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  • enjoi

    Welcome to Blockchain Arcade

    By enjoi

    In 2021, Blockchain Gaming swept the world. Tokenized assets (both NFT, and digital currencies) were a new phenomenon begging for product/market fit, and found it within a niche ripe for disruption. Previously, gamers traded their time and money for entertainment, but now new startups were moving the hurdle of money over to the reward side of the equation. Vast communities in Asia, India, South America embraced this idea, many earning more than their full time jobs by playing games a few hours a

Crabada Post-Battle Game Plans: Update #1

Dear Crabadians, Many changes are currently being planned to establish a stronger foundation for Crabada. These changes aim to create a sustainable and long-term future for the Crabada game ecosystem, by improving current gameplay and integrating more new and exciting experiences that players can enjoy. Breeding v2 — Recalibration of Breeding Formula As part of the transition toward a Material-based economy, we will be making the following adjustments to Breeding: $CRA will

50. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 1: Security with speed

50. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 1: Security with speed Our number one priority is ensuring that our gamers can safely own and trade their in-game assets. Setting our game on Immutable X’s L2 protocol lets us provide that security while maintaining near-instant transaction speeds. How are my assets kept safe? Traditional gaming studios typically hold your assets on servers. The developer can change your assets or delete them entirely, and if the servers go down, you can lose

49. Chainlink Price Feeds to Help Accurately Price Digital Land on Illuvium

We’re excited to announce that Illuvium has expanded its Chainlink integration to include Chainlink Price Feeds — the industry standard for decentralised, off-chain price data — on Ethereum. The ILV/ETH Chainlink Price Feed serves the mission-critical role of helping ensure that the ongoing sale of Illuvium: Zero land plots is fair to all participants. The ILV/ETH Chainlink Price Feed provides accurate price data to help ensure that land plot buyers pay the same underlying price regardless of wh

NFTs — the bricks in the walls of Web3

NFTs — the bricks in the walls of Web3 An Introduction to NFTs: Part 1 In 2021, the usage of the word NFT has been widespread across the vast landscape of the Internet. It is hard to find a young person who is unaware of this term. Headlines of digital monkey drawings selling for millions span the articles shared on Facebook — oh-so-wild times indeed! It is thus understandable that NFTs are often mentioned in confused breaths or statements that condemn and cast doubt on

“It needs to be all over the place” – composer Mike Osso tells us everything we have to know about video game music

Mike Osso is an audio engineer and musician based in New York. He is currently the head composer for Solarbots. For our series of team interviews, he explained the intricacies of victory fanfares and told us about some of his pet peeves when it comes to video game music. How did you get into music? When I was young, my older brother found a guitar in a basement. He started playing it and immediately I thought: That’s what I want to do. I guess I was the jealous younger brother. So I bu

The Serendale Town Crier — May 23, 2022

The Serendale Town Crier — May 23, 2022 DeFi Kingdoms Community Newsletter “Oyez, oyez!” — Town Crier Milo DeFi Kingdoms Events DeFi Kingdoms will be in Austin, TX at Dcentral to kick-off Consensus Festival Week. If you’ll be attending, keep an eye out for our booth to come and say hi. We always try to keep our community in the loop, and to help with that endeavor, an updated roadmap of future DeFi Kingdoms features has been released. Check out the latest roadmap HERE!

Step-by-Step guide to Setting up and Playing DeFi Kingdoms on Metamask Mobile

While the DeFi Kingdoms application is currently web-based only, it is still possible to play via your Metamask Mobile browser! Here is how you can set up Metamask Mobile so that you can play DeFi Kingdoms on the go while you are away from your desk. Table of Contents 1 — Download & install Metamask Mobile on your device 2 — Setting up a new Metamask wallet Creating a new wallet Setting up Harmony Network on your Metamask mobile wallet to play in Serendale Realm

Crabada Rolls out Redemption Program for Players Affected by Migration Issues

Dear Crabadians!🦀 During the process of migration, some players faced issues during the process of bridging their assets over to Swimmer, and others encountered bugs during this period. These issues have since been addressed with high priority to ensure players are able to continue their activities on Swimmer Network. We appreciate the patience and support that the affected players and the community have shown us in allowing us some time to get these issues resolved. Hence, we wi

48 — Regions. Halcyon Sea

48 — Regions. Halcyon Sea Map Look and Feel Halycon Sea is a vast land-locked area of coral reef and lake domain with clear water that only reaches knee height across the whole area. Various shell-like formations, coral and plants protrude from the surface. The Halcyon Sea has many remarkable features and houses enormous coral structures. Much of the vegetation here is brightly coloured, and vivid neon glow-in-the-dark plants and bacteria light up the area at night. In a

Discord Role Icon Design Contest Winners!

As the largest Discord in Web3, it’s important that our Discord roles add flavor and life to the various roles in our community. To support this mission, we recently held a Discord Icon art contest where anyone from the community could submit their icons for consideration. We saw over 600 submissions! Voting was conducted in the Axie Discord where owners of the various roles could vote on their respective icons. We were impressed to see many amazing entries! The contest winners wi

DFK Duel, Pets, & Dev Updates!

DFK Duel Update — May 21, 2022 May the peace of Gaia comfort you! We bring tales of the dev team’s travails this week, in another edition of the DeFi Kingdoms Dev Update! DFK Duel is just around the corner (literally) in the marketplace, and soon players will be able to speak with a new face in the kingdom, the game master, to send their best heroes on Duels! The Game Master waits patiently in the Marketplace for his next Duel! Duels can be fought in groups of 1, 3, or 9

Crabada Update: Swimmer Migration, the Idle-Game and Reward Adjustments

Dear Crabadians!🦀 If you have not migrated your Crabada to Swimmer Network, now’s the time! Join the Battle on Swimmer Network (Subnet) as we dive into the future of Web3 gaming!🏊‍♂️🌊 As of 20 May, 7:00 AM UTC, several core functions of the Crabada Idle-Game and marketplace on the Avalanche C-Chain will be discontinued as we continue to migrate our player-base onto Swimmer, and make the transition from a Play-to-Earn game to a Play-and-Earn game. Here are the changes that will take 

A First Look at the Rewards System

PvE matches with full $MSC and $MSU rewards is right around the corner, and we know that you can’t wait to know more about it. Our long-term goal is to have a full system with PvP leagues, along with PvP and PvE tournaments offering different formats, such as single and double elimination, straight round-robin, round-robin and double-split. We are continuing to release features that will strengthen the competition at a steady pace. To start, we will offer a simplified

We are building digital campfires, gather around!

For as long as humans have existed, communities have been integral to our survival. Here at STEPN, we consider community one of our most important pillars, and a massive amount of our resources and time is dedicated to ensuring that we are growing our community of STEPNers thoughtfully, prioritizing quality over quantity. With the advent of the digital world, online communities are becoming more and more important, but how these communities actually form is starting to shift significan

May 16th, 2022 — Patch Rundown (Patch Notes & Design Thoughts)

May 18th, 2022 — Patch Rundown (Patch Notes & Design Thoughts) Patch Rundown by Ardoyn For those who were at the Vocari Hang-Out this past Saturday, you guys know what’s dropping in this patch. And it’s definitely a big one. Leveling. (No joke I spent way too long looking at this word wondering if I spell it with two or three L’s) To prepare for the leveling patch, we’ve had primers, adjustments, and burning released all to help lead up to this. It’s time to start pow

Roadmap Update — May 18, 2022

Roadmap Update — May 18, 2022 DFK Roadmap — 18 May, 2022 A couple of notes: Please keep in mind that we have moved to an every other week release schedule (this week being our off week) with constant release for any bugs. We will sometimes have releases on our off weeks as well, but every other week is the schedule. The new roadmap utilizes quarters to showcase what features to expect. As such, some Q2 features have already been released. Each quarters garden

AxieCon: Barcelona 🇪🇸

During this 4 year journey, many of us have made friends that we’ve never met in the physical world. Friendships that span the globe and transcend physical boundaries. For too long, the Axie universe has been confined to our screens. This September, that changes. We’re ecstatic to invite each and every one of you to the first AxieCon this September, 7-10, in Barcelona! AxieCon is a physical gathering of our Digital nation. Builders, battlers, dreamers, thinkers will all desce

Launch Postmortem

Hi Uni Fam, What a hell of a last two weeks it has been…. I want to start this note with a huge thank you to both the team and community for working together to rapidly resolve many of the LiveOps fires that cropped up. Now that the vast majority of issues have been resolved we have finally had a moment to breathe, take stock, and plan. Here are some high-level notes on the plan over the next 6 weeks: Ongoing LiveOps Issues: To date, we’ve focused on resolving issues bas

The Serendale Town Crier — May 16, 2022

The Serendale Town Crier — May 16, 2022 DeFi Kingdoms Community Newsletter “Oyez, oyez!” — Town Crier Milo DeFi Kingdoms Events A few members of the team are going to be at Permissionless 2022 in Miami this week. If you’re in the area, keep an eye on our socials for more information to make sure you’re able to say hi. Vithraven’s Reawakening continues, and will run until 12:00 AM EDT on June 10th, 2022. We encourage all Serendale Gen0 holders to participate in this eve

Season 2 Launch

After racing against each other during Season 1, the baby birds have evolved…hope you’re not afraid of The Multiverse to join up with gaming icons, sports legends, and unearthly beings! Get ready to look for new legendaries and rare full sets to breed! Additionally, we plan to release a large amount of exciting updates this season, including the marketplace, lootboxes, and some special items. Stay tuned! Season 2 Overview Season 2 lasts until either: A) 2 full breeding cycles

PvE with test rewards is LIVE

Test rewards its on baby! We hit another milestone today! and we are getting closer to the full release of our PVE game   Would like to say thanks for the ones that was with Guhs, Jordi and JuanLu in our Locker Room. And if you miss the chance to watch us live, we have it in our YouTube channel   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvKPvhYj0Eo Little by little new features will be added and we will getting closer to our next goals   Team Management   Scholarship   Ranking System (Pre-PVP)

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