Armed Survivor who participates in the Daily Leaderboards. Gold ZBUX Breakdown Earned through ranking on daily leaderboards (thousands of winners each day) and by completing Gold Challenges. No withdrawal limits Can be purchased on the Wagyu Games website Cannot be spent to upgrade weapons, significantly reducing “pay to win” Purchase exclusive weapons skins, Survivor skins & perks No Withdrawal Limit Armed Survivors will have complete control over their Gold ZBUX with the authority to withdraw all of their earnings from daily leaderboards and Gold Challenges. Gold ZBUX earned through daily leaderboards can be instantly withdrawn from your Wagyu Wallet. Gold ZBUX-Exclusive Skins and Perks In addition to withdrawing Gold ZBUX for other cryptocurrencies, Gold ZBUX can be used for purchasing rare weapon skins, Survivor skins, and even perks! Reload Rootbeer, Macho Dew, Diet Sprint, and Dr. Helper will be purchasable for 5000 Gold ZBUX ($500 USD) each. Pricing for weaponry and Survivor skins will be released at a later date. Standard ZBUX — Asset Upgrading Currency The standard currency of asset ownership, ZBUX is used to upgrade weapon assets in-game. Standard ZBUX will serve the purpose of increasing the value of players’ weapon loadout NFTs. Allowing players to upgrade weapons as well as add new weapons to their loadout will allow players to build sweat equity into the assets that they own! There is no limit on how much Standard ZBUX that players can earn. Note: 100% of the Standard ZBUX earned through lending will go to the weapon loadout owner. Scholars may only generate earnings through Gold ZBUX. Standard ZBUX Breakdown Earned by slaying each wave of zombies Standard ZBUX earnings are uncapped Upgrade weapon stats in weapon loadout (damage, accuracy, fire rate, ammo capacity, etc.) Purchase new weapons for weapon loadout Standard ZBUX earned will be attached to each loadout, ZBUX cannot be transferred between loadouts or player accounts. Note: The ZBUX that will be airdropped to Genesis Weapon NFT holders for completing the closed beta & easter egg will be credited as Standard ZBUX so they can begin upgrading their Loadout NFTs on day 1 of full game launch. “Pay to Win” Significantly Reduced Since Standard ZBUX cannot be purchased on the open market, weapon upgrades and weapon purchases will have to be earned through extensive playtime and engaging with our in-game content. Standard ZBUX earned will be attached to each loadout, so Standard ZBUX cannot be transferred between loadouts or player accounts in order to game the system and use stronger loadouts to level up weaker loadouts. When weapon packs are lent via the Undead Blocks Marketplace, the lender will keep 100% of the Standard ZBUX that the player earns, which they can use to upgrade and add to their NFT weaponry! Thousands of Winners: Every. Single. Day. Showcasing the Undead Blocks Leaderboard. Undead Blocks is excited to announce that upon full game launch this Summer, we will be implementing daily leaderboards that will allow thousands of players to compete & earn Gold ZBUX in multiple different game modes every single day. Leaderboards will be reset and daily winners will be updated every 24 hours. Players on the leaderboard will earn between 10–10,000 Gold ZBUX* per day with no withdrawal limit. A minimum wave requirement will be in place that guarantees a spot on the leaderboard for every qualifying player for to earn at least 10 Gold ZBUX. *Dynamic leaderboards allow for thousands of daily players to earn each day based on how they rank against other players that day. Value Proposition By offering Gold ZBUX and daily leaderboard challenges, Undead Blocks accomplishes our ultimate goal of building the most sustainable play-to-earn game on the market by: Keeping the amount of potential liquidity drain from our ecosystem fixed, providing Treasury Management the flexibility to maximize Gold ZBUX distribution by knowing exactly how much will be needed to reward players for their in-game conquests. Providing Armed Survivors with complete control over their Gold ZBUX with the authority to withdraw all of their earnings from Daily Leaderboards and achievements! Rewarding Genesis Weapon holders that will benefit from already securing their weaponry, skins and Standard ZBUX from completion of the Beta Bootcamp. Incentivizing asset ownership by allowing lenders to keep 100% of the Standard ZBUX that are earned by the individual to upgrade their weaponry while providing scholars a % of Gold ZBUX that they can withdraw immediately!
  12. The Beta Bootcamp is being introduced to Armed Survivors for the first time. Undead Blocks would like to congratulate and welcome all of our Armed Survivors for answering our first Call to Arms. Genesis Weapon Pack holders will soon begin their fight against the horde and compete everyday to earn ZBUX when our full game launches this summer! The Beta Bootcamp is reserved for Armed Survivors only and will allow them to enjoy the Undead Blocks experience before full game launch. We will be rolling out the Beta Bootcamp in 2 phases: Basic Training Program and Full Closed Beta Program. You can register for the Beta Bootcamp Program using the following form: https://forms.gle/2X1kC6YD1ruP9qFc9 Phase 1: Basic Training Program Phase 1 will be testing & feedback-centric. The Undead Blocks team will review beta testing applications and selecting new testers daily from the Armed Survivor Discord chat. These individuals will be the first players in the world to experience the Undead Blocks beta in its current form! During Basic Training, beta testers will have access to an exclusive channel with the Admins and lead game development team to help improve the game and get it ready for market! Individuals with prior beta testing experience will be prioritized, we truly believe that rigorous testing and feedback by our community will make us stronger and aligns with our core mission of empowering our players. To apply and become a verified beta tester in our Basic Training program, please submit your application here. We will notify you through email and on Discord if you were selected to beta test for phase 1! ZBUX will not be earned in Phase 1. Phase 2: Closed Beta Program The closed beta will be accessible to all Weapon NFT holders who are verified “Armed Survivors” in our Discord and will allow holders to play the beta until the full game goes live. In Phase 2, you will have the opportunity to earn ZBUX! Our target date for phase 2 is end of April/early May, more details on exact date coming soon! All Genesis guns will be playable in the Beta Bootcamp, players will be able to use every weapon in the beta and eventually test new weapons that have yet to be released to the public. Even if you don’t currently own an MP5, AKM, or F1 we will allow you to use those assets! During the full game, players will only be able to use the weapons and perks that they own in their Weapon Pack. Beta Admission Requirements: Once the Closed Beta goes live, Armed Survivors will receive a notification to create a Wagyu Games account that will confirm Armed Survivor status. Here are the requirements to play the beta and earn ZBUX: Must be a verified “Armed Survivor” in the Undead Blocks Discord. Must have a Wagyu Games account (sign-up going live in a few weeks!) Must hold Weapon Pack NFT in your wallet connected to Wagyu Games account (if you sell or transfer your Weapon Pack, you will no longer have access to the beta or the ZBUX reward.) ALL Armed Survivors will have the opportunity to complete the Beta Bootcamp prior to full game launch to claim their ZBUX. Phase 2: How to Earn ZBUX Undead Blocks is for the Gamers. Our community means everything to us. For our beta testers, we are looking to solicit comprehensive and extensive feedback so we can continue developing our beautiful game to the standard that is expected by our community. We want you to enjoy our immersive experience with your mouse and controllers and let us know where we can continue to make tweaks and improvements to enhance the player experience! For your time and effort, we will be compensating each beta tester who completes the beta and finds our in-beta Easter Egg with a ZBUX airdrop! Here’s the ZBUX distribution by Weapon Pack for ZBUX deposits: Amateur Pack: 500 ZBUX Survivor Pack: 1,000 ZBUX Assassin Pack: 1,500 ZBUX Zombie Killer Pack: 2,500 ZBUX Note: If a player sells or transfers their Weapon Pack NFT they will lose their ZBUX reward and will lose access to the beta. If an Armed Survivor owns multiple Weapon Packs, they will be able to claim the reward for each Pack. For example, if an Armed Survivor is holding 2 Amateur Weapon Packs in preparation for gas-less renting, they will be able to claim 1000 ZBUX to use for loadout upgrades when our full game goes live. *Only Genesis Weapon Packs will be eligible for the ZBUX reward.* Value Proposition By allowing our community to have early access to beta testing and compensating those individuals for their efforts, Undead Blocks will be soliciting feedback from Armed Survivors who have a vested interest in our mission to become the world’s premier kill-to-earn FPS game. Streaming beta sessions on Twitch and creating YouTube content with feedback is encouraged. We can’t wait to show the world what we’ve built and the improvements we continue to make every single day as we march towards our full game launch! About Undead Blocks Undead Blocks is a kill-to-earn multiplayer FPS zombie survival crypto game. Players can fight their way through hordes of zombies using NFT Weapon Packs and earn ZBUX, the Undead Blocks in-game reward currency, as they progress through easter-egg filled maps. Undead Blocks will put over 140 unique weapons and explosives at the disposal of gamers as they monetize their digital in-game assets. Website: https://UndeadBlocks.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/UndeadBlocks Discord: https://discord.gg/undeadblocks View the Original article
  13. Undead Blocks is minting Weapon Loadouts on Thursday, March 24th at 10AM(EST). Hello Survivor, welcome to the Undead “Call to Arms” Minting Guide. Undead Blocks is for gamers who are tired of paying for weapon skins, character skins, battle passes, DLC packs, and of not being able to monetize any of the assets they obtain in-game. It’s for gamers who want to earn from completing achievements, quests, and finding Easter Eggs in our maps. It’s for individuals who want to open their own small business weapons vault inside the Wagyu Games metaverse and build equity in their weapons. It’s for players who want to dominate daily leaderboards and tournaments with sizable prize pools. The time is now for FPS gamers to monetize in-game assets as we rapidly enter this digital age of discovery. Thousands of Survivors from around the globe are securing their Weaponry in preparation for the fight of their lives. This article will serve as a guide to Survivors on how to become armed and ready for the battle. 24 Hours To Mint Since Undead Blocks Survivors will be answering the Call to Arms from every corner of the globe, we are allowing anyone with a whitelist position to mint within a 24hour time-frame. Minting will begin Thursday, March 24 at 10AM (EST) and will last until Sunday, March 27th at 10AM (EST). Note: After the 24hour period is complete, we will be closing minting to all whitelisted wallets. Dynamic Weapon Supply Undead Blocks is taking a unique approach when it comes to Weapon Pack distribution. Between our community, collaboration partners, guilds & giveaway winners, we have whitelisted 8,500 addresses to be able to mint on Mint Day. We understand some whitelist winners may forget that they are on the list, forget to mint or simply lack the necessary liquidity on minting day, however every whitelist winner will have the ability to mint within a 24 hour time frame beginning on Thursday, March 24 at 10AM (EST). Our target number of Weapon Packs to be minted will be 3,000 — this is the minimum needed to ensure that our lobbies are packed upon full game launch in this summer. Choose from 4 Loadouts On Mint Day, whitelisted Survivors can choose from 4 different loadout types: Amateur, Survivor, Assassin or Zombie Killer. Each loadout is a single NFT, comprised of multiple weapons/perks. Survivors can choose any one of these 4 weapon loadouts. There is no cap on a specific weapon loadout type, we want the market to determine supply. The following is the breakdown of each loadout: Amateur — 0.1 ETH (pistol + knife playable in game) Survivor — 0.3 ETH (MP5 + pistol + knife playable in game) Assassin — 0.5 ETH (AK47 +shotgun + 1 random perk + pistol + knife playable in game) Zombie Killer — 1 ETH (F1 +shotgun + 4 perks + pistol + frag grenade+ knife playable in game) Note: We will only be allowing one mint per whitelist spot. If you wish to purchase an additional weapons loadout, you may purchase one on a secondary exchange (such as OpenSea). Weapon Skin Generator Undead Blocks will be integrating a Random Gun Skin Generator that will mint a random skin on each individual weapon in each weapon loadout. Every minted weapon loadout will have a unique combination of skins that you can use to rep your new weaponry! Note: Weapon Skin trait odds % will be listed on each individual NFT on OpenSea and other secondary markets. How To Mint: Create a MetaMask wallet, to learn how, click here . Connect to Undeadblocks.com using your MetaMask wallet. (Make sure to bookmark our website before mint to prevent mint scams) Choose your preferred weapon loadout you’d like to mint. Confirm & Sign transaction (you will need some ETH for gas). Once the transaction is complete, your newly generated weapon loadout will appear in “My Weapons” and in your wallet! Note: If you are unable to connect, please disconnect your wallet from undeadblocks.com and refresh/change your browser. Please allow up to 10 minutes for your NFT metadata to appear on the OpenSea marketplace. Armed Survivor Discord Role Undead Blocks Weapon Loadout holders will receive a special role in the official Discord Server titled “Armed Survivor”. All Armed Survivors will get special access to a closed Discord channel for Weapon NFT holders to provide us with their feedback throughout beta testing and be the first to receive project updates and exclusive AMAs with our Admins! About Undead Blocks Undead Blocks is a kill-to-earn multiplayer FPS zombie survival crypto game. Players can fight their way through hordes of zombies using special NFT weapons and earn ZBUX, the Undead Blocks reward currency, as they progress through easter-egg filled maps. Undead Blocks puts over 140 unique weapons and explosives at the disposal of gamers. View the Original article
  14. 11 March 2022 — Hanoi, Vietnam: Undead Blocks, the world’s first AAA FPS Play to Earn Zombie Shooter game, announced today that it has raised $600K in a Private round of funding led by Animoca Brands. The Private round comes after Undead Blocks completed a seed round of $1.1M co-led by Genblock Capital & Double Peak Group. Undead Blocks will be the world’s first AAA first-person shooter (FPS) play-to-earn (P2E) game, allowing players to purchase weapons as NFTs and earn in-game rewards by eliminating waves of zombies and completing in-game achievements. Animoca Brands is a global leader in gamification and blockchain with a large portfolio of over 150 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralized projects that are contributing to building the open metaverse. The new funding announced today will be used to scale game development and boost marketing efforts prior to Undead Blocks’ full game launch in the second half of 2022. Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, commented: “Animoca Brands is excited to see Undead Blocks develop into the P2E zombie shooter of choice for FPS gamers and we believe it is well positioned to emerge as an industry leader over the course of 2022.” Grant Haseley, executive director and co-founder of Undead Blocks, commented: “Animoca Brands is the industry leader in empowering players to monetize their in-game assets as we rapidly enter a digital renaissance. We believe play AND earn is the future of FPS gaming, and we are honored to work with Yat and his team as we continue to make that dream a reality for gamers all over the world.” Developed by Wagyu Games in partnership with Kevuru Games, Undead Blocks has developed a revolutionary secondary tokenomics model to provide the ultimate sustainability and flexibility for compensating players for their in- game achievements and quests. Undead Blocks will be available on PC and MAC, with the use of PS5 and Xbox One controllers via Bluetooth to allow console gamers to enjoy an immersive experience and participate in P2E activities. Undead Blocks will release a closed beta to the public at the end in April 2022, followed by full game launch in Q2, and mobile game delivery is scheduled for Q3 of 2022. About Undead Blocks Undead Blocks is a play-to-earn multiplayer FPS zombie survival crypto game. Players can fight their way through hordes of zombies using special NFT weapons and earn ZBUX, the Undead Blocks reward currency, as they progress through easter-egg filled maps. Undead Blocks puts over 140 unique weapons and explosives at the disposal of gamers. Media contact: admin@undeadblocks.com View the Original article
  15. Undead Blocks — The World’s First Kill to Earn Crypto Game So, you want to play Undead Blocks? Well, get ready for the fight of your life. This will be the first in a series of Medium articles highlighting Undead Blocks gameplay, tokenomics, how to play AND earn, and what’s on the horizon in the future! Undead Blocks is a multiplayer FPS zombie shooter, pitting Survivors against wave after wave of ruthless Undead. Developed by Kevuru Games (who have worked on some small projects such as Fortnite and Star Wars Tales of The Galaxy’s Edge,) Undead Blocks will be the first AAA FPS game on the P2E market. Undead Blocks will also have revolutionary tokenomics, utilizing a dual token ecosystem and a stablecoin (ZBUX) to organically sustain our metaverse so Survivors can continue to enjoy Undead Blocks for years to come. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s time to Kill to Earn. Soooo…. how do you Play? In order to play Undead Blocks, you must first purchase a Weapon Loadout NFT, either directly from us or on OpenSea. This loadout will have all of the weaponry that you are able to use in game. You can think of your Weapon Loadout as the keys to the Undead Blocks car. This car just happens to be a Maserati. You will also be able to purchase additional weapons once you have secured your Loadout, and that Loadout will be recognized as having those additional weapons available to you. Once you have secured your Loadout, you will be asked to create an Undead Blocks account and to link your ETH wallet to that account before you can join a match. We will also have a free to play option, but you will not be able to earn ZBUX. Undead Blocks will be a multiplayer zombie shooter. In similar fashion to Fortnite, we will be utilizing the Seasons approach, with new maps christening new seasons. In Season 1, we have already confirmed two game modes to choose from: Squads and King of the Hill. Squads Mode In Squads, four players will enter the map and face waves of zombies until all four players have been eliminated. Squads will look and feel very similar to OG COD Zombies. It is built for gameplay with friends, you will be able to communicate with your team members freely via the headset and be able to strategize on the fly as the zombies continue unleashing havoc around you. All players will split the ZBUX earned equally. PvZ. This is our ‘fun’ mode, and easiest to maneuver, so ZBUX rewarded will be lower in this game mode. King Of the Hill Mode In King of the Hill, it’s time to get competitive. Our flagship game mode, King of the Hill will also feature four players dropped into the map left for dead to survive the horde. However, there is a twist. Upon entering the map, you will not know what weapons each of the other 3 players will have, and you will not be able to communicate with each other in game. This will make it IMPERATIVE for you to upgrade your weapons as soon as possible to gain an advantage on the other players in the game. Players will still face the waves of zombies together, but the ZBUX earned in the match will be allocated based on how many zombie kills each player logs in game. The payouts for each match are as follows: 1st Place (Most Zombie Kills) — 70% of the ZBUX earned in game 2nd Place — 20% 3rd Place — 10% 4th Place — zip, zilch, nada PvPvZ. Now you can see why it will be so important to level up weapons. A player with a Level 8 AKM will have a significant advantage over a player with a Level 3 AKM, assuming equal skill level. But a talented FPS gamer with a Level 5 weapon will fare much better than a player holding a Level 7 weapon with below average skills. So skills matter too. We are gamers at heart, and we want to see the best and brightest shine while earning ZBUX! So…. how much can you actually earn playing Undead Blocks? In Squads and King of the Hill, the amount of ZBUX you earn per game will be directly correlated to the amount of waves that you survive. The payouts will be modeled using an exponential distribution. If a group of 4 has an epic round, they will receive significantly more ZBUX than a group that has an average round. An average player playing Squads will be able to earn roughly $10 per day, assuming 3–4 hours of play-time per day and average performance in-game. Players consistently placing in King of the Hill matches will earn more than this. We will release more information regarding payouts per game mode as we get closer to game launch! This is what will make Undead Blocks so attractive to FPS gamers. We anticipate that many of our players will be owning a token or cryptocurrency for the first time in their lives. We can’t wait to welcome them, and all of you, into Survivor Bootcamp. Load up, it’s time to kill to earn. View the Original article
  16. The Undead have been unleashed! Our Survivors are loading up for the fight of their lives against the zombie horde, and are actively recruiting members to pick up their weapons and join the fight! Undead Blocks has announced our first Call to Arms, which begins on January 27th. Whitelist winners will start to be announced on February 15th. Weapon Minting Day will be announced at a later date, for mint in March. “Call to Arms” will allow Undead Blocks to get weapons into the hands of our most rabid fans and avid gamers. Undead Blocks will be the first P2E zombies FPS game on the market and we are excited to launch our first weapons deployment campaign to our community. All Survivors will compete for Undead Blocks Weapon NFT whitelist positions in order to become part of the first wave of The Living fighting for the survival of the human race. We are looking for gamers who want to eat, sleep, and kill zombies and can’t wait to engage with our in-game content and get their hands on our AAA FPS gameplay. A Few Notes: To be Eligible for a Whitelist: You MUST be a member of our Discord & following us on Twitter. Quality > Quantity. Entries that have been well thought out and demonstrate your love for Undead Blocks, P2E gaming, and the zombie metaverse will be prioritized above else. You can enter each campaign once. Multiple entries will not be considered, only your first entry will be accepted. Community Engagement (1000 WL Spots Available:) We are looking to unite FPS gamers all around the world to showcase their skills while providing these players with a roadmap for income potential as they engage with our premium in-game content. Play AND earn, not play to earn. As our Undead Blocks family of Survivors continues to grow, we want to see how passionate and excited you all are to enter this new Land of The Living. Individuals who recruit bots will be ignored. Some examples for the “Community Engagement” campaign criteria include: Being active on Twitter and Discord Welcoming new users and answering their questions, no matter how many times the question has been asked Inviting your friends to our Discord (no bots please) Content Creator (500 WL Spots Available:) If you love to CREATE, this category is for you. Undead Blocks will be the first AAA Kill-To-Earn FPS game to market and our beautiful game will be gracing eyeballs all over the world. ‘Mediums’ (yes, puns still exist in the zombie metaverse) such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch are a huge part of our Survivors’ daily lives and soon you will see Undead Blocks gameplay from content creators all over the globe. As such, priority will be given to those who discuss our gameplay, weapon skins, tokenomics, and anything else Undead Blocks related (like linking a previous AMA or sharing exactly what about our game excites you) in video format. You can talk about your favorite weapon to use and which skins that have been teased you are most excited to collect. Share your favorite zombies movie or video game and relate your favorite characters from TV shows to our cast. Shilling other projects will not be tolerated! Discuss Undead Blocks — how you found us, what makes us unique, what you are excited to see in our metaverse! Visit our website directly at https://undeadblocks.com/ or the plethora of Undead Blocks socials at your disposal for Content!: Undead Blocks Twitter: https://twitter.com/UndeadBlocks Undead Blocks Medium: https://medium.com/@UndeadBlocks Undead Blocks TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@undeadblocks Undead Blocks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/undeadblocks/ To receive credit for your submission — copy the URL link for each content piece you create and paste it into your Google Form submission! Other mediums include: Personal Blogs Twitter Spaces Podcasts Reddit Instagram Reels Reviewing our website on your personal Youtube Channel Art & Memes (500 WL Spots Available:) Like killing zombies and surviving the horde, art has no language barrier. Fans of Undead Blocks will have every opportunity to showcase their FPS gaming skills and artistic-selves. We may even add some fan-inspo weapon and character skins into the zombie metaverse in future seasons! Eligible content includes: Weapon Skin Designs Memes — please, be funny Zombie — Inspired Videos Zombie GIFs Character accessories Zomb-Art Plagiarism will not be tolerated — use your brains, before the zombies eat them! FAQ: Frequently Answered Questions How many Weapon Whitelist spots are available? 3,000 whitelist spots are available between all three pools. Content Creation a main priority for us, we will be the most streamable P2E game on the market immediately upon launching our beta to the public, and we can’t wait for you to showcase your gaming skills for the world to see! How many pools can I enter? Can I enter all 3? Yes, you can enter all three pools. Just be sure that each of your submissions are awesome. Can I edit my submission or add more to it after I have submitted it? Yes, you can edit your submission at any time. Be sure to do so in the corresponding Google form for the pool of your choosing. What are the prices of the Weapon Packages? Amateur — 0.1 ETH (pistol + knife playable in game) Survivor — 0.3 ETH (MP5 + pistol + knife playable in game) Assassin — 0.5 ETH (AK47 +shotgun + 1 random perk + pistol + knife playable in game) Zombie Killer — 1 ETH (F1 +shotgun + 4 perks + pistol + knife playable in game) How will I know if I am selected for a whitelist spot? Winners of our first Call to Arms program will begin to be announced on February 15th via email. We will be announcing winners in batches of 100, so stay tuned in Discord and check your email for updates. Can you provide additional details on the Weapons Packages? The Amateur package is our entry level package, designed to get players into the game and engaging with our in-game content. The Survivor package is the next step up, which provides the player with an automatic weapon to pair with their pistol and knife. The Assassin Package completes a players’ loadout by adding a shotgun, as well as a random perk that will be consumable in game to give players a special ability. The Zombie Killer Package, designed for our most serious players, will provide the F1, a triple burst headshot machine which is the most powerful of the guns being offered, as well as all 4 perks. So I won a whitelist spot! Now what? Congrats, Survivor! You will be asked to choose a Weapon Loadout amongst the four offerings — Amateur, Survivor, Assassin, or Zombie Killer. Whitelisting is the process of being selected for the opportunity to mint on Minting Day. Submit your ETH wallet address to us along with your Google Form submission for the pool. If you are selected, your address will be whitelisted for minting and you will be able to mint your Loadout! View the Original article

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