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CyberKongz are unique and randomly generated 2D/3D NFT Social Avatars for your online experiences. Some appear normal. Some look weird. Some are just damn cool! Maybe some even look familiar!






  1. What's new in this game
  2. Genesis Loot Capsule redeeming is live! The current seasons100 Genesis Loot Capsules are NOW available for 5,000 Kongium. The maximum one player can get is a total of 5 and it will be first come first served! To redeem Genesis Loot Capsules for Kongum, head over to the Play & Kollect Map interface and select Treasury & Prizes. You will see the available Loot Capsules under the Tab REDEEM PRIZE! https://www.cyberkongz.com/jungle-adventure?sidebar=treasury Remember: The price to redeem a Genesis Loot Capsules will be increased to 10,000 Kongium for the next season! Good luck everyone KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!
  3. CyberKongz VX — Polygon Edition After we had great insights from our previous iteration of Kongz Tank, we are once again looking for the brightest minds with the best ideas to develop new and exciting projects that evolve around CyberKongz VX and $BANANA on the Polygon network. But this time, we’re raising the stakes. We want you to come up with projects and ideas for games and interactive experiences that build on our existing CyberKongz: Play and Kollect technologies and experience. This can be anything ranging from small mini-games using our VX models to fully fleshed out experiences that tie into our ecosystem and demonstrate the power of our unique range of avatars and advanced web3 technologies. The possibilities are endless. For you as a builder, this means to integrate the following key elements into your ideas: Create a game or interactive experience The use of CyberKongz VX (required, but it can be Babies or Genesis with state sync on Poly) Deploy on the Polygon Network (required, but can be partly off-chain with interactions on Poly) Use $BANANA or Kongium (using one is required) Use Charmz (optional) Use our existing LVL system of the CyberKongz VX (required) You can apply fees as a developer (up to 5–10%, this will be discussed individually per project), part of them should go into the Play & Kollect seasonal prize pool (at a rate of 2–5%) or fully burnt if it’s Kongium. Staking prohibited, if a type of staking is needed, only use our new Lock Registry technology (Github) Include the following information in your proposal: Detailed rundown on your project/idea Description of how the above key elements are integrated Your skills and experience and a little bit about you and or your team Contact details (email, discord, twitter, etc.) Selected projects will receive the following grants: Grants: Major (50 ETH + 10000 BANANA ) or minor (20 ETH + 2000 Banana) grant depending on the project, released linearly upon achieving milestones. Total amount of grants 3 Major and 5 Minor. Marketing: Marketing support within the CyberKongz reach and abilities Development Advising: Learn from our experienced developers and artists. Support with providing 3d models for your experience, adding in allowlist for lock registry and registering your contract as a spender for Kongium. Inclusion: Potential integration into our Play & Kollect and CyberKongz universe Entries are open to anyone until the grants run out! Please send all proposal ideas to: kongztank@cyberkongz.com We will update the community as grants are assigned and projects are chosen! So grab your friends and get your Cyberbrainz running! We are excited to see what you guys can come up with! KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG! Useful Links: First Kongz Tank: https://medium.com/@cyberkongz/kongz-tank-is-launching-19b5b062a407 Play & Kollect Docs: https://docs.cyberkongz.com Lock Registry: https://docs.cyberkongz.com/what-happens-on-the-blockchain/lock-registry Rigging and Animating: https://medium.com/@cyberkongz/we-added-a-new-file-format-cfca47924f0d https://medium.com/@cyberkongz/cyberkongz-vx-art-contest-da94961c77cb Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/cyberkongz https://opensea.io/collection/cyberkongz-vx https://opensea.io/collection/cyberkongz-vx-polygon https://opensea.io/collection/playandkollect View the full article
  4. We took a snapshot of the Kongium balances at the start of Season 2 and created a whitelist for all players with a balance over 5,000 Kongium. All players with a balance of at least 5,000 Kongium are eligible to claim up to 2 Genesis Loot Capsules from Season 1 (capped at 100 total) with a DEADLINE OF 24 HOURS! The claim is live NOW and will be first come first served! For the current season, an additional 100 Genesis Loot Capsules are available for 5,000 Kongium each at Wednesday, April 13, 2022 4:00 PM! The maximum one player can get is a total of 5. The price to redeem a Genesis Loot Capsules will be increased to 10,000 Kongium for the next season! Fuel Rod Update! Runs on Fuel Rods now give you a chance to experience a series of new special events that are exclusive to runs on Fuel Rods.

 At the start of each season, players will receive as much Fuel Rods as VX are locked in crews! In addition, the durability of Charmz for Fuel Rod use is increased by 50% from 20 to 30 runs! The update will be deployed now and will be live shortly. Good luck and keep running! Update to the Docs The Play & Kollect Docs have been updated with explainer videos in each respective tab! Check them out here: https://docs.cyberkongz.com/ KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!
  5. (Originally posted in Discord by myoo) Let Sir Owl Apelots newest creation secure your CyberKongz VX by utilizing the newest CyberKongz innovation: The Guardian Contract We all know that hot wallets are convenient and we love using them for our daily activities, but with that convenience comes great vulnerability… The Guardian Contract allows you to enjoy the convenience of a hot wallet, while adding the security of a cold/hardware/multi-sig wallet on top. It even allows you to guard assets that already reside on a hardware wallet with a second hardware wallet to add another layer of protection from signing unwanted transfer or approval transactions. This is in essence, On-chain 2fa The idea originated after a recent hack completely drained a users wallet and unfortunately almost all assets were lost... Except the locked CyberKongz VX! Our beloved Sir Owl Apelot wrote up an amazing medium blog post about the whole concept and origin of the Guardian Contract and we HIGHLY recommend you read it! https://medium.com/@owl_of_moistness/95f3fff7f1cc We also created a quick video tutorial explaining the necessary steps to use the Guardian Contract for yourself. https://youtu.be/MmV9NeNcPSM The Guardian Contract is ready to used and deployed. A big shout out goes to @Gaspacho#6058 for creating the amazing and smooth UI! https://vx-guardian.gaspacho.dev/
  6. (originally posted in the Cyberkongz discord by Myoo) It is time for us to add CyberKongz VX holders to |wall-st-kongz as we found ourselves divided! The access will be gated by the VX's LVL. This is to reward the early adopters of Play & Kollect. The LVL requirement will increase over time to accommodate the ongoing seasons of the game. If you own a VX with LVL 2 or above, all WSK channels will be open to you, except the Whitelists (with one exception). See the schedule below to see the ongoing LVL requirements and to see when a higher LVL is needed: • Season 3 -> LVL 2 • Season 6 -> LVL 3 • Season 12-> LVL 4 • Season 20 -> LVL 5 • The schedule will end with LVL 10 • VX with LVL 15 and above will have access to the whitelists To make this happen, @apawitan | | * OG Kong * and @Sebssss P&K Khajiit have enhanced the allmighty KongBot with a new, custom, Kongz exclusive verification function that will also support all our metadata. This will be all-in-one solution so we can discontinue the lately unreliable collab.land bot. The new bot upgrade will assign all verified roles including Genesis, Babies, Wall-St-Kongz access and LVL > 15 whitelist acccess. We will give users two weeks to verify with the new bit before removing collab.land and nft42, which will remove all verification roles for members who have not verified with the new bot until then. To verify, head over to |verify-your-kongz KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!
  7. (Initially posted by Myoo on Discord) We blew Season 1 outta the water! KONGRATS TO EVERYBODY! We are pausing the Play & Kollect contract just short of the beginning of Season 2. The extremely high traffic of all recent adventure runs caused the system to create a queue of thousands of callbacks that need to be cleared first. The pause will still allow the committing of Kongium, but won't allow the start of new adventure runs. Being Season 1 of a new fully on-chain game, we knew there could be issues, but can't say we expected this type of overflowing response! Thank you all for being a part of it, and sticking with us as we get things squared away! We are all excited for a Season 2
  8. Kongz Arcade @ FaZe Warehouse What: IRL Play & Kollect Where: FaZe Warehouse (Hollywood, CA) When: March 29th Stay tuned for more info!
  9. Get ready to put your crews together and send your CyberKongz VX on epic adventures in search of Kongium and other treasures! Play & Kollect is launching now!Crews can now be created on the MS Kongz and Shardz are starting to accumulate by Babies from now on. In the Adventure Portal, a crew can be added and sent on adventures as soon as the first season starts. For in depth how-tos on how to create crews, start adventures, level up and commit Kongium to the seasonal treasury — read our Play & Kollect Gitbook. In the first seasons, following rewards can be found on top of Kongium:Banana Bunch: Can be redeemed for Banana tokens.SAND: The utility token used throughout The Sandbox ecosystem.NFT Voucher: Can be redeemed for a random NFT.Genesis Loot Capsule: Contains Genesis Weapons of any rarity.A total of 1000 NFT Vouchers (Series: #0001) and 2500 Genesis Loot Capsules (Series: Weapons) can be found. At the beginning of every Season, 100 of those Genesis Loot Capsules will be available to redeem in the treasury for 5000 Kongium, starting with Season 2. The following weapons can be found within the current Genesis Loot Capsules:COMMON: Pitchfork — Old Sword — Wooden Mallet — Daisy — Cactus On A StickRARE: Kris — Katana — Battle Axe — KongboneEPIC: Royal Guard’s Hammer — Gut Ripper — Horus WandLEGENDARY: Noctua — HellfireThe NFT Vouchers will be able to redeemed for one of these two Uniqly hoodies:https://medium.com/media/4074a22d8f399e1f33c8678b8dd8a7f3/hrefRedeeming of the Banana Bunch and NFT Vouchers, as well as the opening of Genesis Loot Capsules will go live next week. So stay tuned! We are so incredibly excited to explore the jungle with all of you, collect your feedback and push CyberKongz to the next level! KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!View the full article
  10. CyberKongz is excited to announce that we have integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Polygon Mainnet in order to randomize in-game features in our upcoming adventure game “Play & Kollect”. By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we now have access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to support randomized in-game features in our upcoming adventure game. We will also be integrating Chainlink Price Feeds on Ethereum, enabling us to display accurate NFT prices on the CyberKongz website. In order to randomize in-game features in our adventure game “Play & Kollect”, we need access to a secure random number generator (RNG) that any user could independently audit. However, RNG solutions for smart contracts require several security considerations to prevent manipulation and ensure system integrity. For instance, RNG solutions derived from blockchain data like block hashes can be exploited by miners/validators, while off-chain RNG solutions derived from off-chain APIs are opaque and don’t provide users with definitive proof about the integrity of the process. We selected Chainlink VRF because it’s based on cutting-edge academic research, supported by a time-tested oracle network, and secured through the generation and on-chain verification of cryptographic proofs that prove the integrity of each random number supplied to smart contracts. Chainlink VRF works by combining block data that is still unknown when the request is made with the oracle node’s pre-committed private key to generate both a random number and a cryptographic proof. The CyberKongz smart contract will only accept the random number input if it has a valid cryptographic proof, and the cryptographic proof can only be generated if the VRF process is tamper-proof. This provides our users with automated and verifiable assurances directly on-chain that the CyberKongz game is provably fair and was not tampered with by the oracle, outside entities, or the CyberKongz team. Chainlink VRF and Chainlink Price Feeds bring a new level of transparency to our game and and we are excited to establish an unparalleled gaming experience in our NFT jungle with the help of various Chainlink services.About ChainlinkChainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink oracle networks provide smart contracts with a way to reliably connect to any external API and leverage secure off-chain computations for enabling feature-rich applications. Chainlink currently secures tens of billions of dollars across DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other major industries, and offers global enterprises and leading data providers a universal gateway to all blockchains. Learn more about Chainlink by visiting chain.link or reading the developer documentation at docs.chain.link. To discuss an integration, reach out to an expert. About CyberKongzCyberKongz started as a collection of 1000 unique and randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created in March 2021. Although there was no pre-release or advertising campaign, the 34x34 pixel CyberKongz images achieved great popularity due to their suitability as profile pictures at a time when the idea wasn’t as entrenched in the mainstream. Over time, the shared idea of furthering the development of CyberKongz as a community-based metaverse project emerged. Learn more about CyberKongz by visiting cyberkongz.com and docs.cyberkongz.com to learn more about “Play & Kollect”. View the full article
  11. Phase 1 is starting now!The crazy cyberbrain scientists have been working tirelessly in the lab on the upcoming Play & Kollect experience and just like all of you, can’t wait to explore the jungle together in search of all the treasures! This new addition to the CyberKongz ecosystem consists of many different pieces that need to be stacked in just the right way to ensure a smooth launch. Embark on the journey into the unknown…We will be staging the launch of Play & Kollect in two phases: Phase 1 will start on March 1st 00:00 UTC with the token swap from $BANANA V1 to $BANANA V2. In 48 hours, the current $BANANA V1 yield contract will be detached from the Genesis CyberKongz and the new Yield Hub will be attached. Please claim all pending $BANANA from Genesis CyberKongz and any other smart contract within the 48-hour window. The closer towards the end of the claiming window, the better. We will remind you a few more times in our Discord server. The token swap will begin shortly after the discontinuation of $BANANA V1 and will be a simple interaction via our website. Swap Banana to V2 on our website under the Tab MY KONGZOn our website https://cyberkongz.com under the tab My Kongz, you will see the option to swap $BANANA V1 to $BANANA V2. The swap requires an approval transaction, followed by a transaction that will do the actual swap from $BANANA V1 to V2. We must conduct the swap in this manner to eliminate any attack vectors. $BANANA V2: https://etherscan.io/address/0x94e496474f1725f1c1824cb5bdb92d7691a4f03aPhase 2 will be the actual launch of Play & Kollect on the first anniversary of CyberKongz, March 3rd! To start adventures, you will need to bridge the CyberKongz VX from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon via our Bridge. The process of bridging from ETH to MATIC is pretty straightforward. For a more detailed how-to on bridging, check back with our updated Gitbook. You can bridge multiple VX at the same time to save on time and gas fees. $BANANA V2 and Shardz need to be bridged separately. Once all assets are safely bridged to Polygon, you can start playing! More how-tos and detailed information can be found on our Gitbook. Please note: Shardz can only be bridged from Ethereum to Polygon and not back. Charmz are discovered on Polygon and can not be bridged back to Ethereum Mainnet. Update Log: We are grateful to the community for all the feedback given since the announcement of Play & Kollect. Accordingly, we have implemented some changes to Charmz and how they work. First of all, Lucky Charms will be renamed to Charmz, according to the result of the community vote on Februray 13th. The next change affects the mechanic on how they work. Charmz no longer break after a period of five days, regardless of the number of completed adventure runs. Instead, Charmz now have health points that are reduced with each adventure run. Once the health points drop to zero, the Charmz will break. One Charm can be used for 20 to 50 runs, with Fuel Rod runs costing more health points than $BANANA runs. A Charm lasts for 20 Fuel Rod runs or 50 $BANANA runs and anything in between, depending on how the runs were done. Lastly, a change in the actual effectiveness: The chance of getting twice the loot of Kongium or EXP in an adventure run has been doubled for all Charmz tiers. Season duration: Duration of one season extended from ten days to ten days and 8 hours to allow the use of Fuel Rods on day 10 and to rotate the end of the season through different time zones around the world. We are excited for the future and will keep you all up to date for the next steps when the time has come!KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!View the full article
  12. CyberKongz — Play & KollectWith “Play & Kollect” we are proud to bring you Jungle Adventure, a fully on-chain game on the Polygon network with almost no gas fees, 99.95% less in electricity consumption than a Proof-of-Work counterpart and almost no CO2 emissions. “Play & Kollect” starts the bridge between all existing and future assets of the CyberKongz universe and will introduce a completely new eco and distribution system as a foundation for our future. The main objective of the game is to send CyberKongz VX in crews of one to five on jungle adventure runs to gather Kongium Ore and redeem them for prizes like the seasonal $BANANA prize pool and exclusive NFTs. Play & Kollect runs in seasons. One season lasts 10 days and always awaits adventurers with new prizes. KongiumAdventure runs can be started in two different ways:Each CyberKong VX that is locked into a crew will receive one Fuel Rod per day, in order to start one adventure run. Fuel Rods are considered a free energy resource.Every additional adventure run a day costs 0.4 $BANANA per CyberKong VX in the crew of which 50% goes into the $BANANA prize pool, 40% is burned and 10% will go into the treasury to sponsor community activities and seasonal specials.Thanks to our innovative Lock Registry, CyberKongz VX do not have to be traditionally staked and sent out of your wallet to be assigned to a crew for the Jungle Adventure and accrue Fuel Rods. On top of all previous staking benefits, locking offers: Keeping ownership of your assets, making it more secureLocking simultaneously in various utilizations (engage in many onchain games/protocols at once)Enabling simple integration with other Metaverses, games and protocols by retaining ownershipGiving the ability to check and whitelist 3rd-party contracts and to delete corrupted locker contracts from the whitelist which immediately unlocks all locked assets, enabling a second level of securityFuel RodAlongside with Kongium, other new tokens called Lucky Charms will be introduced. Lucky Charms are ERC-1155 NFTs that can be added to a crew of CyberKongz VX to increase their possible loot for five consecutive days. Baby CyberKongz yield non-transferable shards that can be redeemed for random Lucky Charms. One Baby CyberKong yields enough shards for one Lucky Charm every 10 days. Lucky Charms reward those Baby CyberKongz holders who wish to be a part of the CyberKongz universe for the long term and give Babies the recognition they deserve. Cyber Fragment — Rainbow Crystal — Promethean RelicIn addition to boosting loot on adventure runs, Lucky Charms will have other key roles in the future CyberKongz development: They increase the loot of Kongium and EXP in jungle adventuresThey can trigger exclusive events during jungle adventuresThey are transferable and can therefore be traded with other Kong friendsThey give you the opportunity to get exclusive and limited NFTsAll logic details, contract infos and other aspects of the new Update are further described on https://docs.cyberkongz.com/This update requires major changes and CyberKongz wouldn’t be a community-driven project if we simply implement them without the approval of the community. The update will be prefaced by a big vote. In order for the update to be deployed, the vote must be closed with an absolute majority and a quorum of at least 31%. To be able to make a responsible vote we would like to give you the most important information about the backgrounds of our decisions during the development process. Why Play & Kollect?With Play & Kollect we wanted to create an exciting experience for you to collect new CyberKongz assets. The objective in development was a fully on-chain and transparent system that brings a fair distribution of assets to all active participants within the CyberKongz ecosystem while rewarding existing holders of all CyberKongz generations. Play & Kollect is an eco and distribution system in which Genesis and Baby CyberKongz as well as CyberKongz VX each play a crucial roleP&K enables distribution of both ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens in a gamified approach by allowing Kongium to be redeemed for ERC-1155 tokens and the $BANANA prize pool as well as by being able to find ERC-20/ERC-1155 tokens with a little luck even during adventure runs$BANANA gets a new and sustainable utility as it is needed for additional adventure runs and thus to have more chances to get rare lootThe $BANANA prize pool allows more active participants to play for a small amount of Banana tokens that can be used in the CyberKongz ecosystemWhy Polygon?You have chosen to be a part of a blockchain project at the cutting edge of the latest technologies and deserve that no shortcuts are taken in its development. For this reason, it was not an option for us to place parts of our system logic on off-chain servers, which would have led to an increase in centralization and a loss of security. Our goal was therefore to find new ways instead of taking the easy path. This evolved into Play & Kollect as a system that is completely on-chain, with groundbreaking innovations like the Lock Registry , which we see as the new era of staking. At the current stage of Ethereum, high transaction fees would take away the fun from playing the game with such high complexity. Additionally, the team of Sandbox, our partner and first metaverse for the integration of CyberKongz VX, decided some time ago to continue their work on the Polygon network. A Polygon bridge would therefore be inevitable for us in the long run. In addition, the Polygon network impresses with nearly zero carbon dioxide emissions. We have always tried to make the world a better place by donating to non-profit organizations that protect our environment. By donating to COTAP for example, we have offset the CO2 emissions of our CyberKongz VX Minting process by a factor of 10. https://twitter.com/CyberKongz/status/1427352363182997504 We want to continue to follow this path. Why Banana Change?The seasonal $BANANA prize pool is distributed and reset every ten days (=one season) from day one of contract deployment and can be challenged with Kongium. The prize pool starts each ten-day season randomly at one of four different pool sizes of 5k, 10k, 15k or 20k $BANANA and steadily grows with the $BANANA spent on adventure runs in the current season. In order to create the seasonal $BANANA prize pools for the next several years, the pre-minting of 3,350,000 additional $BANANA will be part of the community vote. These additonal Banana tokens will be locked in the vesting contract for 6 years with an unlocking schedule of 500,000 tokens per year and they will be gradually distributed to the community through the seasonal prize pool. Making Play to Kollect’s $BANANA-based system more accessible to a larger number of Kong holders. We are convinced that in this case, the issuance of additional banana tokens is healthy for our ecosystem. With 3,350,000 additional tokens, we increase the maximum possible $BANANA supply (regardless of previously burned $BANANA for breeding etc.) to 40 million. The total supply will thus increase by 9.14%. The Adventure Ahead…With such a big change to the ecosystem the jungle is sure to be in shock for a bit! Like any good plan, we will have a roll out phase and instructions to get everything ready when its time! Roll Out Plan: 1. Vote 2. Learn 3. Bridge 4. Launch 5. PlayIn summary, we are beyond excited to bring you the latest development in the CyberKongz Universe and are stoked to see how the rest of our own adventure continues as we explore the Jungle! KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!View the full article
  13. Prepare to sling your $BANANAS into a new metaverse: CyberKongz are set to invade a new world!We’d like to both kongratulate Solarbots for generating such a buzz in this server and welkong this groundbreaking metaverse as the newest partner of the CyberKongz family. This is a project some of you have been asking about and it was hard to keep a lid on the news for this long. As you look into Solarbots server, it’s hard to ignore the fact that so many of us Kongz are also there. After all, Kongz always follow Kongz because Kongz always know best. Why are we partnering with Solarbots?To put it simply, we share a vision of a metaverse where great communities of awesome people come together to “build cool things and meet cool people.” Solarbots are building an interactive Play-and-Earn metaverse within a complex world grounded in an engaging story with vivid lore and backed by a fundamentally sound economy with many compelling opportunities. We see eye-to-eye with their team’s vision and we find that our projects are a match made for the metaverse. Here’s what our partnership will entail: Custom CyberKongz Solarbots combat units;Usage of CyberKongz Avatar in-game which will be rendered through a full pixel art Pilot player character in the Solarbots metaverse;$BANANA burn mechanism purposely built into the Solarbots economy through upgrading and crafting of CyberKongz Solarbots combat units;Exclusive full lore integration of a CyberKongz faction within the plane of Eld which will include backstory, faction leaders, history, modes of commerce, and ethics;Corrupted Kongz PvE enemy units (image below)and much more in the future…!Their white list mint is scheduled for Dec 20–21 with the public mint happening on the 22nd. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Solarbots metaverse and where CyberKongz might fit in, check out their links below: Website: https://solarbots.io/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/solarbots Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolarbotsIO KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!View the full article
  14. Your CyberKongz VX are ready to invade your home! After a long back and forth, optimizing and rearranging, we can finally release ready to print 3D models for you to download! You can download the printable obj file under the tab “My Kongz” on our website! ust select your desired Kong, choose the file “ID_for_3d_print.zip” and verify your ownership to get access to the downloadable assets. The zip contains the obj mesh, a png file for the textures and a mtl file for the material properties. For most 3D printing services, it is important to have all three files in a single zip! There are many 3D printing services out there that allow you to print models in full color. Maybe you have one nearby that you are familiar with and that can print in a great resolution and quality. For our models, we used the online service Shapeways.com Shapeways offers a variety of different materials and color options. Ranging from a simple grey plastic to pure gold or platinum! In our case, we were choosing High Definition Full Color. To get started, head over to Shapeways.com and click on “Get a Quote” After click here, the website will lead you to the next page where you can upload your model. Here you can either just drag and drop the .zip file you downloaded previously on the field where it says “Choose a 3D file or drag it here”, or you can click the field and browse for the file and upload it that way. After the upload is finished you can see the model in the field on the left. Shapeways offers a variety of different materialsYou can move the model around to inspect it further and change the desired size for your print. The default size prints a figurine, roughly 10cm in height. Select the material you want (we would recommend Matte High Definition Full Color) and add to cart. 3D printing in full color with this details is quite costly for a figurine of that size, but we can only say the end results have been amazing. Shapeways also has a great customer support and will help promptly if you have any issues and are will send another model free of charge in case the model breaks during transport. (3D printed models can be quite fragile so make sure to not drop them) For CyberKongz VX models that have floating parts, like Promethean Arms and Legs or Halo, we had to add support in order to make it printable. The supports might not be visible when viewing the model because they have a 0 alpha channel and thus are transparent. Shapeways is able to print translucent plastic to make these supports as unintrusive as possible. The base the Kongz are standing on are randomly chosen from a set of 14 different styles. Another great detail is a QR code on the bottom that will directly link to the Kong on our website! The process of 3D printing takes some time, so expect delivery times of around two weeks, depending on the material and service you are using. We are super hyped about this and are more than excited to see more and more VXs come to life! Please make sure to share photographs of your prints on twitter and discord! We would love to share them with the whole world! KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!CyberKongzJavaScript is not available.View the full article
  15. Kongz are entering the Untamed IslesWe are excited to announce our partnership with Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang that adds to the growing list of value for CyberKongz holders. Untamed Isles is a highly anticipated upcoming monster taming MMORPG that is reimagining how gaming and NFT’s integrate by taking an innovative hybrid approach called “game first, crypto second”. Guppy Gang is their studios genesis token, which will provide benefits not only on the Untamed Isles, but also across their future titles. The partnership provides CyberKongz with an advisory role for Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang drawing on the experience and wisdom of the Council of Kongz. Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang are on a mission to make gaming and NFTs more accessible and fun to play for everyone, just like CyberKongz. Both brands are all about providing a new level of immersion for their users and leading the way for everyone else to follow. To celebrate the partnership there will be a future airdrop to those who hold both a Guppy Gang NFT and a CyberKong in their wallet. The CyberKongz and Untamed Isles teams will work together to make Kongz Island a wonder within the game that everyone dreams about experiencing. The above collaboration is only the tip of the iceberg and will be executed in many ways on a studio level with the team behind Untamed Isles. Expect to see further collaboration with their studio level Genesis NFT collection called Guppy Gang and also their future gaming titles. Untamed IslesUntamed Isles is positioning itself as a bridge for the mainstream gaming community to enter the play 2 earn genre. They are setting a high bar for future titles by cutting no corners. One of the most famous Pokemon players of all time, Wolfe Glick, designed and manages their combat system. New York Times best selling author, Aaron Hodges, wrote the brand’s storyline and published a book, the first in a series: “Untamed Isles: The Path Awakens”. Untamed Isles CEO Joshua Grant is an experienced leader that has a proven track record of being able to grow global companies like Channel Fireball and Binder POS into highly successful enterprises. Unlike most play 2 earn games, Untamed Isles unique approach removes the friction for non-crypto gamers requiring no wallet to begin playing the game. They have intentionally not sold in-game items before the launch of the game, with the aim of making it a fair start for everyone upon launch. If someone wants creatures, items, or housing they have to play the game to earn it or buy them from the early adopters, allowing for a healthy and equitable player economy. Through their ambitious approach, they are targeting the mainstream gaming market in a way that no one has yet attempted in the space. https://medium.com/media/8babeb1fd9ba445cff6e20d5db02e376/hrefPlay 2 EarnUntamed Isles uses gems as a means of payment for a variety of actions within the game. Gems must be earned or purchased from other players. The gems will not be directly tradable like an ERC-20 token, but will have to be placed inside of a bag that players will have to find inside of the game if they want to sell their gems on the marketplace. The requirement of bagging them will limit the amount which can be dumped on the market at any given time which is a common problem for many play 2 earn titles. The bags can only be used once, meaning that if you bag gems and sell them on the marketplace the bag is burned in the process. This requires new bags to constantly be found within the game itself. By controlling the circulating supply of bags, the Untamed Isles team has developed a powerful mechanic to maintain and control a healthy play 2 earn economy. The game itself has monsters, known as ‘Tames’, which can be found within the game and tamed (captured). The Tames can then battle, breed and be sold on the marketplace just like other play 2 earn games. There is a diverse array of items and consumables which will need to be collected by playing the game, such as through professions, within the game to supply other players with items they need. It will be very hard for any single player to effectively do everything by themselves within the game while remaining competitive which will promote a lot of buying and selling on the marketplace, further driving a living player economy. Housing is a core component of the Untamed Isles, as they’re needed to breed Tames and store items (and host friends!). All players receive a houseboat by default, which is the smallest unit of housing. The size of the housing will determine how many Tames can be bred at any one time, and how much resources can be stored by the player. Larger housing units will be in short supply within the game, and thus offer a great opportunity for trading or renting out to other players in return for some of their resources. Every month a portal will open to Guppy Paradise Island where players will compete in the Guppy Fair mini games. The games will cost tickets to play with all sorts of rare NFT prizes, such as in-game cosmetics. These items won in the fair can be sold on the marketplace, and will also allow players to win items for other unrelated game titles. Guppy GangThe Guppy is the beloved mascot of the Phat Loot team, as it was the first monster created in the production of the game, and it quickly became the community favorite. Anyone who owns both a Guppy Gang NFT and a CyberKong in their wallet will receive a crossover airdrop in the future as a way to reward the holders of both NFTs. GenesisAs a genesis token, Guppy Gang holders will receive a range of benefits and rewards across future Phat Loot titles. This includes early sale access to future games, discounts on future item sales, airdrops and much more. These will be the only Genesis NFT’s produced by Phat Loot Studios. TicketsGuppy Gangs will give the owner additional in-game fair tickets based on the ticket levels assigned to them.Those tickets will be tradeable on the marketplace or provide the owner with extra chances to win prizes at the Guppy Fair. Morph tokensMorph tokens will be dropped to holders of the Guppy Gang allowing them to breed, redeem for other collaborations, or trade on the open market. CyberGuppyzTo celebrate the collaboration with CyberKongz a promotional NFT will be created for those who own 10 Guppy NFT’s and 1 CyberKongz NFT in the same wallet. CyberGuppyz will be a pixel version of the Guppy that will carry its own unique benefits in the future. CyberKongz IntegrationCyberKongz will be incorporated into Untamed Isles in many ways, including our own custom designed, exclusive Kongz themed island that will be the centerpiece of the collaboration. No other brands are currently allowed to have their own island within Untamed Isles making it a highly exclusive deal for the CyberKongz brand. This will place CyberKongz front and center for new gamers entering the play to earn space, further spreading our presence and renown. The island will not look like anything else found within the world of Untamed Isles and it will be a magnificent place that many will want to explore for its unique features, landmarks, and housing. Kongz Island will be a truly magnificent spectacle full of its own landmarks not found anywhere else. Elsewhere in the game there will be a range of integrations that extend the CyberKongz brand beyond the custom island, making the CyberKongz community easily identifiable within the game. Examples of exclusive custom integrations include: CyberKongz skinsCyberKongz mountsCyberKongz guild-hallsCyberKongz styled housingsCyberKongz Discord rolesImagine the level of teamwork and immersion that will be possible for CyberKongz holders through the proximity voice feature within the game. Easily being able to identify our fellow Kongz outside of our Island, run up to them and start talking as you explore the Isles together. Exclusive annual custom branded tournaments will allow CyberKongz holders to compete against each other for bespoke prizes. Bragging rights as the top CyberKongz Tamer can go to only one ape, who will it be? Banana Integration$BANANA will be integrated into the Untamed Isles in a variety of ways and their integration will evolve with the game over time in new and creative ways. Some examples are listed below: $BANANA will be natively integrated into the game. This will allow for $BANANA to be used to purchase cosmetic NFTs exclusive to CyberKongz holders.$BANANA HODL drops: We will drop custom items and cosmetics to wallets that are holding certain quantities of $BANANA. The more $BANANA a wallet holds, a more rare level of an item will be dropped to the holder.A $BANANA shop in the game launcher (client) for purchasing items.Tournament entries can be purchased with $BANANA.SummaryIn summary, the Untamed Isles is being produced by a team of highly experienced and successful gaming industry veterans who are shaping up to change the way gaming and crypto work together. With the support and guidance of CyberKongz, this will be the next massive crypto game.Guppy Gang | Gaming NFTsJoin the Guppy Gang NFT Discord Server!View the full article
  16. The community has voted!For the Kongz Tank, we are looking for the best and brightest minds with ideas on how they would integrate their projects with CyberKongz NFTs and/or $BANANA! Are you an entrepreneur or developer in the crypto space? Have you always wanted to pitch your project to a room full of alpha Kongz to get funding and support for your project? Well, now is your chance!!From now until Monday, November 8, we are looking for applicants to submit their project idea and how they would integrate CyberKongz NFTs and/or $BANANA. The Council of Kongz will select up to 5 project ideas a week after the deadline, or if they think your project idea is just that good, even during the proposal period. Selected projects will receive the following: Grant: A grant of 10 ETH + 1,000 $BANANA.Marketing: The team will provide marketing support within their reach.Linear Unlock of Funds: Grant funds will be unlocked based on project development stages: 10% for a detailed idea, 40% with a working prototype, 50% with a working project.The Kongz Tank is open to all, so if you or your friends are not part of our CyberKongz fam yet, don’t worry, you can still apply! Please send all proposal ideas here: pitch@cyberkongz.comHere is the information to include in your propsal: Detailed rundown on your project/idea.How you want to integrate CyberKongz NFTS and/or $BANANA.Your art/dev skills and experience in the NFT/crypto space.Contact details (email, discord username, twitter, website if any, etc..).Deadline: Monday, November 22, 12:00am UTC.Important: Conditions of Project The project needs to introduce utility for one of the assets from the CyberKongz universe and/or $BANANA. Burn mechanics may be used for the Banana Token but can’t be applied to the CyberKongz or CyberKongz VX NFTs! Up to 5 proposals in the week after the submission deadline will be chosen and invested/supported by CyberKongz. We are very excited to see all the creative ways the kongmunity will come up with to enhance the $BANANA ecosystem and help us create more value for the CyberKongz holders. KONGZ TOGETHER STRONG!CyberKongzJavaScript is not available.View the full article
  17. CyberKongz is community-driven, and that is one of the elements that makes our project so special. Being true to this principle, we wanted to establish a solid foundation for facilitating decentralized decision making within the community and created a Snapshot Strategy. We are excited to introduce: CyberKongz OOH. Snapshot provides holders the opportunity to decide, together, on the future direction of our jungle. Snapshot is a token-based, decentralized voting system that provides the calculation of an individual’s voting power for a poll. Ownership of CyberKongz, CyberKongz VX and $BANANA results in an individual number of votes (OOHs) for a poll. CyberKongz and CyberKongz VX erc721 contracts, as well as the $BANANA erc20 contract, each represent 15k OOHs. In the first iteration of this strategy, there will be a total of 45,000 votes. One OOH represents one vote based on the breakdown below: CyberKongz: 3 OOHs x CyberKongz balancetotal CyberKongz OOHs = 3 OOHs x 1000 Genesis + 3 OOHs x 4000 Babies/Incubator = 15000 OOHsCyberKongz VX: 1 OOHs x CyberKongz VX balancetotal CyberKongz VX OOHs = 1 OOH x 15000 CyberKongz VX = 15000 OOHs$BANANA: 15000 $BANANA balance / current total $BANANA supplytotal $BANANA OOHs = 15000 x all circulating $BANANA / current total $BANANA supply = 15000 OOHsAt the time of poll creation, a snapshot is taken of the current block to automatically calculate the number of OOHs per wallet. The total number of OOHs is combined from all three categories to determine the total amount of voting power. Voting is gas-free and easy. To see the current proposals and join our Snapshot strategy head over here: https://snapshot.org/#/cyberkongz.eth After connecting your wallet, you can click on an open proposal and can cast your vote by choosing one of the available options. Proposals for votes can be formally submitted by verified members in the channel #|idea-collection by starting the message with “Proposal:”. The first proposal will be a poll on a possible change of the amount of $BANANA needed for a CyberKongz VX name change, but the utility for this community-driven polling is endless. (except adding $BANANA yield to Babies and VX) https://snapshot.org/#/cyberkongz.eth/proposal/QmUCrqEz7iEy4cQ5rpqzNQJa7XbE4syEKpzq9vKZyF98aY We think the community will be excited about their OOHs, and the opportunity to influence the direction of CyberKongz. EDIT:For all of our upcoming votings, we recently implemented a new strategy with a quorum of 31%. We also removed the voting power for liquidity pools to spread it out to all other active holders.OOH!CyberKongzJoin the CyberKongz Discord Server!JavaScript is not available.View the full article

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