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    Blockchain Arcade is the home of “Play to Earn” News, Guides, Events, and community. We see this blockchain gaming revolution as just beginning, and believe its resources need to be built ground up with web3 in mind. Ease of information acquisition is what will make this space more approachable and accessible to traditional gamer archetypes, and Blockchain Arcade is being built to facilitate that. No matter what its called – “P2E” aka “Play to Earn” “Play AND Earn”, “GameFi” – we’ll be guiding the next generation.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q > My favorite game isn’t listed, can I create it?
    A > Yes, new games can be created by anyone using this link. Before creating, please make sure you search the game database to ensure that it doesn't exist. New games must be approved by admin before other users can see them.

    Q > I’d like to see token information for my game on its homepage, will that be added?
    A > Yes, we are planning to integrate token information for select games in the near future.

    Q > I’m a game owner, but my game is already created. Should I make a new one?
    A > No, if the game is already created we would prefer not to have duplicates. Please reach out to @enjoi or @baronar with proof of involvement with the game studio and we can discuss providing ownership and mod rights to your game.

    Q > I’m a game owner, but don’t have time to update and manage yet another platform.
    A > Blockchain Arcade was created with the intention of merging all of the information you’ve previously distributed across distributed platforms into one, easy to navigate place. This has massive benefit for new players as they don’t have to sift through 10s of resources before they understand what the meta looks like, what they need to do to get started, what recent announcements there are, what they need to do to accomplish certain goals, etc. If you still decide that updating information on Blockchain Arcade isn’t a priority, perhaps assign some passionate moderators or content creators from your community.



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