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Crabada Introduces $CRA Staking Program




$CRA-for-$CRA rewards are available for a limited time only!


Participate in the newly launched CRA staking program by staking your CRA to receive CRA rewards for a limited time only!

Users may now unstake their CRA from the legacy CRA staking contract without the 21-day lockup period.

The new CRA Staking Program will take place on Swimmer Network (Subnet). Users who want to take part in CRA staking will have to bridge their CRA assets from Avalanche C-Chain over to Swimmer Network.

The CRA Staking Program can be accessed through this URL:

CRA Staking Program


The staking periods and interest rates are as follows:

  • 30-Day Term (5.5% APY)
  • 60-Day Term (6.1% APY)
  • 90-Day Term (6.8% APY)

CRA Staking Mechanics

Staking Plans are not Mutually Exclusive

  • You can stake CRA on multiple plans at once
  • You can stake CRA to each plan multiples times

Staking Plans are Accumulative

  • When a user stakes CRA over multiple instances for the duration of a single term,
    - The staking amount is accumulative, and
    - The end-date of the staking period will remain the same as when the plan was first started

Rewards are Accumulative

  • Reward amount is based on the duration that the CRA was staked
  • Reward amount can be claimed when the staking period has been completed

Staked CRA and Plan Rewards are received at the end of the plan

  • CRA staked in the plan will be automatically unstaked upon claiming your rewards
  • To restake the CRA simply start another plan

Below is an example scenario of how CRA is accumulative on the same term, and how the reward amount is calculated:

Day 0:
Alice stakes 100 CRA for 30-Day Term. 
Total Stake = 100 CRA, Staking Period ends on Day 30.
Day 5:
Alice stakes 200 CRA for 30-Day Term: 
Total Stake = 300 CRA, Staking Period ends on Day 30.
Reward1 = 100 CRA for 30 Days
Reward2 = 200 CRA for 25 Days (from Day 5 to Day 30)
Total Rewards = Reward1 + Reward2

Step-by-Step CRA Staking Guide

Check out the CRA Staking guide here:

Need help bridging over to Swimmer Network?

Check out the bridging guide here:

Wishing everyone, #snibsnib! 🦀✨

Upcoming Crabada Events

We have tons of exciting news, announcements and events coming up so hang tight, and keep up-to-date via our social channels*!

  • Battle Bounty Campaign
  • New Battle Game Mode: Arena
  • Battle Game “Quality of Life” Updates
  • Swimmer Network Ecosystem Grants

*Links to all official social channels can be found at the end of the article.

About Crabada

Treasures (Under Sea) of undiscovered past await daring adventurers who seek the future. Mine, Loot, Breed, Battle! Will you be the one to take the place as King of the Crabada? Or will you sow the seeds of discord across the land? The world is your oyster. Soon, they will tremble when they hear your name.

Crabada is an exciting play-and-earn idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada (the NFTs). Players will rediscover the prosperous ancient kingdom of Crabada and earn rewards through activities such as mining, looting, breeding, battling, exploring, crafting, and more!

Explore rich new lands across the Ocean as you march sideways into an immersive idle gaming experience! Are you ready, Adventurer?

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