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The Sandbox Belonging Week




Celebrate your uniqueness and differences during The Sandbox Belonging Week.

Create your avatar, join the metaverse and represent your inner self! Starting June 24th, we are proud to welcome users to The Sandbox Belonging week.


Dive into 3 LANDs of inclusivity:

  • Find a safe and inclusive place in Metapride

METAPRIDE LAND is the gay village of the metaverse that will provide access, support, and community for all. Join and celebrate your true self with friends, allies, and the global LGBTQIA+ community. A safe space within the metaverse where you can be LOUD AND PROUD.

  • Celebrate Web3 art in the World of Women Museum

With inclusivity at the core of their mission, World of Women presents a breathtaking exhibit showcasing outstanding Web3 artwork. Built in partnership with Nabiya, explore the collection and discover new artists with this technical marvel inside The Sandbox.

  • Join the parade in The Valley of Belonging

People of Crypto presents a game that highlights IRL cultural experiences amongst underrepresented communities in Web3. Take part in the Pride Parade to build a space where people can celebrate their uniqueness and differences.

Social Contests

From June 24th to July 3rd, there will be some new contests on the Events & Contests page. Get ready to win some very special prizes …

1*Gj6_urTRBiyu1Bxn-bwDUA.png1*7MNJlIC2SQZQLDkCRaYoIQ.png1*fRC7FQxfQlqkeL9V4w5h9A.png0*5jVzPm79XPbnhx8U50 Copies of The Belonging Crown0*5CB3Ikpu4Qv73I0w50 Copies of The Progress Flag

50 Avatars from the People of Crypto collection


We will announce each contest on our Twitter, keep an eye out!

Join the big Raffle

If you participate to all 3 contests, you automatically enter the big Belonging week Raffle ! The total $SAND prize is 500 000 $SAND, 1000 personne will be selected to win 500$SAND.

Get the Memorabilia

People that completed all 3 contests will automatically receive the Belonging Week Memorabilia. It is not an NFT, it’s a Badge on your profile that will grant you some benefits in the future…


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