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In 2021, Blockchain Gaming swept the world. Tokenized assets (both NFT, and digital currencies) were a new phenomenon begging for product/market fit, and found it within a niche ripe for disruption. Previously, gamers traded their time and money for entertainment, but now new startups were moving the hurdle of money over to the reward side of the equation. Vast communities in Asia, India, South America embraced this idea, many earning more than their full time jobs by playing games a few hours a day. 

This idea picked up steam in 2021 as large investors made their way into the space, but it actually started years prior. Now, half a decade into the movement, we believe the evolution of in-game economies and tokenized gaming (play to earn, play & earn, etc) is only just getting started. Adoption, and understanding from the broader gaming community, will happen but not without A LOT of education. This is where Blockchain Arcade steps in. 

There is fragmentation in this space on a grand scale.

  • Education occurs in black box ecosystems like Discord and Telegram, conversations lost to new users, and to those searching for answers. Once questions find their resolutions, they become lost to the large majority.
  • Game studios fight for attention and users. The user bases tend to become cult-like due to investments made and winner-take-all mentality, and this scares away new participants from the ecosystem. Content created is hoarded.
  • Over 400 blockchain integrated games have been started so far. We see this number increasing exponentially. Its already hard to stay on top of news and information about the games you follow, never mind adding more to the mix. The above issues are compounded.
  • Tokenization of many assets across many games WILL add information bloat that current resources both web2 and web3 alike are not prepared for.


Many may wonder why we are starting a very web2 platform for what seems to be a web3 problem. Its simple – users, and curation of good content in an easily accessible form are the immediate answers to the problems above. Web3 elements ARE coming, but they don’t mean much without the proper educational resources.

What do we need immediately?

  • Connections to Blockchain Game Team Members. We want to give control and authority to the people who care about their games the most. (another post will be coming about tools given to team members to give them better oversight over their game)
  • Content Creators. Article writers, Youtubers, people who just care about the games they love and want to see them succeed.
  • Users! Activity brings activity. Please, if nothing else,  consider just registering (top right corner). More users following their favorite games is a vote for them and a vote for us.
  • Reach out to @enjoi or @baronar for any additional info.


We see a bright future, where we build together.

Welcome to the Arcade.

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