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Axie is a new type of game, partially owned and operated by its players. Build unstoppable teams of Axies and conquer your enemies! Each Axie has unique strengths and weaknesses based on its genes. With billions of possible genetic combinations, the possibilities are truly infinite!
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  2. Key Points Origin and Land development are chugging along and gaining momentum. Community members have been key sources of input for both products. Your Axies are becoming tickets to an infinite realm of experiences thanks to the Axie Builder’s program and user-generated content initiatives. We are making massive investments towards community partnerships and expanding the Sky Mavis team. The Ronin Bridge. Land staking. Origin updates. Community Partnerships. AxieCon. We are putting together a string of victories and building through turmoil. Axie Infinity hatched in 2018, and over the life of the project, our community has experienced both the euphoria that comes with successful launches, growth, and building together, as well as the learning opportunities and struggles that come in times of constraint, pressure, and yes… failure. Our goal is to build something trailblazing and world changing together with you. This will require our consistent, focused commitment as well as a dash of resilience. One thing is clear: no matter the environment around us, we will continue to build, adapt, and welcome everyone interested in contributing to, and benefitting from our mission. The growth and progress within our ecosystem as of late is incredibly inspiring. Despite various challenges all around us, so many initiatives have been building in parallel, and the pace of productivity is rapidly accelerating. In honor of all of this amazing work, we wanted to find a way to summarize some of those activities, so let’s get on with it! Games We want Lunacia to be a comprehensive, and cohesive gaming world comprised of many different gaming genres, all which interrelate to each other through a rich lore and user-owned assets that are usable across various experiences. Foundational to this is a focus on delighting gamers with deep, immersive gameplay. Axie Infinity: Origin All hands are on deck for the upcoming Origin launch! As described in our recent “Phases and Advancement Plans” post, we have recently entered into Phase 2, and are rapidly progressing towards our planned global launch, with no unforeseen blockers to date. We owe a considerable amount of success to date from the regular ongoing community testing and feedback of the game. This rapid iteration approach leveraging our newly formed live operation team is evolving the Origin gameplay in directions everyone seems to enjoy! Over the course of this next month, our primary focus will be bug-fixing. So expect regular, ongoing patches. We are excited to have incorporated 49,157(!) AXS of prizes into our first Origin alpha season, and look forward to sharing many of the surprises we plan to introduce both in upcoming pre-releases as well as the final release of the game! Our creators have made some amazing content around Origin recently. Take a look at some of the top Youtube videos! Land Our goal remains to ship initial Alpha gameplay for Land by the end of the year. The Land Team has been working hard towards this goal, while ensuring a high standard for everything that’s been developed. A major focus of some sprints over the recent weeks is the Idle Combat system. Idle combat will provide players with a way to sell crafted items to NPCs (Non-Player Characters). These NPCs, loaded with these items will go out into the world to battle enemies in combat. This system will allow players to compete with each other on a Leaderboard. This PvE battle system will also serve as the basis for more complex battle systems in the future. Idle Combat system. This is work-in-progress engineering, subject to change! Outside of the Idle Combat system, the team has also been building social functions such as a Friends and Chat infrastructure, so that players will be able to communicate with each other. As you can see, we’ve come up with some fun ways to reward players for engaging socially in the game, these benefits will reveal themselves with more play. In-game social functions.This is engineering work-in-progress, subject to change! Of course, every environment in Land will have its own distinctive look, based upon both the land type and the efforts of players. We want to make sure it is a beautiful, engaging environment players will enjoy with their friends and regularly hang out in! This is work-in-progress engineering for Land and subject to change! We have felt an amazing amount of support from a number of land owners looking to help ensure that Land is a world-class engaging game experience. They have formed a Land Working Group (LWG) that has met regularly with the Sky Mavis product team. Various discussions have been summarized and shared with the Land owners community in the Discord Land channel! Builders Program Earlier this year, we officially launched the Axie Infinity Builder’s Program, designed to empower passionate community members to experiment with building various gaming concepts inside the world of Lunacia. We are thrilled to partner with 12 inaugural project teams and supporting many other gaming initiatives based on Axie Infinity as well. Over the past month, all of these builders have been busy! Here are some assorted updates from a few of the teams, some of which are playable now! Across Lunacia has seen great traction on their early access demo, which garnered valuable feedback that they’ve incorporated into the gameplay. They are steadily working on improving their level design and combat gameplay. All Axie owners can play the demo today at: Across Lunacia Demo! Battle epic bosses in the Across Lunacia demo, click the above button to get started! Axieology has been working on battles with various bosses, check this one out: Mech Infinity has been working towards a prototype, here is some of their latest concept art: Mech-Infinity @mechinfinity Beast Mechs have been forged by master builders with effort and energy from AXS stones. AXS energy and SLP fuel activate these Mechs to be used by Axies in battle arenas. #KeepBuilding #MechInfinity #AxieInfinity #axieOrigin #RoninBridge #Ronin June 29th 2022 41 Retweets236 Likes Axie Infinity War has made great progress towards their first demo release: Lunacia Cup has been making improvements to their racing system and started working on the system to have Axies built in-game! Check out the stun effect: Inter The Dungeon released an Axie mini-game with an SLP reward that connects with your Ronin wallet allowing the game to use your existing Axies to play. To play, register here: Inter the Dungeon! The Axie Love mini-game… click the above button to get started! …and connect your Ronin Wallet. Then click "Axie Love" to get started. Defenders of Lunacian Land (DoLL) is working towards releasing its closed alpha in a few weeks. You will need a DoLL Early Access pass to play the game. Make sure to follow them at http://twitter.com/axieDoLL and join their Discord for updates and Early Access giveaways. Check out Turnip attack! DoLL🛡 @axieDoLL Turnip Build increase area size ️ cooldown reduction projectile speed Lunacian Code: UYV3DQEP June 28th 2022 50 Retweets270 Likes Esports From all vantage points, the Axie Infinity Esports Grant 2 was a big success. The worldwide series enabled important global community events designed from the outset to broaden awareness of Axie, by being more inclusive and open. As we wind down this phase (there are still some tournaments remaining if you want to get involved!), we also have positioned ourselves well for Origin’s launch, using this time to establish robust conventions, rules, and processes. Thanks to everyone’s engagement, we now have a competitive integrity council, a governing ruleset, and a feature backlog we’re excited to incorporate into the Origin product. We are now deep in preparation for our one million USD tournament series leading up to AxieCon! This includes: A 500k USD “Axie Classic” tournament, complete with online open qualifying rounds which culminates in a 16 player epic finale live at AxieCon! A 400k USD Dreamhack-style Origin tournament for all in-person attendees of the conference A 100k USD Axie Stadium event for all enthusiasts of Origin, especially for those new to esports! Last, but certainly not least… we are hosting some pilot Origin tournaments, designed once again to prepare us for large scale esports events in Origin. Two events held recently (the Brazil and Philippines Origin Cup) were both successful events that helped us better understand how to structure both the gaming product and upcoming events. Purchase AxieCon Tickets Lunacia It would be very easy for a new community member to think about Axie Infinity solely in the context of our legacy v2 battles experience, or as the Origin game, or perhaps even as upcoming games such as Land. However, our vision for Axie Infinity is an entire gaming universe, comprised of infinite gaming and lifestyle experiences, all built on top of a foundation of a deep, elaborate, engaging world. That world will continue to grow infinite, interrelated experiences thanks to the digital nation we are actively building together. We believe that modern virtual societies such as Axie Infinity will be defined by a return to the basics of social relationships. These communities will be built by people who freely choose to come together and share their perspectives and dreams, pushing one another towards collective good, ensuring a stable prosperity for each other on which we can all develop and innovate. In order for this world to truly feel cohesive and expansive, it needs a comprehensive lore, similar to well known creative universes such as Star Wars, Final Fantasy, or the Lord of the Rings. We’re excited to share that we have spent considerable time researching our community and the “market”, and have begun to develop the Axie Universe lore system in partnership with the collection of seasoned gaming experts at Strider. The Strider team has played a direct role in contributing to universes such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and the Marvel Universe. It’s with this scale in mind that we envision everyone building on top of a world where all user experiences will be connected to each other in diverse, yet logical ways. In the future, you can look forward to: In-game experiences that are deeply interrelated and enhance a player’s understanding of the lore of Lunacia Universal base lore, which includes details around the geographical setup of Lunacia, forms of life, and major characters that have historical impact upon the universe Integration of massive community-based content in world building. Our goal is to allow all community members to create rich storylines and experiences inside Lunacia. A lore “central hub” to enable 3rd party multimedia and content experiences. We are planning for comics, animated series and many other types of 3rd party products to collectively add value for all owners of the ecosystem. We believe that this creative foundation also provides us with an opportunity to reinforce positive ethical foundations into our digital nation. Cornerstones of the Axie Infinity world lore include harmonization, love, care for one another, and opportunity that comes from selflessness. While much of the contributions you’ve seen from the Sky Mavis team are technical and strategic, the creative team believes that embedding these concepts will prove to be one of the most important contributions we’ll make. Community Growth Our growth team remains focused, locked in, and with our eyes on the prize: the Origin Global Launch, and recently, we’ve truly been building with the community towards achieving this goal. The Axie community is a portal into Web3. Many of you have put extraordinary efforts into onboarding your friends, connections, and family members into this community. To reflect our commitment to appreciating your tireless efforts, we launched three initiatives with a focus of reinvesting in, and growing with you all: Lunacian Codes, the Creator Program, and a fellowship collaboration with Nas Academy. Lunacian Codes is a first-of-its-kind web3 referral program that allows community members to participate in the value they help create when onboarding new players and showing helpfulness to existing players. Every Lunacian is eligible, and when your code is used, 1% from the 4.25% marketplace fee will be sent to your wallet! Check out our Lunacian Codes Guide for more info! In tandem with QU3ST, we’ve begun testing a framework for the Axie Creator Program, designed to identify and support impactful Axie contributors! Creators from all verticals are eligible for the program and the accompanying rewards. To get more involved Join the Axie Infinity Discord Introduce yourself in the Creators Program chat (#creator-central) Engage with Axie Creator Program staff! To continue to invest in our community, we’re funding 200 fellowships for creators to participate in Nas Academy’s new Creator Academy. Through this program, participants will have access to key educational resources allowing themselves to take their content to the next level! Registration is open now and will end on July 20th! Join us today! Origin is steadily improving; issues and bugs are fixed almost daily, balancing changes are thoughtfully considered, and the technology behind the new in-game mechanics are being methodically built out. The new Alpha Season’s ushered in a period of growth among the playerbase, with 4,600 downloads yesterday. The Jiho.eth @Jihoz_Axie 22,000 Axies sold in the last 24 hours. Was at 7,000 a few weeks ago. Origin growing quickly with the new Alpha Season. 4,600 downloads yesterday. Bridge is up. Land (90% staked) is emitting AXS. Nature is healing. July 7th 2022 325 Retweets1,843 Likes Axie Infinity metrics continues to dominate among other NFT games, and we look forward to sustaining this trend as Origin is refined. According to DappRadar, when looking at the top web3 apps (measured by Daily-On-Chain users and sorted by at least 1 M USD in 24 volume to control for low-value apps using bots to boost their volume), we see that Axie ranks second with 574,960 on-chain users over the last month. We are proud to continue providing leadership in the NFT ecosystem. Source: Dappradar Governance During our last update to you on this topic, we shared a “framework” that details steps toward progressive decentralization of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. The Axie Infinity universe has incredible long term value. Harnessing this value effectively will only occur if we can all find the healthy balance between establishing robust, proven infrastructure for decision making and giving more and more immediate agency to the thousands of community contributors who are already creating value all around us. Over the past 2-3 months, we have made concrete progress in this direction: We have established the Axie Infinity “Town Builders”, which is a starting collection of senior community members who were selected based upon an initial set of criteria which include a history of contributions to Axie governance, longevity within the community, and embodiment of the Axie Code of Conduct. These initial community members (Artic, Baronar, freak, Sensei Odin, and Zee) will work alongside additional invited advisors (ie, Coco__Bear, Owl, Syntax) and Sky Mavis to design and implement various stages of progressive decentralization and also maintain healthy participation of town builders by involving additional community members into this role over time. We are in the process of building a comprehensive and sustainable approach to formally recognizing and credentialing Axie Infinity community contributors. We anticipate that those who actively work to add value to the ecosystem ultimately will have the strongest insights into future direction for the project. Therefore, over the next couple of months, we will embark on a pilot project to identify at least 1,000 of these “contributors” through a completely community-governed process. We are proud to have established a formal partnership with Metaportal DAO, an organization comprised of individuals with considerable track records in decentralized governance, gaming, and strategic planning. They have agreed to help provide process support for the various volunteer community groups described above. Throughout their engagement with us thus far, they have already provided important advice and elbow grease to this rapidly emerging activity. Our hope is to have some exciting things to announce and share with the community by AxieCon. Stay tuned! Regional Updates Our digital nation is global, and we welcome everyone from all cultures and languages. To help facilitate this, we continue to establish regional representatives who are working to build more local communities all around the world. They wanted to share some updates with the community! Philippines: We hosted the first official #AxiePH meetup recently! The event was attended by over 220+ community members, and tickets sold out in 8 minutes! Over 20 Lunacians flew in from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Southeast Asia to join in on the fun. We heard countless stories from community members on how the event allowed the Filipino community to form great bonds with one another, connect personally with Axie team members, and meet some of the biggest names in the Axie creator and competitive scene. We have big plans for future events and other activities in the region in the future! Our standing-room-only event in Philippines! Latin America: We kicked off a weekly Axie Community Talk Discord spaces for the LatAm community, where everyone gets to ask important questions about anything and everything within the Axie ecosystem using their native language at times convenient for the region. We just celebrated our 10th episode last week! The first ever Axie Football Cup hosted by Sura Gaming! Japan: We are brewing some collaborations with Japanese guilds and content creators. More about this will be shared soon! For now—we are gearing up for a couple of official meetups in Japan to fully connect with the Japanese community! Infrastructure Ronin There has been an incredible amount of progress in refining and aligning the typical Ronin user experience. Some of that work consists of improving the asset on/off ramp interface, by simplifying in some cases, and making it more user-friendly in others: These are engineering mockups and subject to change! These are engineering mockups and subject to change! As we work rapidly to decentralize the Ronin network, there are a number of additional backend functions we need to build for validators, including voting processes, and various summary dashboards: These are engineering mockups and subject to change! Finally, we recently released the Land Staking user experience, and it seems from your feedback that the community is quite enthusiastic about our general direction! ~90% of all land plots are currently staked— a major accomplishment! Marketplace The Marketplace team is currently preparing for the introduction of NFT Runes and Charms; this marks the first time in years that a new asset class has been introduced into the Axie ecosystem! We are developing a new streamlined way to move assets (runes, charms, tokens) between the Origin and your Ronin wallet With runes and charms, we have formally introduced ERC-1155 tokens, and with that, a new page type for ERC-1155 tokens. While this page will support runes and charms for now, we anticipate many other types (both in-development and on our roadmap) in the future In the meantime, we are continuing the implementation of our new marketplace design system building blocks. Thanks in advance for your patience with some volatility in the current design as we continue our transition process. Sky Mavis Over the past year, Sky Mavis has undergone a massive organizational transformation. In the face of the COVID pandemic, we have become a global, 150+ strong person team: Sky Mavis has grown 5x over the past year… and more plans for future growth! We anticipate continuing to grow the organization, with a target of approximately 250 individuals over the next 12-18 months. One of our primary goals in 2022 is to either hire or partner with truly world-class talent. We intend to actively recruit many of these roles, but are also interested in hearing from you! If you’re interested being a part of Sky Mavis, take a look at our job postings below: Join us at Sky Mavis! Growing rapidly within a global pandemic has forced us to get to know each other mostly online. Fortunately, as things have stabilized, we were able to host our first “all-hands” in Vietnam since 2019! It was an amazing opportunity to team build, make strategic plans, and finally get to know each other over meals and laughs. Our team is growing rapidly… are you a mission-driven, passionate builder? Come join us! Additionally, in preparation for our team growth, we had to also find convening space, so we also recently opened a new office in Ho Chi Minh! All of these steps are being considered in light of our long term plans for Axie Infinity and the Ronin ecosystem. Now, let’s all get back to building! Join Axie Discord Support Axie Media Kit View the full article
  3. Key Points We are deploying an update to Origin. The game will be in maintenance until the update is complete. We’ve fixed many critical issues and bugs that were causing mechanics that enabled abuse. We’ve been delighted by the response to Origin’s Alpha Season! Downloads have spiked and we’re currently seeing around 4,000 new downloads per day. In addition, marketplace activity has surged as you all test new team compositions. Today we’re deploying a patch that addresses the most critical bugs present in Origin. Please keep in mind that as this is an Alpha Season we will be introducing balancing patches as we observe more data! Download Origin What’s New The Victory Star Bonus/Penalty Formula has been changed to make Challenger more fair. See Victory Star Changes in Challenger for full details. Improvements & Bug Fixes AoE attacks will correctly hit all opponents if an opponent has taunt Multihit attacks will work correctly if an opponent has taunt Cards with target choice are now forced to hit a taunt target, instead of being unplayable Tiny Turtle now correctly targets the front most enemy instead of freely choosing the target Runes now no longer work when the Axie equipping it is knocked out Rage now correctly increases DMG from direct hits, instead of all sources Gill no longer immediately triggers the Bubble Bomb that it just created Fixed a bug where players were forced to use targeted attacks on the Axie behind an Axie with stealth Updated the text to clarify that Cuckoo only applies its effect to single-target attacks Robin's status effects no longer linger after the Robin is killed Updated the Shrimp card to have the "if initial" mechanic, as intended Rosa now correctly has "Banish" instead of "Unstable" Wing Horn now shows the correct DMG of 33 instead of 35 Fix a bug where cards that deal more DMG based on target's Shield could ignore the Shield Fix a bug where two different summons could be standing in the same spot Fixed a bug where logging in from Mavis Hub made the game freeze View the full article
  4. Ticket sales for the first AxieCon in Barcelona, are live! AxieCon is a gathering of the greatest thinkers, builders, and battlers in the Axie ecosystem. Reserve AxieCon Ticket Keep in mind that anyone with a Mystic Axie will have the opportunity to upgrade their ticket to VIP status, which will include extra perks at the event. VIP tickets will NOT be open for individual sale and are exclusively available to Mystic Axie holders. Why AxieCon? AxieCon will be a time for us to gather as a community to discuss our mission, vision, priorities, and product roadmap while meeting our past, present, and future allies in the community. Programming will include: PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS DEVELOPER PANELS COMMUNITY PANELS GOVERNANCE TALKS MYSTIC HOLDER GATHERING + LOUNGE EXCLUSIVE MERCH ORIGIN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS GATHERINGS AND MEETUPS SURPRISE GUESTS & MUCH MORE See you in Barcelona! Reserve AxieCon Ticket The Road To AxieCon Key Points We are committing $1,000,000, in AXS, from the Play & Earn fund to support 3 unique tournaments with direct prizing at AxieCon! To celebrate the conclusion of 21 great seasons with Axie: Classic, we’ll be hosting a world championship, with a robust set of online qualifiers, that will culminate in 16 players duking it out onsite at AxieCon in Barcelona. 500,000 USD in total prizing has been allocated to the World Championship. For those that choose to attend AxieCon in Barcelona on their own accord, we’ll be hosting an onsite “bring-your-own-device” tournament for LAN-attendees with 400,000 USD in prizing. We’ve designed an on-site “gym leader” experience where AxieCon attendees will battle for the chance to play the creators of Axie Infinity and win 100,000 USD in AXS rewards! Reserve AxieCon Ticket Today, we take a major step towards expanding Axie’s competitive scene. We are committing $1,000,000, in AXS, from the Play & Earn fund to support 3 unique tournaments with direct prizing at AxieCon! Axie: Classic World Championship $500,000 in total AXS prizing To celebrate the conclusion of 21 great seasons with Axie: Classic, we’ll be hosting a world championship, fit with a robust set of online qualifiers, that will culminate in 16 players duking it out onsite at AxieCon in Barcelona, Spain. Flights and hotels for qualified players will be paid for by Sky Mavis. The qualifiers will be completely open, meaning that any player with at least 6 Axies, will be able to participate. The tournament will unfold through a scaleable Swiss format via Community Gaming’s tournament platform and handle a maximum of 64,000 total players. Community Gaming will be Official Tournament Platform and Operations Partner for the Axie Infinity World Championship, Axie: Origin BYOD Tournament and Axie: Origin Stadium Series and have been instrumental in bringing these tournaments to life “We’re proud to be the Official Tournament Partners of this landmark event in Web3 gaming history. With Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis has blazed a trail in Web3 esports, and we’re excited to offer our platform as the central competition hub during this extraordinary global event.” - Chris Gonsalves, CEO, Community Gaming. Qualifiers will be broken into two primary regions, East and West, and run on inverted timezones from July 28 - August 21 with a 12-hour difference between them to ensure everyone around the world has a chance to compete. We are also proud to present the prize pool structure, with 50% of the $500,000 going to players competing in the qualifiers. This means you don’t necessarily have to qualify for AxieCon to win prizes for competing. We elected to hold a final tournament for Classic at AxieCon to ensure that the Origin team feels empowered to make big, sweeping changes to the Origin Meta as we prepare for Global launch this fall. Full details Axie Classic World Championship Axie: Origin BYOD Series $400,000 in total AXS prizing For those that choose to attend AxieCon in Barcelona, we’ll also be hosting an onsite “bring-your-own-device” tournament for LAN-attendees only. Reserve AxieCon Ticket There will be no qualifiers for this tournament, but anyone with an AxieCon ticket that is also physically in attendance will have the opportunity to register and compete. The tournament will run over the span of AxieCon, with a winner crowned on the third and final day. Registration will be able to accommodate a maximum of 2,048 participants on a first come, first serve basis. Players will be required to bring their own devices to participate in this tournament and are welcome to use any phone, tablet, or laptop that can run the latest version of Axie: Origin. Please note we will not be able to make any special exceptions for users with Apple phones & tablets that do not have access to Axie: Origin on TestFlight. Full details Origin BYOD Series Axie: Origin Stadium Series $100,000 in total AXS prizing For our AxieCon attendees that prefer competing in a more flexible, casual environment, we have created the Stadium Series to give everyone a chance to experience Axie esports. Reserve AxieCon Ticket The Stadium Series will host several heats at fixed times during each day of AxieCon where anyone in attendance can register to compete in Swiss-style mini-tournaments. Players that go undefeated in each heat will be invited back at the end of each day to compete against our Axie Final Four, which will be comprised of Sky Mavis senior employees, like Jiho, Psycheout, Trung, and Zyori. The most skilled players that are able to reach the Axie Final Four will be rewarded with additional AXS tokens, as well as the opportunity to meet, chat, and take a photo with their final opponents. Full details Axie: Origin Stadium Series Final Thoughts AxieCon marks an exciting and unique time in Axie Infinity’s history as we celebrate the commencement of the Axie: Origin global launch. We couldn’t be more excited to mark this event with a large commitment to the development of Axie esports infrastructure and continue taking steps towards an Axie Pro League Circuit. We hope this clearly demonstrates how imperative esports will be to distributing AXS tokens to our most dedicated players and further encouraging a meritocracy model where the best players get the best rewards. Regardless of market conditions or bearish sentiments, Sky Mavis is committed to building key esports infrastructure and enabling all of our players with the opportunity to become competitors. As our esports initiatives continue to grow and scale, we will always be listening to you for feedback along the way to make sure we stay on target. Similarly, we will be putting substantial effort into designing prizing systems that don’t only reward those at the very top, but also create mobility for players that are just starting their competitive journeys. Reserve AxieCon Ticket View the full article
  5. Key Points Land staking is live! You can stake your land here. Rewards will begin to accrue at this block. Once any type of gameplay for Land is released that can support token rewards, these Land Staking rewards will transition to be rewarded through active gameplay. Rewards are 11,194.62 AXS AXS per day and differ based on the rarity-level of the staked land. View a land staking guide here. Stake Land We’re ecstatic to roll out Land staking to the community– this is an important step towards delivering on our vision of an engaging, beautiful, and rewarding experience for land NFT holders. Buy Land You can stake up to 30 land plots in one transaction. We’ve put together a tutorial to walk you through the steps of staking your Land plots The incredible growth and success of Axie Infinity has provided us with an opportunity to create an expansive vision of a gaming experience for Land that goes far beyond the initial descriptions we shared during our initial announcements of this gaming concept. However, realizing this vision is a larger upfront technical undertaking that requires deliberate focus and development. That said, as we’ve described previously, the Land experience will be rolled out as incremental gaming experiences that will all interconnect into a massive cohesive game that we’re really excited about. When we made Land plots available to the community, we made a commitment that they would serve as a resource base for AXS (our governance token), as various gaming experiences were made available. Given the growing scope of Land, we’ve decided that to make good on our commitment to those who invested in land plots, we should allow landholders to stake land and increase their AXS ownership as a temporary, incremental step toward Project K’s release. We deeply appreciate the commitment of landholders, and want to make sure that their long term outlook is rewarded with more ownership and influence over our collective ecosystem. Buy Land We intend to add engagement and gameplay requirements to the claiming of rewards in our ecosystem over time. In other words, Origin, Land, AXS staking, and any other future experiences will evolve towards requiring active gameplay and ecosystem contributions to receive rewards, to better align incentives and make sure that rewards are encouraging actions that are adding concrete value to our digital nation. Land Staking Guide Once any type of gameplay for Land is released that can support token rewards, these Land Staking rewards will transition to rewards through active gameplay. As hopefully you all are starting to see, a big priority for Sky Mavis is to decentralize deliberately, and incrementally with the community. We’re excited about the working partnerships that we are building within our community, and we are convinced that the opportunity to onboard, educate, and delight millions is tangible and immense. This land staking project is no exception! That said, we want to give a huge shoutout of appreciation and admiration to community member Owl for the awesome work he did on the staking contract! We’re looking forward to building with you again soon. The entire Sky Mavis organization is actively looking for ways to engage the community in meaningful ways going forward. As we always say, let’s build together. Need help? Check out this land staking guide Land Staking Guide View the full article
  6. Key Points We have entered Origin Phase 2 — our first Alpha Season is live with 49,157 AXS in rewards reserved for the top 10,000 players. All player progression (ranking, runes, charms, and resources) has been reset. We’ve deployed balancing updates for Cards, Runes, Charms, Effects, Revenge Cards, and Return (a new mechanic!). See all balancing updates here. A large patch for Origin is live! This patch marks the transition into phase 2 and comes with the launch of an alpha season! We’ve also deployed a flurry of balancing updates along with a new mechanic called Return! To give everyone a fresh slate and to gather data for fine tuning economic balance, we’ve reset the leaderboard and all runes and charms. Download Origin To kickoff this alpha leaderboard , we’ve filled the prize pool with 49,157 AXS! For this Early Access alpha leaderboard, 10,000 players will receive rewards. The top player will earn 500 AXS! You can view the full prize pool breakdown here. The Alpha Season will run until July 28, 2022. As a reminder, SLP earning will begin in Phase 3. See here for more information about our plans and phases for Origin. Expect more AXS rewards once we reach Season 1 and the game is more balanced and polished. We are really excited to ramp up Origin and expect a lot of competition as we scale into our global launch this fall! For Season Alpha, we’ve deployed a number of new updates, improvements, and bug fixes. Check them out below: What’s New All player progression, ranking, runes, charms, and resources has been reset Balancing updates for Cards, Runes, Charms, Effects, Revenge Cards, and Return (a new mechanic!). See all balancing updates here Added a new in-game mechanic called Return Players can select multiple cards from their hand and put them directly on top of their Draw Pile This will guarantee those card(s) are drawn on the next Round The cost is 1 Energy, per card selected Revenge Card Updates Reduced maximum number of Revenge Cards from 6 --> 4 Revenge cards are now immediately shuffled into the Discard Pile, instead of being converted from hand Opponent’s info (available energy, number of cards in each pile) formerly displayed in the top right, is now visible again Users on desktop will now automatically log into the game when they are logged into their Mavis Hub account See here for minor UI updates Improvements & Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where cards could be played twice if the internet connection was interrupted Various bug fixes when crafting with Moondust Fixed a bug where Mavis could still reduce the Energy of cards even after dying Fixed a bug where a summoned Robin could become immortal Fixed a bug where Bloodmoon sometimes caused the game to crash Fixed a bug where Mavis permanently reduces the Energy cost of cards with Retain attribute Fixed a bug where Fury and Stealth animations were not showing up Opponent’s Shield cards are now correctly shown as Secret in the Match History “Update Now” button correctly downloads the newest version of Origin View the full article
  7. We plan on releasing Land Staking in 24 hours and 30 minutes. At this time you’ll be able to start staking your Land. Countdown: https://explorer.roninchain.com/block/15020573 AXS rewards will start to accrue to staked Land 1 hour later. Countdown: https://explorer.roninchain.com/block/15021773 Pick Up Land Here View the full article
  8. We believe in nurturing growth amongst our community members. Visit Creator Academy Axie creators of all sizes create so much value for our ecosystem. However, until now, there’s been a shortage of educational resources allowing Axie creators to take their content to the next level. Today, we change that: We’re funding 200 fellowships for creators to participate in Nas Academy’s new Creator Academy. This training school has been designed by Nas Academy specifically for Axie Infinity community members and is separate but complementary to the Axie Creator Program operated by QU3ST. The Creator Academy Nas Academy has developed a leading creator school and is ready to train the vanguard of web3 content creators. This 3-month fellowship aims to help creators of all experience levels upskill their abilities and hone important content creation skills, like: Generating exciting content ideas Writing engaging scripts that retain viewers Filming high-quality videos on smartphones Editing videos from end-to-end on mobile Setting yourself up for success when posting to socials Monetization, content strategy, and branding Participants will also undergo a 2-month mentorship program, where they will practice everything they’ve learned while also creating video content for their individual channels. If this sounds interesting to you, click the link below to visit the Nas Academy site and learn more. Registration is open now and will end on July 20th! Visit Creator Academy Our community has a deep commitment to Axie and has helped grow our ecosystem into a burgeoning digital nation. In return, we believe in investing back into growth opportunities for our community members. This re-investment has taken many forms across the community programs we’ve deployed so far. With today’s fellowship announcement, we can proudly say that we are providing educational and skill training to our community members as well! View the full article
  9. Everyone should participate in the value they help create. This is the core belief behind many Axie initiatives like AXS leaderboard rewards, Lunacian Codes, IRL meetup grants, and more. These programs deploy support back to Lunacians everywhere while helping to further align incentives. Today, we begin testing a framework that provides valuable support back to our community of contributors and content creators: The Axie Creator Program The Axie Creator Program is being designed to identify and, more importantly, support contributors who are impactful to the Axie ecosystem. It sounds simple enough, but building this kind of program in web3 brings new and unique challenges, many of which have never been solved before. To begin solving these challenges and to help us operationalize the program over the next six months, we enlisted the expertise of QU3ST. With their help, we developed an initial program framework and proposed some answers to the questions below: Who is eligible? While every Lunacian is eligible to participate in the Axie Creator Program, the Program is designed to identify and support: Content Creators (video, live, audio, written) Creatives (artists, editors, memers, cosplayers) Developers Contributors (guilds, niche communities, event organizers, competitive players) Other forms of contribution will be integrated as the Program evolves. Did we miss anything? Let us know! How will the program be structured? For the Axie Creator Program to succeed, it will require regular involvement and feedback from the community. The Program structure is broken out into two phases: Phase 1: Establish processes to collect feedback and listen to participants. Phase 2: Provide more meaningful support, based on information from Phase 1. It is important that the community helps shape this Program so it can best support all creator contributions. Phase 1 will end when we have enough information from the community to identify different needs and proper ways to support them. How can participants progress? Progression starts with: Join the Axie Infinity Discord Introduce yourself in the Creators Program chat (#creator-central) Engage with Axie Creator Program staff During Phase 2, regular prompts and calls-to-action will be released to help supercharge contributions and creativity. Outputs from these engagements and other metrics will play a role in how participants progress further in the Axie Creator Program. What kind of rewards can be provided? The Axie Creator Program will include rewards to catalyze all forms of creator contribution. The plan is to start with easily accessible rewards based on the data already collected from the community. The Program will then introduce larger, more complex reward projects as we gather feedback over time. To start, this Program will launch with two types of rewards: Access to: news, initiatives, patches, key moments, and events Support via: dedicated points-of-contact, social media engagement, and monetary grants Rewards will be expanded as the Program continues to collect feedback from its participants. How should the program and verticals be governed? Initially, QU3ST will lead the creation of this Program, along with support from the Axie team. The Program is actively looking to the community to bring on additional team members. If this is something you’re interested in, then please find us in the Axie discord and let’s talk more! Now, we need your help perfecting this framework. Help us understand how to best support your specific niche. What metrics are important to you? What qualitative measures should be considered? What kind of support do you need? How can we best empower what you’re doing in the Axie community? Over the next couple weeks, we will host a series of Twitter spaces, Discord stages, commonwealth posts, and community discussions to hear from you, gather learnings, and build a more robust program. June 16, 12 pm EST - Twitter Spaces on @AxieInfinity June 16, 6 pm EST - LatAm Discord Stage in Axie Spanish Discord June 16, 9 pm EST - Discord Stage in official Axie Discord June 17, 12 am EST - Japanese Twitter Spaces on @AxieJPOfficial June 19, 9 am EST - PH Twitter Spaces on @axiephofficial In tandem, we’re onboarding dedicated points of contact for creator & contributor verticals (verticals are described in ‘Who should be eligible?’ above). These individuals will be your go-to for scheduling 1-on-1s and sharing unmet needs. Finally, we’re introducing creator roles and channels in the Axie discord in order to supercharge our discussion. Come chat with us! If this journey sounds interesting to you, join us by completing the official Axie Creator Program intake form. Complete the intake form This will be a first-of-its-kind web3 creator program, and we’re excited to build it alongside all of you. Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ. View the full article
  10. Later today, we will be deploying updates to Origin. The game will be down until the updates are complete. Download Origin What’s New In Arena Mode, players that go first will once again be able to use attack cards on the first turn (We have removed the "Disarm turn 1" mechanic based on feedback) We have introduced a scaling system for Energy and Card Draw: The player who goes first gains 1 Energy and draws 3 cards on their first turn The player who goes second gains 2 Energy and draws 4 cards on their first turn The player who went first gains 2 Energy and draws 5 cards on their second turn The player who went second gains 3 Energy and draws 5 cards on their second turn From this point on both players gain 3 Energy and draw 5 Cards for the remainder of the battle We've made the following changes to shields/secrets: When playing a secret, your opponent will not know that you played a card All cards with a shield on them will be treated as a Secret and follow the above rule Shields will be entirely hidden from your opponent until the Axie is hit Opponent's info (available energy, number of cards in each pile) formerly displayed in the top right, is now hidden Bloodmoon now starts on turn 17 Multi-hit and AoE attack now hit all targets simultaneously Added new sound effects UI Improvements Download Origin Improvements & Bug Fixes Multi-hit attacks no longer target dead enemies Fixed a bug where players were receiving the incorrect amount of Victory Stars "Regenerator" Rune now correctly cleanses 2 debuffs Cards that use all available Energy can no longer be played if the user has 0 Energy Changed Axie's standing position so the "end turn" button does not block them [Mobile] Fixed a virtual keyboard bug [Mobile] Fix a UI bug where player rankings were shifted to the left Download Origin View the full article
  11. Progress on Origin is humming along and so far we’ve seen over 600,000 registered accounts. This post will walk you through our thinking around how we’ll batch together updates in phases as we build towards global launch. Phase 1, which we’re currently in, focuses around major balance changes: making the game more competitive, improving the amount of in-game decision making, and ultimately making the game more fun! Phase 2, which we expect to come in July, will see a full in-game reset of MMR, Moonshards, and Runes/Charms. This will be a great time to get a feel for the progression system in-game, and for us to ensure that crafting is working without any bugs or exploits. We will also be distributing a small amount of AXS to players at the top of the Leaderboard during this Phase. Phase 2 Specifics: Runes, Charms, and Moonshards are all entirely removed. Players will collect moonshards and craft runes/charms from the beginning of the progression system. Adventure mode will fully reset, all progress will be deleted and players can beat and collect the rewards for the first time again. MMR / Leaderboard will be reset. Some AXS rewards will be distributed to highest ranking players at the end of this phase. During Phase 2 we encourage players to help find any bugs/exploits that are happening in-game After Phase 2 concludes, we will remove SLP rewards from V2 and move SLP rewards to Origin. In parallel, we’ll introduce an SLP burn mechanic through crafting of NFT Runes/Charms, which you’ll be able to mint on Ronin and sell/gift via the marketplace. Phase 3 Specifics: SLP earning is added, during this time expect possible balance changes to come as we gather data on burn/mint. Moonshards are reset from player inventories, this is replicating how Seasons will function in Origin (Moonshards do not carry over between seasons) Runes and Charms are all expired from the previous phase, meaning they remain on your account but are unable to be equipped. You may disenchant them for Moonshards. This is replicating how Seasons will function in Origin (Runes/Charms from previous seasons expire and cannot be equipped in future seasons) NFT Runes/Charms are craftable and require SLP to be burned as part of their recipe. Recipe costs may be tweaked during this time as we gather data. MMR / Leaderboard will be reset. AXS rewards will be distributed to the highest ranking players at the end of this phase. After Phase 3 ends Origin will start its first official Season! Global Launch / Season 1 Specifics: Moonshards are all reset from player inventories All Runes and Charms expired, including NFT's (these can be collected or disenchanted at any point) MMR / Leaderboard will be reset as a normal seasonal process We believe the best is yet to come for Origin and our community! If you have any suggestions on how to make Origin the best it can possibly be, please share feedback through the ideas portal. View the full article
  12. Earlier this month, we released a forum for token-gated discussions hosted by Commonwealth! This forum was built to enable our community to post discussions topics around topics important to the future of Axie Infinity. There is also a polling feature that will allow us to gather feedback around new product features and ideas. The forum will allow for more detailed long-form discussions around some of the most important topics affecting the Axie community! Join The Discussion One of the major points of feedback we’ve received from the community is the need for a token-gated forum for long-form discussions amongst AXS holders as a stepping stone towards community governance. This forum has been conceived with the goal of facilitating these important discussions among those with demonstrated stake in the ecosystem. To that end, we have added AXS requirements for creating posts on the forum. The requirement for creating posts in topic-specific channels has been set to 25 AXS and posts in the general forum require 15 AXS. Commonwealth looks at the amount in your wallet and the amount you're staking and adds those to get your total owned AXS. When you post a comment in a topic it only checks that you have the minimum amount but does not require you to pay a fee. We’ve set these dual requirements to facilitate focused discussion among those who have the strongest stake in the long-term success of the ecosystem and to add additional utility for AXS. These requirements will be adjusted over time based on fluctuations in the AXS price and data/feedback gathered. In the future, other assets may also be required to participate in certain discussions. To learn more about Commonwealth please visit this guide or watch the video tutorial below! View the full article
  13. After 2 days of gritty battles, the grand finals of the Origin Cup, live from the Phillipines, is starting now! Who will take home eternal glory? Watch Now View the full article
  14. Key highlights: Public testing starts now for Lunacian Codes, our new experimental referral program. It will be funded by the ecosystem fund during testing. We’re currently testing the implementation of custom codes for creators and will share more on this later. In the meantime, creators can proceed with non-custom code registration and help us begin testing immediately!* The Axie community is a portal into Web3. Many of you have put extraordinary efforts into onboarding your friends, connections, and family members into this community. To reflect our commitment to rewarding your onboarding efforts, we are piloting an experimental referral feature called Lunacian Codes! Lunacian Codes is a first-of-its-kind web3 referral program that allows community members to participate in the value they help create when onboarding new players and showing helpfulness to existing players. How does it work? When a Lunacian Code is used, 1% from the 4.25% marketplace fee will be sent to the referrer When a code is not used, the entire 4.25% goes into the Community Treasury, as usual Once per month, Sky Mavis will use the Ecosystem Fund to FULLY REFUND the Community Treasury for the sum total of reward payouts during that period This feature is in preparation for the increased onboarding that will occur as we improve Origin and continue to add new experiences to the Axie universe For more info, check out our Lunacian Codes Guide Who’s eligible to register for a code? Every single Lunacian! How to register for your code: Visit the registration form Log in to Zendesk with your marketplace account Select “Register for Lunacian Code” in the dropdown menu Complete the registration and agree to the terms of use You’ll receive an email from support@axieinfinity.com containing your ready-to-use Lunacian Code (remember: we will never email you asking for your sensitive information) Your friends and family can apply your Lunacian Code to their account within their marketplace account settings page! * Creating a code now will not affect your ability to generate a custom code in the future. You can have multiple active codes, so creating a custom code won’t deactivate the codes you create now. View the full article
  15. Your Axie NFTs are a ticket to an infinite realm of experiences. Today, we take a major step towards making this a tangible reality. The Builders Program is one of many initiatives that will unlock more enjoyment and utility for your Axies, in this case from community built experiences. While we plan on harnessing community-built games to strengthen the Axie ecosystem, Sky Mavis will also be forming partnerships with major game studios to develop experiences for the Axie Infinity and Ronin. The Axie nation has been clamoring to see projects come out of the Builders Program and our Builders in the community have been going full force. We’re ecstatic to present the initial set of projects we’ve accepted into the program. Don’t Stop Building! Before we share all of the teams and projects, we want to thank all those teams who applied and emphasize that this is just the beginning. We will be accepting many more teams over time (and maybe even quite soon) and everyone should continue to build, in fact the more progress teams are able to make the more likely they will be accepted into the program. We’ve noticed some teams mention that they are only looking to build projects if they are accepted into the program. Unfortunately, these teams are less likely to be accepted as there are many other teams they are competing with who are making significant and real progress. Also, we wanted to emphasize that building Axie experiences does not require permission or being accepted into the Builders Program. As per the Builders guidelines, any community member can start building Axie experiences for the community to enjoy that generates revenue (or is completely free)... right now! If a project reaches a certain level of revenue and is abiding by all the Builders guidelines, we will likely just accept the team into the Builders Program. Increase Your Chances With that said, here are some key ways to increase your chances of being accepted: Make real progress: Reiterating this again as one of the most important factors. We value teams who actually build and can show progress through art, demos, full gameplay, well thought-out plans, forming strong teams, and many other ways. Share progress with the community: We receive thousands of Builders applications; sharing your progress regularly and openly with the community via places like Twitter and the Builders-Program discord channel helps us make sure you’re on our radar. Not to mention it’ll help drive community interest and support in your project! Form the right team for your project: There are very ambitious community members in Lunacia, but building games and experiences is also very hard. We want to see that teams have the right skill sets and team members to execute on their proposed project. Show a history of building: Teams with a history of shipping solid projects and working together show that they have the experience to execute on what they are setting out to do. Be a great Lunacian: We want all of our Builders to be positive role models for the community who believe in our long-term mission of creating freedom for gamers. Apply to the Builders Program The Projects Without further ado, here are the Builders that have been accepted into the program. 1. Inter the Dungeon Inter the dungeon is a push-your-luck dungeon crawl that will provide the standards for sharing style, prestige, and identity by showcasing how to exchange resources between games. How you can help: Check out their website and join their Discord. They're looking for Unity programmers and animators, contact them via their email info@interthedungeon.com or Twitter @interthedungeon for more details. 2. Defenders of Lunacian Land (DOLL) DOLL is an exhilarating survival action game with simple gameplay and very challenging roguelike elements. The player will control an automatically attacking Axie while fighting against waves of enemies. How you can help: The team is looking for: Pixel artists to create invaders to be included as sprites in the game Web developers (front/backend) who are interested in joining the team; contact them on their Discord server here or on Twitter @AxieDOLL Gaming guilds who are interested in being featured in the game 3. Axie To The Moon Axie To The Moon is an action shooting (birds eye view) mobile game. Inspired by the "Infinity" concept of Axie Infinity, the game reflects the same idea by allowing players to travel the infinite universe. How you can help: If anyone is interested in joining the team, they are needing help in these roles: additional programmer + additional animation artist + QA in the near future. (Can be compensated for any of the roles). If interested, message the team lead on Discord: Superfine#0377 or email jinyongp.gene@gmail.com. 4. Hungry Axie The Axies are hungry! They will eat each other based on their types. The more the Axie eats, the bigger it gets, the more points it gets, the more SLP it gets! The last three Axies standing are the winners! How you can help: Check out the website and join the Discord server. They need a logo for Hungry Axie and will be having a contest, details are here. 5. Axieology Axieology is a game where you get to spend time with your Axies to bond together, eat sweet food, and grow plants. And when ready, battle with them against the invading armies of Chimeras by building towers together! How you can help: They are potentially looking for an Android developer/programmer to join their team. If interested please contact them via twitter DM (@axieology) or email (axieology@gmail.com). 6. Lunacia Cup Lunacia is a familiar landscape for those who play Axie Infinity! The bubbly pets are now able to race and run in the rolling hills and steep mountains across the land to be the fastest. If you want to see more, check them out here. How you can help: As a work in progress they are open to hear all opinions, hopes, and ideas about their racing game. Tell them how to improve, how to make it more fun or what would you like to see! Contact them on Discord here 7. Run Axie Run! Have you ever wondered how far an Axie can run? Wonder no more in Run Axie Run! Set your Axies on wonderful adventures throughout Lunacia, collecting valuable resources, battling some foes, and having fun. Do you feel ready to show off your prowess? Then challenge your friends to a run-off to see who can run the furthest with their Axie! How you can help: Share ideas on what you want from an Axie Runner game, what you want your Axies to do in a Runner game, and any other thoughts around it! Please send ideas via email (contact@furiousavocado.com), discord (trumpets#5096), or twitter (@trumpets). *Final direction on 3D or 2D runner TBD 8. AxiePop AxiePop is a game about popping Axies, drag and swap to get a minimum of 3 line Axies and Pop! Beat the enemy by Popping some Axies. The game is Free-to-Play, but players need Axies to enhance the gameplay and earn rewards in-game. Get the pool of SLP, AXS, Axies, or some Land items every season. How you can help: They need a web3 developer who will be able to help integrate Ronin on their website and the browser game. Also, their game developer needs a hand to help develop the game itself, so if there are community members who are familiar with game development using Unity and want to help build AxiePop, please reach out via Twitter @axieminigames, or send your CV to anetNFT@gmail.com. 9. Axie Infinity War Axie Infinity War is a 2.5D Platform Battle Royale Game. 10 players fight each other for the ultimate glory and exciting rewards. This is a game that enables the Axie community to try a completely new genre to test their gaming experience using Axies and SLP. How you can help: They are looking for any good web & blockchain developers to join the project. If interested, please join their Discord server for their Ronin Team (AIW) or directly email suzon.rock2017@gmail.com for further questions. 10. Axie Brawl Axie Brawl is an arena brawler where 2 teams will face each other until only the best remains! Each player controls one Axie, and has to cooperate with their teammates to strategize against their opponents and become the champion! The variety of Axie parts, equipment and maps ensures every match to be unique, making you change strategies on the spot to have the best chance of winning! How you can help: They are looking for motivated people who want to join their project in the following positions: Unity Dev: Especially with experience in Photon or other scalable multiplayer solutions. 3D artist: With experience in Blender, bonus if they have experience in animation 2D artist: To help with illustrations for the web, whitepaper, and general iconography/logos for the project. Please send your CV / portfolio to leandro.magonza@gmail.com with the header "Axie Brawl - POSITION NAME - YOUR NAME" 11. Mech Infinity Mech Infinity is a Battle Royale game based in the Axie Infinity universe where Axie holders acquire Axie Mechs and participate in epic battles with rewards in cryptocurrencies, such as SLP, AXS, or NFTs. Axie Mechs will be the core of the game, they will have different base bodies just like there are different types of Axie (Beast, Bug, Mech, Plant Reptile, Dusk, Aqua, Bird, Dawn). Axies can only use an Axie Mech if they are the same type. 12. Across Lunacia Across Lunacia is a pixel art platforming adventure you can embark upon with your Axie. Play for free if you own an Axie. How you can help: Join the Across Lunacia Discord to test the game today and find contribution opportunities here. Verify a Player’s Assets (AxieDAO SSO) As we’ve mentioned before, it is important for any developers building Axie experiences to only allow for Axies they own or the player owns to be seen or used by the player in their game. Players should not be allowed to use Axies that neither the developer or themself owns. Thus, a new tool has been created to allow developers to verify ownership of specific Axies a player might have: AxieDAO Single Sign-On (SSO). This tool will allow for any developers to verify a player’s Ronin address and subsequently the assets they own. Tool: https://ronin.axiedao.org/sso/ Documentation: https://cookbook.axie.live/developers-cookbook/axiedao-sso Support Our Builders Building games is very hard. The largest studios who have built many successful games still continue to fail regularly. Ultimately, not all Builders Programs may ship or meet all of the expectations we now have for them, but we are confident every team here will do everything they can to make their project successful. Some projects will be coming out in months and some will take longer. Every Lunacian should be supportive of and patient with our Builders who have stepped up to the challenge and are putting their blood and sweat into experiences for our community to enjoy. We think this is just the first step in a new world where the community can directly contribute significantly and meaningfully towards games and projects they love. We look forward to seeing all of these projects come to life, as well as all of the projects being worked on that aren’t in the Builders Program yet! Lead the Builders Program Excited about the future of community development and have experience unlocking the full potential of passionate development teams? You might be a fit to lead the Builders Program as our Community Developer Relations Lead. Apply here if you’re interested! Apply to lead the Builders Program View the full article
  16. We will be deploying updates to Origin at 3am EST on May 27. The game will be down until the updates are complete. What’s New Balance Patch - May 27 UI Improvements - May 27 In Arena Mode, players that go first will once again have 3 energy, but are now unable to use attack cards on the first turn Added Login via QR code When challenging another player, the player who sends the challenge request will always go first Spectating a game will now have a 4 turn delay to any spectator(s) Improvements & Bug Fixes Charms will no longer work if equipped with non-compatible cards "Endless Anger" Rune no longer grants Rage to dead Axies Draw card effects will now draw the card before dealing DMG, removing the infinite draw card exploit Using a 0 Energy draw card effect will now correctly end turn when the turn timer is up The Submit button will be disabled if you have not selected a card Hex/Fear on multi-target attacks will now only shuffle in 1 Confuse card Fixed various clover summon bugs Hermit's effect is no longer triggered by indirect damage such as poison Oranda can no longer remove Power effects Summons will now correctly disappear after death Cards affected by Mavis will now display their correct energy cost Regenerator will now remove the debuff icons that cleansed it Imp will now correctly cost 0 Energy in Fury form All Cleanse effects should work more reliably now "Gloomy Dice" Rune will now correctly activate on turn 1 when equipped by the player who goes second "Miracle Leaf" Rune won't apply its effect when the Axie has no leaves "Last Stand" Rune activated while in Bloodmoon will no longer cause the game to get stuck Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash from an Egg Shell and Bleed interaction Potato Leaf no longer causes the game to crash Fixed a bug with Void causing energy loss to the wrong player [Mobile] Stage icons in Adventure mode now scale their position properly Changed the "You don't have an account yet" popup to "Insert your name" when you login to an account for the first time Fixed a bug where Chimera was causing the game to crash View the full article
  17. As the largest Discord in Web3, it’s important that our Discord roles add flavor and life to the various roles in our community. To support this mission, we recently held a Discord Icon art contest where anyone from the community could submit their icons for consideration. We saw over 600 submissions! Voting was conducted in the Axie Discord where owners of the various roles could vote on their respective icons. We were impressed to see many amazing entries! The contest winners will be contacted through a new channel created on Discord. Please pay attention to server tags, as moderators will only be contacting winners through Discord tags in the channel, and will not be reaching out via direct message (DM). Congratulations to the Community voted winners! The prize pool of 160 AXS + 2 land items has been allocated among the winning artists below! Land Owner Set Prize: 40 AXS + R0N1N-21 Land Item Zeng - Zengoku#7362 zeng @AmmielJamir Category: Land Owner BUNDLE (Savannah, Forest, Arctic, Mystic) #axiediscordemojicontest May 15th 2022 Verified Mystic Axie Owner Set Prize: 32 AXS + R0N1N-21 Land Item Kikyums - kikyums#1858 kikyums ◕ᴗ◕ @_kikyums Category: Verified Mystic Axie Owner Bundle#axiediscordemojicontest May 15th 2022 1 Like Core Icon Prize: 8 AXS Kyoya - Kiyowya#4277 Kyoya | QU3ST @kiyowya Category: Core #axiediscordemojicontest May 12th 2022 3 Retweets9 Likes Sky Mavis and Axie DAO Team/Support Specialist Prize: 8 AXS Luhnia - Luhnia#6806 luh @luhniaa Category: Sky Mavis and Axie DAO team #axiediscordemojicontest May 6th 2022 6 Likes Axie Angels/Moderators Prize: 8 AXS Luhnia - Luhnia#6806 luh @luhniaa Category: Axie Angels #axiediscordemojicontest May 7th 2022 6 Likes Channel Moderators Prize: 8 AXS Luhnia - Luhnia#6806 luh @luhniaa Category: Channel Mod #axiediscordemojicontest May 7th 2022 1 Retweet7 Likes Content Creators Prize: 8 AXS WAPU - wapu#0867 WAPU @art_ni_RJ Category: Content creator #axiediscordemojicontest May 15th 2022 Origin Axie Owner Prize: 8 AXS Allo&Axie - Allo | CTG#7496 Allo&Axie @Allocz Category: Origin Axie Owner #axiediscordemojicontest May 13th 2022 Axie Collector Prize: 8 AXS Shdx3 - shdx3#0010 shdx3 @pinawafee Category: Axie Collector #axiediscordemojicontest May 15th 2022 Community Developers Prize: 8 AXS Luhnia - Luhnia#6806 luh @luhniaa Category: Community Developers #axiediscordemojicontest May 7th 2022 1 Retweet9 Likes Builders Prize: 8 AXS SleepCMDr - Deadp10n#2039 SleepCMDr @kanglokTI This is my simple entry to #axiediscordemojicontest Category : Builders hope you like this my simple art. #AxieOrigin #AxieInfinity @Jihoz_Axie @AxieInfinity May 12th 2022 Community Artists Prize: 8 AXS Juan De Oliveria - BobiWilson#5538 Juan De Oliveira @JwanchiD Category: Community Artists #axiediscordemojicontest May 15th 2022 1 Like Lunacian Prize: 8 AXS Luhnia - Luhnia#6806 luh @luhniaa Category: Lunacian #axiediscordemojicontest May 7th 2022 1 Retweet7 Likes View the full article
  18. During this 4 year journey, many of us have made friends that we’ve never met in the physical world. Friendships that span the globe and transcend physical boundaries. For too long, the Axie universe has been confined to our screens. This September, that changes. We’re ecstatic to invite each and every one of you to the first AxieCon this September, 7-10, in Barcelona! AxieCon is a physical gathering of our Digital nation. Builders, battlers, dreamers, thinkers will all descend upon Barcelona for 3 days of Axie magic. Product announcements, Merch, Parties, Developer panels, Governance discussions, Esports, and so much more! The waitlist for ticket registration is live! Stay tuned for more updates on programming and attendees. AxieCon Waitlist Registration View the full article
  19. We’re going live! Join Psycheout, Jihoz, and Zyori! - Origin progress - Ronin Bridge - Land Staking + Something extra? : https://twitch.tv/axieinfinity View the full article
  20. Join us tomorrow at 8:00 AM for our next Developer Chat with Psycheout, Jihoz, and Zyori! - Origin progress - Ronin Bridge - Land Staking - ??????????? : https://twitch.tv/axieinfinity View the full article
  21. Axie Infinity: Origin is live on Android mobile devices! With 3 free starter Axies and this mobile release, Axie Infinity is now more accessible than ever! Remember, Origin is still in an Early Access testing phase. Today, we’ve taken one step closer to our full global launch which will include token rewards, crafting NFT runes/charms, and the first Origin leaderboard season with AXS prizes. The timing of global launch will depend on the feedback we receive over the coming months. Download Origin for Android Axie.Tech’s Origin Guide Our allies at Axie.Tech have put together an awesome getting started guide for Origin. Check it out if you need some help learning the new mechanics! Axie Tech Origin Guide Alongside the mobile release, we’ve also deployed a patch with a flurry of updates and upgrades. What’s New: We’ve upgraded 16 aspects of the player interface. Details: Origin UI Improvements Bloodmoon will now start during round 15. All status and rune effects will activate simultaneously. This will make matches faster-paced. We’ve added a "Full HD Graphic" option in Settings. Improvements & Bug Fixes The opening sound that signals the start of a match has been reduced in relative volume. Scry can't be canceled anymore. This bug allowed people to look at their next drawn cards without spending energy. Download Origin for Android View the full article
  22. We’ve deployed important updates to the Axie Infinity Marketplace! New Axie: Origin Art Updated Dark Theme Refreshed Land Item Art Bug Fixes New Axie Marketplace! New Origin Axie Art FINALLY! The new Origin art is here! All Axies on the marketplace have been updated to include the awesome new art from Origin. We also added new animations to bring your Axies to life. Venom You can now easily save a powerful, high resolution image of your Axie directly from the marketplace. Perfect for content creators and Axie profile pics Shop For Mystic Axies Updated Dark Theme We’ve updated the color scheme of the marketplace to a darker dark theme. This is in preparation for a bigger marketplace redesign coming soon. You’re welcome, eyes Refreshed Land Item Art All land items got a visual refresh to make them more consistent with the art style of land gameplay! The road to land continues. Browse Land Items Join Axie Discord Support Axie Media Kit Open Positions View the full article
  23. We're planning to release a patch for Origin in ~4.5 hours at 3 AM EST. Download Origin What’s New - Balancing updates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12b8MKZVqnDo6UEDy2IW5H6Qgj9rbfLFCYXkIV_JbTlM/edit?usp=sharing - Bloodmoon will now take effect from turn 12 instead of 20 Improvements and Bug Fixes - Sturdy Fighter Rune no longer applies its effect to AoE attacks
  24. This post will give an overview of the progress around Land Staking. Land Staking is an initiative designed to increase ownership of AXS among our landholders. Our vision for Land is immense and while our land holders patiently wait to get their hands on Land, we want to make sure that their long term outlook is rewarded with more ownership and influence over our collective ecosystem. So far we have: Progressed in the design and development of the user experience for land staking. Started development of land staking smart contracts in collaboration with Owl, a devoted community member and world-class smart contract developer. Modeled out an emissions schedule for Land staking. We have allocated 337,500 AXS per month for this initiative. You can find a detailed breakdown of the emission structure below. Buy Land Moving Towards More Active Staking Within the ecosystem, our goal is to incentivize the community to work and play with each other and alongside Sky Mavis to create shared value. We intend to roll out a number of programs that reward community members for doing anything from bringing members into the community, building tools, enhancing our game experiences, creating content, or any of a number of activities we believe will grow and sustain our ecosystem. We want those who contribute their time and effort to the community to own AXS, as we want those who contribute to be rewarded and have influence over future Community Treasury decisions. Given our longer term aspirations above, we intend to add engagement and gameplay requirements to the claiming of rewards in our ecosystem over time. In other words, Origin, Land, AXS staking, and any other future experiences will evolve towards requiring active gameplay and contributions to receive rewards, to better align incentives and make sure that rewards are encouraging actions that are beneficial to our digital nation. As it specifically relates to Land, once any type of gameplay for Land is released that can support token rewards, these Land Staking rewards will transition to be rewarded through active gameplay. This program is an interim solution to ensure that distribution of ownership of the Axie universe continues while key gameplay features are being built out. Join Axie Discord Support Axie Media Kit Open Positions View the full article
  25. Greetings Trainers! With May approaching, we are rapidly coming to the final sprint of our second Axie Esports Grant, leaving many wondering what’s coming next- especially given the recent launch of the Axie: Origin alpha. We won’t have all of the answers you seek in this newsletter today; however, there are a few key topics we’d like to address and unpack a little bit. But first we’d like to say thank you to everyone that has participated in Axie Esports over the last three months. Through this grant we’ve seen a number of new stars rise to prominence, including players, commentators, tournament organizers, and coaches. We’ve been keeping close tabs on the events in our ecosystem- working with those that need help and observing those that are continuing to do well on their own accord. It’s great to see so much personal and professional development already! And now, onto the big stuff! 1. Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council (AECIC) On March 30, 2022 the Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council (AECIC) was formed by Sky Mavis to ensure that Axie Esports take place on a fair and level playing field for all competitors. The purpose of this council will be to ensure Axie Esports take place on a fair and level playing field, by investigating and ruling on integrity related matters like: win-trading, cheating, throwing, etc. To start, the council will be centralized around Sky Mavis and become more decentralized over time as we add more members to the council. We will do our best to be transparent and clear with our rulings and investigations, as we are building in view of the public eye. At its beginning, the council will have 7 members: 4 from Sky Mavis, 1 pro player, 1 tournament organizer, and 1 elected- appointed by Sky Mavis and set to serve a 1 year term. Re-election details will be decided in the future. Council Members: Andrew ‘Zyori’ Campbell, SM Program Lead Esports Stewart Love, Axie Esports Manager Oxaciano, Axie Support Specialist Pos2, Axie Support Specialist Bill Elafros, BEAT Esports Indes, Axie.gg Een Mercado, YGG Please make sure you are in the official Axie Esports discord server and tagged appropriately to receive regular updates about the activity of the council. You can access the announcements channel directly from this link: Axie Esports Announcements! Soon there will be a public form where esports participants can report unethical behavior for investigation; stay tuned for that in the near future! 2. Governing Rules for Axie Infinity Esports As the first order of business, the AECIC created a global ruleset for Axie Infinity Esports that applies to all parties involved in any aspect of the competitive Axie Esports space, including but not limited to: players, coaches, managers, tournament organizers, administrators, and team owners. The three-page Governing Ruleset can be found here and will eventually be moved to a more permanent fixture on the Axie Infinity website. As a quick reminder, this basic ruleset is an addendum to the terms of service for Axie Infinity, which still apply. Similarly, all official Axie Esports tournaments are expected to have their own, detailed ruleset beyond this specific information about registration, format, administration, and conduct. This document is living and breathing, meaning it will be updated as needed, with updates dated and logged for transparency. AECIC will have the power to punish those breaking the ruleset with: Forfeiture of prize earnings Temporary ban of in-game assets used in violation Temporary suspension from official Axie Esports tournaments Indefinite suspension from official Axie Esports tournaments Tournament Organizers are also expected to take reasonable efforts to enforce the official Axie Esports player ban list. 3. Axie: Origin and Axie: Classic With the launch of the Axie Infinity: Origin alpha, there has been a lot of feedback from players with concerns about how competitive it will be moving forward. We hear you loud and clear, and continue to take that feedback into consideration as we add more layers into Origin. There will be many more balance patches to Origin during this alpha period, before Season 1 begins with SLP rewards. Please continue to submit bug reports and balance suggestions as you test Origin- the data really helps our quality assurance and balance teams! Origin Feedback Form: https://skymavis.typeform.com/to/wQPVMDmr Originally we offered tournament organizers on the current grant the opportunity to run their events on Origin after its launch; however, there is currently no delay on the in-game spectating in Origin. Spectator delay will be added towards the end of this testing phase, closer to when Season 1 starts, which will allow for us to start supporting official, online tournaments in Origin! 4. Competitive Esports Modes Thanks to all of the tournaments that have been happening on Axie: Classic, we have collected some great feedback regarding optimal tournament modes and formats from players. It’s quite clear that player pools need to be limited for tournaments, usually a maximum of 13 or 15 Axies that are locked in for an event lasting a few days. Some events have experimented with simplistic ban systems, where players are able to remove 1 or 2 Axies from their opponents’ pools at the beginning of a new series. One of the more popular configurations has been the “10:1”, where players bring 10 Axies to a tournament and are able to remove 1 at the start of every series. Although it must be tracked manually right now, this system has worked very well for smaller, invitational tournaments. When it comes to Axie: Origin, we are still experimenting and collecting data on the optimal competitive game mode. Eventually we plan to implement an esports mode directly into the game client; however, that is still a little ways away. This is an important layer that will help to unlock the full competitive potential of Origin. 5. Future The road might feel a little bumpy right now as we transition from Axie: Classic to Axie: Origin; however, our future plans and roadmap remain bright- especially for esports. Unfortunately we’re not quite ready to spoil the announcements of what we have in the pipeline, but there are several esports activations underway that will be revealed before long. And as you’ve probably noticed, AXS emissions through regular season rewards have increased dramatically- we plan to also utilize esports and competitions to increase the amount of AXS being distributed to the community. Our future esports grants will expand the offerings beyond a one-size-fits-all style approach, and open up the doors for scaled events, ranging from regional scholarship cups to physical majors with live audiences. The stage is being set. Over the last quarter we've been having very constructive conversations with traditional esports teams, event organizers, and influencers about what it would take for them to enter our competitive ecosystem. As we start to deploy more tournament infrastructure and increase prize offerings, expect to see more recognizable gaming organizations dip their toes into our pond. A lot of well-connected and influential people in the esports industry are watching! The next six months will be key to continue battle testing Origin and taking steps towards a larger esports ecosystem. This is a pivotal moment for our game and community; one that will define our future and our mark on professional gaming. We also have plans to start building out an official esports portal on the Axie Infinity website that will house key information about league, tournaments, competitive news, hall of fame, AECIC, and more. Consolidating all of that information into one place will be another key aspect of scaling our ecosystem. 6. General Notes & Guidelines for Tournaments As a final note, we’d like to close with some general advice for running successful esports tournaments, both for Axie and in-general. Our incredible esports manager, Stewart, has been listening and collecting data on common pain points many of our event organizers are experiencing and organized them into a single list for us. As we enter the final stages of our second Axie Esports Grant, let’s continue pushing to deliver the best possible experiences for our participants and viewers at home! General Guidelines based on feedback from the community There is a strong preference for the avoidance of Best of 1 or 3 formats where possible. With ideally Best of 5 being for the majority of rounds with Best of 7 finals Where feasible the use of double elimination brackets is requested,.even if, Example: Round of 256 to Round of 16 is single elimination then moving into a double elimination bracket. Keeping clear rules on lateness and penalties that will be received for being more than a reasonable period late Clear rulings for situations where players draw in matches. Consider using wording such as “first to 3 victories” over “best of 5” as this could lead to confusion over drawn matches and rulings; in the case of draws, players start fresh and have the option to redraw Axies like they would after any other match in a given series. Consistent game version between stages of the event, i.e. no switching between Axie Infinity: Classic and Axie Infinity: Origin between qualifiers and the main event. Axie usage, if you are having a format that allows for the swapping of Axies between rounds etc, make sure rules avoid any ambiguous wording. Communication is critical, whether this is pre or during the event. Keeping communication as clear as possible to avoid any possible grey areas, confusion and or contradictions in rulings. If a change of ruling occurs during the course of the event’s duration. The Axie Esports team are willing to advise on queries, concerns and reports, we’d rather you come to us directly or via the Axie Esports server than open posts on social media. Acting as professional as possible in situations like this is key. In games names when competing in tournaments / esports events should be matching social media handles to allow for players to be easily identified by administrators, production and casters Sponsorship and branding rules apply to players as well as tournaments You’ll be hearing more from us soon… now back to your battles! View the full article
  26. We’re excited to announce that we are soft-launching Axie IRL, our community meetup program where qualified community members can host their own Axie Infinity meetups! We believe in the power of community and physical gatherings that bring Lunacians closer and more united. Scaling physical events and meetups is key to ensuring that our community continues to grow stronger and that collectively, we are also able to introduce more people to Axie Infinity and the Web 3 ecosystem. With this, we’re launching the Axie IRL community meetup program so we can support more local meetups to happen at scale globally. Axie meetup in Buenos Aires, December 2021. Interested in hosting a local meetup near you? Here are the details! Qualifications to Host a Community Meetup Must be an outstanding Axie Infinity community member (no bans, sanctions, bad behavior in the community) Community member must have been in the Axie Infinity ecosystem for at least 3 months Community member must accomplish the Community Meetup Application form and undergo a 20-minute interview with the respective Regional Lead if qualified Responsibilities of Community Meetup Organizer: Ensure the safety of the event, attendees, and COVID-19 compliance Must ensure that the event is overall positive in nature and not a venue for negativity or forum for anything that may damage Axie Infinity’s reputation Must be reachable via email, social media messaging, or phone call as needed for coordination with Regional Lead Professional photos (videos are very much welcome too!) of the event to be emailed to your Regional Lead The meetup must not promote the use of prohibited drugs, guns, weapons, pornography, or anything that may be damaging to both the attendees or Axie Infinity Adhere to the Axie Infinity Code of Conduct Sky Mavis Event Support: Retweet of main event post and custom community announcement post on the official regional social media channels (including Regional Leads) Financial Support for the event; fully covered, dependent on scale of event, quality of the proposal, and region Giveaway Sponsorship of up to $500 worth of Axie Infinity assets (Axies, Land Items, AXS, etc.) Optional: Depending on availability, Regional Lead or other Sky Mavis team members may be available to attend the meetup Apply to host a meetup Join Axie Discord Support Axie Media Kit Open Positions View the full article

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