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    Welcome to Blockchain Arcade

    By enjoi

    In 2021, Blockchain Gaming swept the world. Tokenized assets (both NFT, and digital currencies) were a new phenomenon begging for product/market fit, and found it within a niche ripe for disruption. Previously, gamers traded their time and money for entertainment, but now new startups were moving the hurdle of money over to the reward side of the equation. Vast communities in Asia, India, South America embraced this idea, many earning more than their full time jobs by playing games a few hours a

Game Maker Fund Experience, “Nosy In The Wild”, Featured In Milan Exhibition

About Nosy In The Wild Nosy in the Wild is a digital art experience that was designed in The Sandbox by visual artist Valentina Loffredo. The experience expands her wider project, “Nosy”, on the global issue of privacy in the digital age. The digital art experience was supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund. https://medium.com/media/f7111d82a14c698c0c3a2cdf27b0596c/href The Exhibition Salone del Mobile is an annual event that runs in Milan. During this prestigious ev

Origin: Phases and Advancement Plans

Progress on Origin is humming along and so far we’ve seen over 600,000 registered accounts. This post will walk you through our thinking around how we’ll batch together updates in phases as we build towards global launch. Phase 1, which we’re currently in, focuses around major balance changes: making the game more competitive, improving the amount of in-game decision making, and ultimately making the game more fun! Phase 2, which we expect to come in July, will see a ful

June 13th, 2022 — Patch Notes

June 13th, 2022 — Patch Notes Patch Notes (brief comment from Ardoyn): If you haven’t noticed, this isn’t the full Patch Rundown that many of you are used to. Rather than new gameplay and systems, this patch focuses on bringing many requested QoL features (Mass Release anyone?) and giving the entire game a massive facelift as we prepare to introduce new UI pages and new systems to the game. So for now, enjoy the new look! NEW — New Venari Inventory Page (with brand new filter

AXS Gated Forum Discussions by Commonwealth!

Earlier this month, we released a forum for token-gated discussions hosted by Commonwealth! This forum was built to enable our community to post discussions topics around topics important to the future of Axie Infinity. There is also a polling feature that will allow us to gather feedback around new product features and ideas. The forum will allow for more detailed long-form discussions around some of the most important topics affecting the Axie community! Join The Discussion One

Spaceships: Build or Dismantle Ships, and Scrap Parts!

If you’ve been hoarding your Spaceship Lootboxes and parts, it’s time to put them to good use! Hop on a ride with us and learn more about the latest Spaceship features: Building a Ship, Dismantling Ships, and Scrapping Parts! Building a Spaceship Spaceships Recap What are Spaceships? Spaceships are your very own travel vehicle that will allow you to transport yourself throughout the various dungeons and the World of Sipheria. What can you do with them? As mentioned in Par


enjoi in Sipher News

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Origin Cup (PH) Finals Live Now!

After 2 days of gritty battles, the grand finals of the Origin Cup, live from the Phillipines, is starting now! Who will take home eternal glory? Watch Now View the full article



Patch Notes Update — June 8, 2022

Patch Notes Update — June 8, 2022 Good release day, Kingdom! Pet Trade-in You’ve probably heard your parents say they don’t have a favorite child. Well, they must not have had any blubs for children! But if you do and you secretly want to sweep those little slime monsters under a rug, go visit Jarek the Hatcher in the East Marketplace and check out his newly available option. You can now trade in two of your least favorite fur (or slime) babies for a fresh, new pet egg and

Annoucing MoCDA exhibitions in The Sandbox Metaverse

The Sandbox will bring two art exhibits curated by MoCDA into its metaverse in the months of June and July. The Sandbox is collaborating with The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) a museum platform that seeks to support the many different facets of digital art and exhibits a comprehensive selection of the most representative artworks of the digital art movement, from the pioneers of the mid-20th century to the contemporary digital artists that continue to evolve and adapt alongside

Open TOWER chests to get Game Card NFTs!

We are happy to announce that all TOWER Chests can now be opened or transferred to another wallet at https://www.crazydefenseheroes.com/inventory/chests! Each Chest contains 3 Game Card NFTs, and all Game Card NFTs are tradable on OpenSea. OpenSea Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/tower-battle-cards Contract Address: 0xcf501ead3ebfa60f40725fca1d82fc05bff63bf2 Game Card NFTs can be used in the upcoming TOWER PC blockchain game, and in a mini-game to earn TOWER tokens in the

Part 1 : Building the Future, how we Created a Blue Ocean Market

How We Created a Blue Ocean Market Everyone wants to be able to predict the future. There is an inordinate amount of time, resources, and money is thrown towards drawing up projections for tomorrow. Even our pop culture is obsessed with it. Think about movies that are focused on travelling through time, or imagining what life will be like 50 years from now. But…predicting the future is extremely difficult. Unless you happen to have a magical crystal ball, it’s going to be pre

Pet Pasture

As everyone knows from childhood, when your pets suddenly disappear it’s because they were sent out to the farm. Here in DeFi Kingdoms, your pets can also get sent out to pasture when it’s time to let them go. If you’re finding yourselves with some pets you’re not happy with, you now have the option to trade in two of those pets for a new pet egg. Trading in your pets will give you a chance at an even more awesome pet. The first step to send those pets out to pasture is to pay a visit

DCentral Keynote

Speaker: Dreamer Hello everybody I’m Dreamer at Kingdom Studios where we are developing DeFi Kingdoms. As I mentioned DeFi Kingdoms is a protocol we launched last year where we are gamifying DeFi and NFTs and we’ve done that in several ways. I’ll recap what we’ve done in the past 10 months and what we have planned. To start, behind me you see three logos. The first is Jewel. It’s used to summon new heroes into the realm. Next to it you see Crystal, which is the power token on the Avala

STEPN’s Action Plan for Game Economy

Over the past 5 days, we have received over 1,500 responses to our call for feedback from our community members. It was extremely heartening to see members banding together towards improving the game. “There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” From the responses, we witnessed a healthy blend of insights and wisdom, as well as support and kind words. We would like to share what we have unpacked over the past few days. Basis of this initiative

Part 3: NFTs — A Non-Fungible Renaissance

Part 3: NFTs — A Non-Fungible Renaissance Art, Culture, and Tech This is the third and concluding part of our series on deep dive into NFTs which we believe to be the bricks in the walls of Web3. We have talked of their essence in part 1 and utility in part 2 and in this article we explore the current and future applications in art. Dusty history books often refer to the Dark Ages, a time ruled by barbaric conquests and intellectual darkness in mediaeval western Europe. Thank

Implementing FIP-1 Staking and Economy Updates

We are pleased to announce that our first governance proposal, or Fancy Improvement Proposal (“FIP”) has been approved by the community with a vote of 99.9% support. You can find the link to the full proposal along with the supporting rationale here. The goals of FIPs are to improve the constantly evolving fancy ecosystem, maximize the FNC token price, and create a better experience for everyone. As a DAO, our mandate is to implement changes recommended and voted by the community. With that

Dev Update: June 3, 2022

Oyez, oyez! Draw close to hear news from the dev team! The Front-end Team have been busy bees in the wake of the massive pets launch. They’re working on DFK Duels integration as well as continuing to hammer on localization, an area where we’ve seen lots of progress in the last week. This is, of course, in addition to all of the tweaks and bug squashing necessary to keep things smooth for desktop and mobile users alike. Our Music Department (aka Sam) has completed an epic track for Duel

Reflections on our game ecosystem

Looking back at the past two months, especially with the recent opening of the BSC realm on the 30th of April, STEPN made an unprecedentedly bold move. We certainly paid our dues in this attempt, but we also learned a ton. Herein, we try to review this expedition in an objective manner, and summarize our take-aways and action plans, hoping that we can upgrade STEPN’s economic system before the roll-out of the future realms. Therefore the team’s goal is completely aligned with the use

SMAC: STEPN Model for Anti Cheating

Introducing STEPN’S Anti-Cheating System — SMAC The word ‘cheating’ in any context carries negative connotations. And why should it not? To cheat, by definition, is to deprive a person of something valuable through the use of deceit or fraud. In traditional video games, cheaters deprive normal users of in-game resources, assets or positive gaming experiences. It is rampant, and frustrating for those who are playing fair. For Play2Earn games where money is involved, solving cheating and

Lunacian Codes Public Testing is Live!

Key highlights: Public testing starts now for Lunacian Codes, our new experimental referral program. It will be funded by the ecosystem fund during testing. We’re currently testing the implementation of custom codes for creators and will share more on this later. In the meantime, creators can proceed with non-custom code registration and help us begin testing immediately!* The Axie community is a portal into Web3. Many of you have put extraordinar

Carvajal Enters the Metaverse by Becoming the New Licensed Player at MetaSoccer

Real Madrid and Spain National Team player Dani Carvajal has joined Thomas Partey, Emiliano Martínez and Ronaldinho as the new licensed player at MetaSoccer. The world-renowned defender has a career full of successes, having won five UEFA Champions League titles and four FIFA World Cup trophies. The creation of an NFT depicting him to take part in the first soccer metaverse marks another milestone for Carvajal, who said that “the idea of having my own NFT is crazy, and I’m excited to be a p

Warming Up: Game & Marketplace Features

MetaSoccer is in full throttle and while you are enjoying the first matches in PvE mode and your due rewards, we keep working on new features that will improve your gaming experience. Without further ado, let’s check what you can expect soon!   Create teams Soon will find a new section in the clubs that allows the creation of teams. Per definition, each user will have a “Not Assigned” team in which will be all the players of said team, as well as newly bough

Crabada Battle Game v1.0.5 — Challenge: Duel Mode + Updates

Crabada Battle Game v1.0.5 — Challenge: Duel Mode + Updates Dear Crabadians! Introducing, Challenge: Duel Mode! Access Duel Mode from “Challenge” in the main menu Challenge your Frenemies Pit your strongest Crabada lineups against your friends, your enemies, your arch-rival Gary, your granny, or even your dog, and see who’s the strongest of you. (Or maybe, just friendly Duel with new sparring partner you met on the Crabada Discord to tighten that bond?)

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