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  • enjoi

    Welcome to Blockchain Arcade

    By enjoi

    In 2021, Blockchain Gaming swept the world. Tokenized assets (both NFT, and digital currencies) were a new phenomenon begging for product/market fit, and found it within a niche ripe for disruption. Previously, gamers traded their time and money for entertainment, but now new startups were moving the hurdle of money over to the reward side of the equation. Vast communities in Asia, India, South America embraced this idea, many earning more than their full time jobs by playing games a few hours a

Bug Bounty Program Launch

Hello, Unifam! It’s been a month since launch and with most major issues addressed, our development team seeks to further improve the experience for everyone. While the team is hard at work resolving known issues and finding other possible unreported issues, we feel that involving all stakeholders in the process will enable us to collectively take ownership of what we’re trying to build together, while also rewarding the community for their efforts. Enter the Bug Bounty Program. Let’s

59. Regions — Shardbluff Labyrinth

59. Regions — Shardbluff Labyrinth Shardbluff Labyrinth is a region characterised by the eponymous shard-like mountains rising from the ground as if the ocean had compressed the entire Eastern continent. Long, impassable rock sections jut from the ground. Travelling via the North Sea would be faster, but for Leviathan patrolling the coast. The region is colourless, the sky dark grey. A constant low-hanging mist slicks the angular stone surfaces. Shallow puddles lay scattered everywhere

Welcome to the Fancy Marketplace!

We are absolutely thrilled to bring to you the Fancy Marketplace: a fully-featured decentralized NFT marketplace where you can trade game assets to enhance your experience within the FancyVerse! Browse, buy, sell and manage your assets. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be as excited about the Fancy marketplace as we are! Why a Marketplace? At Fancy, our belief is to give the most fun-filled, casual, and safe gaming experience to our players. OpenSea has been the popu

Illuvium Universe Land Sale Starts 2 June on Gas-Free Protocol, Immutable X

58. Illuvium Universe Land Sale Starts 2 June on Gas-Free Protocol, Immutable X 1 June 2022, Sydney: Illuvium is excited to announce our integration with Immutable X — the leading Layer 2 (L2) Ethereum scaling solution for NFTs, for our highly anticipated Land Sale that will take place on 2 June 2022. By partnering with Immutable X as its exclusive protocol of choice, Illuvium delivers the next generation of blockchain gaming. A AAA gaming experience with true digital ownership, near-i

LAND Owners, Claim your mSAND

It’s claim time! Read on to know how you can get your May 2022 mSAND! In May 2022, The Sandbox is distributing 5M mSAND to its LAND Owners. The mSAND will be available on the Polygon network and is now claimable. Read on to learn the process. TLDR; 5M mSAND will be distributed to LAND owners on the Polygon network. Snapshot was taken on May 13, 2022, 00:00:05 UTC (Block 14764084). The claim opens on May 31, 2022. The mSAND will be claimable through our y

57. How to Buy Land: IlluviDEX now Live!

https://medium.com/media/4b57bb37780dd0e77905464b3506a037/href Illuvium Land Illuvium Land is an NFT playable in Illuvium: Zero, our mobile and desktop companion game. Generate the Fuel required to capture, travel, and battle inside Illuvium: Overworld. Landowners earn by playing a fun game that rewards them for their time. How to Earn with Illuvium Land Fuel is a currency used in all games in the Illuvium Universe. Players extract Fuel from Tier 1–5 Land by playing Illuvium:

56. Regions — Brightland Steppes

56. Regions — Brightland Steppes Brightland Steppes is situated to the east of the continent, centred by a vast grassland expanse populated by large vines that have found their way across the region. These vines have raised rock formations in the surrounding areas, forming an array of floating structures surrounding the central valley as the rocks eroded. Map Brightland Valley Brightland Valley is a lush green valley surrounding the Obelisk. Ponds and boulders are scatte

55. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 4: Carbon Neutrality

55. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 4: Carbon Neutrality In Part 3 you learned how Immutable X rolls up transactions as a layer 2 on the Ethereum blockchain to offer users of Illuvium gas-free transactions. In this part, we’ll show how this also allows Illuvium and Immutable X to offer a carbon-neutral blockchain game Doesn’t cryptocurrency and NFTs use a lot of energy? Immutable X’s rollup technology scales Ethereum by taking up less of the network per transaction while still retain

Builders Program: The First Projects Accepted!

Your Axie NFTs are a ticket to an infinite realm of experiences. Today, we take a major step towards making this a tangible reality. The Builders Program is one of many initiatives that will unlock more enjoyment and utility for your Axies, in this case from community built experiences. While we plan on harnessing community-built games to strengthen the Axie ecosystem, Sky Mavis will also be forming partnerships with major game studios to develop experiences for the Axie Infinity and Ronin.

Adjustments to Staking Rewards & Intro to Active Community Member Rewards

We are making some adjustments to our Staking Rewards, which come to effect on June 14, 2022, @ 12:00PM UTC. Read on to find out more about the factors that led to this change, and how you can increase your $SIPHER Stash soon by continuing to be an Active Community Member! Recap — What were our Objectives behind the $SIPHER Staking Pools? Late last year, we launched our $SIPHER Staking Pools with two main objectives for our community in mind: Ensure sufficient liquidity of our $E

Crabada Post-Battle Game Plans: Update #2

Dear Crabadians, It has been 4 days since the last update was announced and we apologize for keeping you waiting. Huge fundamental pieces are currently being planned for change with careful consideration to the impacts these changes will have on the overall Crabada ecosystem. This is due to the intricate nature of how assets are tightly interwoven within the ecosystem. These changes to Crabada’s foundational design are being looked at with the core concepts of longevity and sustai

Earn SAND with the Doggies

For VIPs only 🐶 If you’re part of the Doggies club, we have an event for you! During 4 weeks, Snoop Dogg avatar holders will be sharing a prize pool of 1M mSAND! How will it work ? Each week a new event will be added to The sandbox Contest page. Snoop Dogg Avatars owners are invited to spend time in a different experience each week and show off their avatar. All participants will be sharing the weekly prize of 250,000 mSAND. Week 1: 03/06 — Alpha Lobby Week 2: 10/

54. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 3: Gas and fees

54. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 3: Gas and fees In Part 2 you learned how Immutable X sits as a layer 2 on top of the Ethereum blockchain. In this part, we’ll dive deeper into how Immutable X enables Illuvium to offer gas-free transactions If Immutable X is on Ethereum, why isn’t there gas? Here’s the simple answer: Immutable X covers the gas for you! Behind the scenes, Immutable X batches up transactions and is able to pay a cheaper rate to Ethereum for a bulk of transactions.

55. Region — Taiga Boreal

53. Region — Taiga Boreal Look and Feel Taiga Boreal is a snowy and icy mountainous region on the northern tip of the west island. Thick clouds are prominent as they roll through, morphing and dissipating around the mountain ranges. The climate is freezing except for an isolated area to the north edge of the world. Tied together by a fast-frozen lake and an extensive tunnel and geyser system beneath the ice, the site grants access to various other areas in the Region. Map

Patch Notes Update — May 25, 2022

Patch Notes Update — May 25, 2022 Good release day, Kingdom! Pets Obviously, this is the headliner for the day. Jarek the Hatcher has officially set up shop in the East marketplace and he’s ready to incubate and hatch your blue and grey eggs. Choose your offering carefully because it will determine how long your eggs have to incubate and their rarity chance. Each option costs a different level of JEWEL, Gold, and Tears, in addition to the egg-specific materials. Here’s

Dev Update: May 27, 2022

Greetings to all in the kingdoms! This week was a busy week with the opening of the Hatchery and the ability to hatch blue and grey eggs. Our Heroes have been busy getting to know all their new pets. The Front-end Team spent the last 2 weeks plugging in all of the amazing assets for egg hatching that many of you in Serendale have been enjoying this week. Additionally, they plugged in the beautiful new art style of the Marketplace. Make sure you take time to look around. The Solidity Te

Immutable X deep-dive — Part 2: How Layer 1 and Layer 2 work together

52. Immutable X deep-dive — Part 2: How Layer 1 and Layer 2 work together In our first part you learned that Immutable X is a Layer 2 (L2) protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. In this part, we’ll go deeper into what that actually means for you as players of Illuvium Why do we need a faster protocol for Illuvium? Illuvium uses tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to represent your assets within the game that you can create, trade or burn. Each one of these actions is a tran

🚀Origin Update 🚀

We will be deploying updates to Origin at 3am EST on May 27. The game will be down until the updates are complete. ✨ What’s New ✨ Balance Patch - May 27 UI Improvements - May 27 In Arena Mode, players that go first will once again have 3 energy, but are now unable to use attack cards on the first turn Added Login via QR code When challenging another player, the player who sends the challenge request will always go first

51. Land Sale Explained

We are excited to announce all of the details regarding Illuvium Land and our upcoming Land sale! TLDR version In this article, we explain everything in-depth. However as we understand that some of you would simply like the highlights, here is a brief TL;DR version: Illuvium Land: The NFT that produces more NFTs and tokens that you can own and play in Illuvium: Zero, our mobile and desktop companion game. Landowners generate a residual income by playing a fun game that reward

SAND is now listed on Coinbase, the largest U.S. crypto exchange

The Sandbox utility token continues to proliferate on global exchanges Leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the world continue to add SAND, The Sandbox utility token, to their listings. We recently announced that Coincheck became the first Japanese exchange to list SAND, making it more easily accessible for Japanese users. Now we have another major announcement to reveal… Today, we’re pleased to share that SAND is now listed on Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in t

Part 2: NFTs — A curious case of Utility

Part 2: NFTs — A curious case of Utility In our previous article, we gave a brief introduction to what NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are about. For this part of the series, we will be diving deep into the utility, both existing and potential, of NFT technology, and how it stands to change the world as we know it. What exactly is utility? Previously, we have mentioned that NFTs are tokens with metadata attached (such as artwork). NFTs with utility are those with a use for it outs

RBW Tokenomics Primer

Hi Unifam! Last week Nat Elison wrote a wonderful article on Crypto Unicorns in which he discussed his thoughts on the game as well as our tokenomics. While he largely gave a positive review his analysis of RBW fell short. To his credit, the whitepaper only gives a bare outline and we’ve predominantly circulated updates and details via AMAs. Our hope is this document can be a reference for people today as well as new entrants into our economy in the future. Why not burn RBW? Nat s

Pet Hatching and Selling

The Hatchery can be found in the East Marketplace. The day has come! The Hatchery will be open for business at 7PM EDT, and Jarek is eager to help you hatch all those blue and grey eggs! While currently only these two colors are available to hatch, the process will remain the same for all eggs in the future. When you pay a visit to Jarek in the East Marketplace and enter the Hatchery, you will be given two options: Incubate Eggs and Pet Catalog. The Pet Catalog can also be viewed

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