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This event began 03/23/2022 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

AxieChat is a weekly podcast featuring Axie OG’s Baronar and Enjoi. They keep up on both Team and Community news, as well as economic discussions from around the metaverse.

Live Stream @ 8pm EST on Tuesdays: https://www.twitch.tv/axiechatofficial

Recap can be found on all podcast providers.

This event began 03/22/2022 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

Join Zyori every week as he speaks with different community members and discusses current events in Axie Infinity – https://www.twitch.tv/AxieInfinity

This event begins 04/13/2022 and repeats every week on Wednesday forever

Come join the Splinterlands team for their weekly Town Hall! The team will cover upcoming events, releases, noteworthy items and answer community questions. We look forward to seeing you there! https://discord.gg/tURSsRt46R

This event began 03/23/2022 and repeats every week on Wednesday forever

The Atlas Brew is a new Star Atlas Community Event. Made by the community, for the community   
It happens every Wednesday in the Discords Voice Chat channel – https://discord.gg/staratlas
In these events we will talk about different Star Atlas topics that the community will decide beforehand on 🍻the-atlas-brew channel, as well as theorycrafting and even helping newcomers who need a little bit of guidance in the Star Atlas Metaverse 
See you on Wednesday at 2200 UTC!


This event begins 03/27/2022 and repeats every 7 weeks on Sunday forever

📯Metaverse Nomads is a collective community of NFT gaming enthusiasts interested in investing and building along side communities and projects we like.

 “Will these projects last the test of time? Does any one of these projects have all the answers? Will they all crash and burn and Ponzi us all to financial ruin?” Stick around to find out! 

Our purpose is to engage in play and earn games with a mind towards having fun, building relationships, compounding value as a team, and keeping up with the crypto/web3 gaming space as a whole. 

Within the Metatverse Nomads ecosystem, you can engage with the Metaverse Nomads Podcast, Our Star Atlas Guild ROME
at https://gorome.ioand many other NFT games The Metaverse Nomads and The Citizens of ROME have an interest in. 

Come join us. The brothel waters are warm 📯


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