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The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum Blockchain.






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  2. Discover unknown bugs, get rewarded! Let’s keep the Sandbox metaverse secured. The Sandbox is launching a new program to ensure our ecosystem is as safe as it can be. The Bug bounty program will launch on July 5th, 2022. Read on to learn how you can submit a bug detected on one of our smart contracts. TLDR; The Sandbox Bug Bounty Program is launching on July 5th, 2022. You can report bugs and be rewarded on the Immunefi platform: https://immunefi.com/bounty/thesandbox/. Rewards are based on the severity of the bug detected. Background When building an ecosystem as complex as The Sandbox, having safe and secure tokens is always of the utmost importance. The Sandbox has been investing a lot of time and money to audit and secure our smart contracts. As of early 2022 we have doubled our efforts and are now conducting two different audits ran by two separate companies on our smart contracts before they go live. On top of that, we now want to involve our community in the process and reward them accordingly for their dedication. The bounty program consists in involving the community and rewarding them for reporting bugs on our smart contracts already in production. How do I submit a bug? If you’ve found a bug, you can submit it on the Immunefi platform: https://immunefi.com/bounty/thesandbox/. Upon submission, the team will investigate the bug, try to replicate it. If it is attested that it is an unknown bug, the team will issue you your rewards. The amount awarded will be distributed according to the severity level and based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System V2.2. How do I know if my bug is eligible to claim my rewards? When submitting a bug report, it will be time-stamped on the blockchain and only the first valid submission will be rewarded. Bug reports covering previously-discovered bugs (audits, or specified in the Immunefi bounty page) are not eligible for the program. Meaning that if two or more people submit the same bug, only the first person to report it will be eligible to claim its rewards. Any bug already specified on the bounty page will also not be eligible for rewards. All bug reports must come with a PoC with an end-effect impacting an asset-in-scope in order to be considered for a reward. You will be required to complete a KYC mechanism to claim the rewards (paid in SAND). All the detailed rules are available on the Immunefi page: https://immunefi.com/bounty/thesandbox/ What are the rewards ? The rewards are offered depending on the severity of the bug reported. There are four levels of bugs that can be reported: low, medium, high and critical. Critical Up to 200,000 USD (paid in SAND) High Up to 20,000 USD (paid in SAND) Medium 2,000 USD (paid in SAND) Low 1,000 USD (paid in SAND) Let’s continue to strive for a safer and more secure ecosystem for our community. The Sandbox Bug Bounty Program was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  3. The Sandbox has reached another key milestone in its 2022 roadmap with the successful migration of its smart contract on Polygon Layer 2. The Sandbox is marking a change in most of its ecosystem. The deployment and bridge of our LAND and SAND tokens will help us develop a cheaper and overall greener ecosystem with more features. Read on to learn more about what this move entails. TLDR; LAND deployed on Polygon — 0x9d305a42A3975Ee4c1C57555BeD5919889DCE63F Bridge for LAND (Polygon) — 0xCd1C7C85113b16A5B9e09576112d162281b5F860 Bridge for LAND (Ethereum) — 0x03c545163bd114D756c65DDA1D97D37b89dA2236 Handle all your The Sandbox tokens on the same page : https://sandbox.game/en/me/bridge Each LAND bridged grants a 10 mSAND cashback on Polygon Enabling back LAND multiplier on mSAND staking and mSAND-MATIC staking Next LAND sales on Polygon Next LAND staking features on Polygon ASSET will be the next deployed and bridged token, open ASSET minting will be deployed on Polygon ESTATE creation and modification on Polygon EXPERIENCES will happen on Polygon too For support head to Discord For detailed how-to head to Gitbook Both LAND and SAND are now fully supported on Polygon’s network and you will be able to interact with all of your Sandbox tokens in a single place: https://sandbox.game/en/me/bridge. The Sandbox Bridge The contract address for LAND on Polygon: 0x9d305a42A3975Ee4c1C57555BeD5919889DCE63F The contract address for SAND on Polygon: 0xBbba073C31bF03b8ACf7c28EF0738DeCF3695683 The bridge for LAND on both sides (Ethereum and Polygon) : Ethereum — 0xCd1C7C85113b16A5B9e09576112d162281b5F860 Polygon — 0x03c545163bd114D756c65DDA1D97D37b89dA2236 Now that we have initiated the deployment and bridge of our ecosystem on Polygon’s network you will be able to benefit from being greener and more efficient, getting faster speed, paying lower gas fees, the return of LAND multipliers on our staking programs, and much more! If you’re not familiar with the concept of bridging, you can get up to speed here. Here are a few of the features you will be able to enjoy: Staking The bridge of LAND to Polygon will unlock a 15% LAND contribution multiplier on the SAND-MATIC and SAND staking programs. This means if you stake 1,000 SAND, you’ll have a 1.15X multiplier, counting your SAND as 1,150 for share calculation. LAND owners will once again be able to earn more rewards on their staked SAND thanks to the amount of LAND they own on Polygon. We will update the staking program to include the contribution during the next deposit on the staking pool, so keep an eye out. All future LAND staking features will be developed solely on Polygon. Cashback To encourage the migration and lighten gas costs, we are allocating 1M $SAND through a cashback mechanism. LAND owners will be able to claim a 10 mSAND cashback per LAND migrated for the first time on Polygon. What’s Next ASSET Token The ASSET token will be the next The Sandbox token to be deployed and bridged — this is scheduled for July 2022. Keep an eye out for more details on this new deployment and bridge. LAND Sales From this point on, every LAND sale that we will host, will occur on the Polygon network. Hosting the LAND sales on Layer 2 will lower gas fees for each transaction and offer seamless gasless systems through Biconomy. Thanks to the combination of our upcoming raffle system and gasless fees we aim at providing a less frustrating buying experience for our future LAND sales while giving more people a chance to participate. ESTATEs ESTATE creation and modification will also be implemented on Polygon. This will be a big step in the right direction, giving users the opportunity to merge their LANDs to create a bigger space to publish their EXPERIENCEs. EXPERIENCE Experience publishing will be one of the major next step on our roadmap. This would give creators the opportunity to publish their experiences on their LAND using the Polygon network. As we near the launch, we will share more details on this feature. Bridge Tutorials Bridge your LAND from Ethereum to Polygon: https://sandboxgame.gitbook.io/the-sandbox/the-sandbox-polygon-bridge/bridge-your-tokens-from-ethereum-to-polygon/for-land Bridge your SAND from Ethereum to Polygon: https://sandboxgame.gitbook.io/the-sandbox/the-sandbox-polygon-bridge/bridge-your-tokens-from-ethereum-to-polygon/for-sand Bridge your LAND from Polygon to Ethereum: https://sandboxgame.gitbook.io/the-sandbox/the-sandbox-polygon-bridge/withdraw-your-tokens-from-polygon-to-ethereum/for-land Bridge your SAND from Polygon to Ethereum: https://sandboxgame.gitbook.io/the-sandbox/the-sandbox-polygon-bridge/withdraw-your-tokens-from-polygon-to-ethereum/for-sand The Sandbox is deploying on Polygon was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  4. The Valley of Belonging is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox’s Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this incredibly beautiful and diverse experience that is exclusive to The Sandbox metaverse. The Valley of Belonging is one of the most diverse experiences in the metaverse. A safe place for everybody of all backgrounds and identities. The Sandbox is extremely proud to be a supporter of Pride, diversity, and freedom of identity & expression. About The Valley of Belonging Experience The Valley of Belonging is developed by Hermit Crab Game Studio in partnership with People of Crypto, a creative and innovation lab dedicated to increasing diversity, participation, and representation in the metaverse. This experience takes place in a valley where equal is different, hate doesn’t have any place, and empathy is the new “good morning”. The Valley of Belonging is a diverse community that aims to embrace every single ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. https://medium.com/media/cab44fc8a2eb707dcc85fe6bdd3dd298/href Evelyn is the mayor of the valley’s city, where she and citizens from all backgrounds, including the drag queens, work very hard together to build the valley into a space where people can be true to themselves, true to their essence, and express themselves freely. The player will help them to organise the Pride Parade. The Objectives Of The Experience The player arrives at The Valley of Belonging and discovers that they are going to be hosting a Pride Parade very soon. The player then helps organise the Pride Parade, by completing tasks given to them by Mayor Evelyn, Trinity, Finn, and some of the drag queens. There are 25 collectible items that the player can find and collect. There are also four major points of interest, and the player can help with the decoration of the city for the event, which changes right in front of their eyes. In The Valley of Belonging, you will get to know the valley, explore beautiful places, meet beautiful diverse characters, meet the community, and, most importantly, learn more about diversity. A Safe Place In The Metaverse “The player will enjoy The Valley of Belonging because it’s a safe space that welcomes and celebrates everyone and their ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identifications. This experience aims to make a movement of change in a space where some people are misrepresented and/or not represented at all, making everyone feel like they belong in the metaverse. The land is colourful, fun and full of energy, with a unique pink lake, a Pride Parade on the clouds, a rainbow path to guide the player, a parkour area, a playroom, and a giant monument to celebrate LGBTQIA+, people of colour, and disabled communities.” — Hermit Crab Game Studio KimChi, Asia O’Hara, and NYX Cosmetics Amongst other characters, The Valley of Belonging features two NPCs who are based on the real-world drag queens KimChi and Asia O’Hara, which are two names whom many people may recognise from the hit reality TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Their visual and narrative concepts were recreated in the experience through real-life research of their personas and styles. The project has also worked with NYX Cosmetics, which is again another well-known and heavily featured partner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. NYX Cosmetics, with the “Paint Your Own Story” campaign, is the first cosmetics brand to integrate into The Sandbox and inspires people to freely express themselves through makeup. Gallery Let’s take a little peek inside The Valley of Belonging experience. The gorgeous Valley of Belonging world. Click images to enlarge.Follow the valley’s Rainbow Road. Click images to enlarge.Meet some amazing people. Click images to enlarge. About The Creator The Valley of Belonging is designed and developed by Hermit Crab Game Studio, which is based in Brazil, in partnership with People of Crypto. Here’s what they had to say. “We are Hermit Crab Game Studio, from Brazil, and we specialise in the production and development of games and digital experiences. We work with sport-themed mobile games for the biggest football clubs in Europe, as well as with publishing of more than 120 projects from 40 different studios. We recently partnered with The Sandbox to develop experiences in the metaverse using the Game Maker and VoxEdit. It’s very exciting to be part of this new era of game development, and our highly qualified team has been working with the software and continuously discovering new ways to make the best experience for the players. We most enjoyed creating a fun and beautiful space to welcome everyone, creating a story of pride and the characters to live it. It was really gratifying to work in a project guided by diversity and representation, that celebrates love and the right to be who you are. It was challenging to accept that we wouldn’t be able to represent everyone in the time we had for development, but this will be something we will always be working to increase representation in next seasons. The Sandbox Game Maker and VoxEdit software are beginner friendly and very easy to get used to. The Game Maker is a very practical software that allows you to build levels and mechanics in a very short time. And VoxEdit makes it possible to work in a very convenient way with other software, like MagicaVoxel.” Follow Hermit Crab Game Studio & People of Crypto Hermit Crab Game Studio on Twitter People of Crypto on Twitter Hermit Crab Studio Website People of Crypto Website #MetaPride Article: People of Crypto Colours of Diversity NFT Collection Article: People of Crypto Lab (POC) and The Sandbox to debut the first diversity, equality, and inclusivity hub in the metaverse More Projects Take a look at some more of the projects that are supported by the Game Maker Fund: Game Maker Fund Projects | The Sandbox Knowledge Base. Are you an aspiring game designer? Or perhaps an established studio looking for an entry into the metaverse? Learn more about the Game Maker Fund: The Game Maker Fund | The Sandbox Knowledge Base. Join & follow The Sandbox: Website | Twitter | Discord Game Maker Fund Presents: The Valley of Belonging was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  5. Celebrate your uniqueness and differences during The Sandbox Belonging Week. Create your avatar, join the metaverse and represent your inner self! Starting June 24th, we are proud to welcome users to The Sandbox Belonging week. Dive into 3 LANDs of inclusivity: Find a safe and inclusive place in Metapride METAPRIDE LAND is the gay village of the metaverse that will provide access, support, and community for all. Join and celebrate your true self with friends, allies, and the global LGBTQIA+ community. A safe space within the metaverse where you can be LOUD AND PROUD. Celebrate Web3 art in the World of Women Museum With inclusivity at the core of their mission, World of Women presents a breathtaking exhibit showcasing outstanding Web3 artwork. Built in partnership with Nabiya, explore the collection and discover new artists with this technical marvel inside The Sandbox. Join the parade in The Valley of Belonging People of Crypto presents a game that highlights IRL cultural experiences amongst underrepresented communities in Web3. Take part in the Pride Parade to build a space where people can celebrate their uniqueness and differences. Social Contests From June 24th to July 3rd, there will be some new contests on the Events & Contests page. Get ready to win some very special prizes … 50 Copies of The Belonging Crown50 Copies of The Progress Flag 50 Avatars from the People of Crypto collection We will announce each contest on our Twitter, keep an eye out! Join the big Raffle If you participate to all 3 contests, you automatically enter the big Belonging week Raffle ! The total $SAND prize is 500 000 $SAND, 1000 personne will be selected to win 500$SAND. Get the Memorabilia People that completed all 3 contests will automatically receive the Belonging Week Memorabilia. It is not an NFT, it’s a Badge on your profile that will grant you some benefits in the future… The Sandbox Belonging Week was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  6. About Nosy In The Wild Nosy in the Wild is a digital art experience that was designed in The Sandbox by visual artist Valentina Loffredo. The experience expands her wider project, “Nosy”, on the global issue of privacy in the digital age. The digital art experience was supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund. Minimal, playful and eye-catching, the world presented in Nosy in the Wild captures our attention and invites us to explore every side of it. But we are not alone: surreal and uncanny noses are all around and a question arises: “Who’s watching who?” While engaging into this exciting exploration, we realise that we too are under intense scrutiny. Those noses are not only playful and surreal elements but also symbols of surveillance tools. Nosy, the project Nosy in the Wild belongs to, is a multimedia project that includes photographs, sculptures, installations, street interventions, handmade artist books and now a digital art experience. https://medium.com/media/f7111d82a14c698c0c3a2cdf27b0596c/href The Exhibition Salone del Mobile is an annual event that runs in Milan. During this prestigious event, Valentina Loffredo’s art, including her Game Maker Fund supported digital experience, Nosy in the Wild, will be featured in an exhibition that is curated by Chippendale Studio, which runs between the 6th June and the 10th July. Details of the exhibitionThe Nosy In the Wild experience featured at the exhibition Other pieces of Valentina Loffredo’s art can also be found at the exhibition. The Game Maker Fund The Game Maker Fund massively congratulates Valentina Loffredo on the success of her art and the exhibition in Milan. The Game Maker Fund is an initiative that funds unique, fantastic game and other digital metaverse experiences (including digital art galleries). Aside from funding, it also provides other support to these experiences, such as with game design tools, quality assurance, and marketing, amongst others. Whether you are a solo creator, a team of aspiring game designers, or even an established studio looking for an entry into the metaverse, we’re excited to hear your pitches for new metaverse games and experiences. Are you going to be featured in an exhibition next? Learn more about the Game Maker Fund on The Sandbox’s knowledge base by clicking here. Visit the Game Maker Fund website by clicking here. Learn More & Follow Read about Nosy In The Wild on The Sandbox’s Knowledge Base. Read more about Nosy In The Wild on The Sandbox’s Medium. Follow Valentina Loffredo on Twitter and on Instagram. Follow both the Game Maker Fund and The Sandbox on Twitter. Join & follow The Sandbox: Website | Twitter | Discord Game Maker Fund Experience, “Nosy In The Wild”, Featured In Milan Exhibition was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  7. The Sandbox will bring two art exhibits curated by MoCDA into its metaverse in the months of June and July. The Sandbox is collaborating with The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) a museum platform that seeks to support the many different facets of digital art and exhibits a comprehensive selection of the most representative artworks of the digital art movement, from the pioneers of the mid-20th century to the contemporary digital artists that continue to evolve and adapt alongside new technological developments. Two exhibitions, curated by MoCDA, will be showcased in The Sandbox Metaverse across June and July. We are thrilled to welcome them into our ecosystem! Details below: “Revisiting the Future: What will come as dreamed by digital artists” Curator: Filippo Lorenzin June 10th — June 24th - Cyborg life — New architecture for a new world — Nostalgia for the future — New pleasures — Waiting for ruins by virtue of their special sensibilities, artists have traditionally played an important role in society. They are able to observe the contexts in which they live as a means of projecting themselves forward in time; thus, their works act as windows onto contemporary reality as well as portals through which we can glimpse future possibilities. One of the most interesting dynamics of this phenomenon is the influence of artists’ works on the creation and development of our tomorrow. The ideas of artists and authors from our past often drive present day engineers and scientists to develop and design machinery and environments for the future. In short, the vision of the dreamer today becomes the inspiration for the future tomorrow, creating a beeline between forecasting and implementation. “Revisiting the Future: What will come as dreamed by digital artists” will investigate how the future development of society, technology and art itself can be shaped by artists in our age. Yam Karkai World of Women Galaxy #1198 “Impossible Worlds” Curator: Tom Van Avermaet June 24th — July 8th For the artists featured in this exhibit the digital realm has provided a space to create their own realities and we invite you to discover the unique dreamlands that their imaginations have spawned. Catch a glimpse of surreal creatures hiding in rainbow forests and allow yourself to be hypnotized by the strange sights and sounds of alien worlds. This exhibit is an ode to artists that are world builders, those that like gods and goddesses with digital pencils, VR sculpting tools and AI paint brushes spawn unique universes that may or may not reflect our own. As Pablo Picasso once stated, ‘Everything you can imagine is real’, a message the artists featured have very much taken to heart. Come join their journey into the depth of distant stars or the infinity of human creativity. Featured Artists: Lumps, Jenni Pasanen, Giant Swan, Nicebleed and others Lumps Supermarket Dive into the first exhibition on June 10th at 2PM UTC. You can show us your favorite piece of art on Twitter for a chance to win 200 mSAND, participate here: https://sandbox.game/en/season/contests/ Annoucing MoCDA exhibitions in The Sandbox Metaverse was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  8. It’s claim time! Read on to know how you can get your May 2022 mSAND! In May 2022, The Sandbox is distributing 5M mSAND to its LAND Owners. The mSAND will be available on the Polygon network and is now claimable. Read on to learn the process. TLDR; 5M mSAND will be distributed to LAND owners on the Polygon network. Snapshot was taken on May 13, 2022, 00:00:05 UTC (Block 14764084). The claim opens on May 31, 2022. The mSAND will be claimable through our your profile’s claim section: https://www.sandbox.game/en/me/claim. Who is eligible for this reward? Anyone that has been a LAND Owner as of May 13, 2022 at 00:00:05 (time of the snapshot — block 14764084) will be eligible for the reward. How is the $SAND amount calculated? The team has unlocked a total of 5M mSAND to be distributed among our community of LAND Owners. Depending on the tier (amount of LAND owned) the amount of mSAND to be received will vary. More details can be found in the distribution table below: How do I claim my reward? You can claim your mSAND as of the time of publishing (May 31st, 2022). To do so: Head over to The Sandbox claim section https://www.sandbox.game/en/me/claim. Click on the “Check your Claim” button. The amount you are eligible for has been automatically calculated based on the previous snapshot and will be highlighted. Click on “Start Claim Process”. Steps 3 and 4 are a recap of our LAND Owner roadmap for 2022. Click the thumbnails to read the Twitter thread. Click “Start Claim Process”. A pop-up prompt will be triggered within your wallet. Check the amount of MATIC required to claim and confirm the transaction. *You will be able to claim your mSAND regardless of if the LANDs are in a hot or cold wallet. *Click on this link to learn how to add the MATIC network to your wallet. You are done! A final page will confirm that your transaction has been validated and you can check your wallet, on the Polygon network, to see your mSAND. Once again we would like to thank all our LAND owners for being a pillar of our community. There is more to come in the coming weeks and months. Refer to our roadmap to catch a glimpse of it: https://medium.com/sandbox-game/land-owner-roadmap-2022-9eff20760d16. See you in The Sandbox Metaverse! LAND Owners, Claim your mSAND was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  9. For VIPs only If you’re part of the Doggies club, we have an event for you! During 4 weeks, Snoop Dogg avatar holders will be sharing a prize pool of 1M mSAND! How will it work ? Each week a new event will be added to The sandbox Contest page. Snoop Dogg Avatars owners are invited to spend time in a different experience each week and show off their avatar. All participants will be sharing the weekly prize of 250,000 mSAND. Week 1: 03/06 — Alpha Lobby Week 2: 10/06 — Rooftop a la mode Week 3: 17/06 — Meet at the Agora Week 4: 24/06 — Club XYZ I have a Snoop Dogg Avatar, how do I participate and win ? Connect to The Sandbox account holding your Snoop Dogg Avatar. Visit the dedicated experience (there will be a special logo on the map) and have fun! More details will be published on the contest page, so make sure to visit it regularly. Make sure you hold on to your Doggies until the snapshot is taken (snapshot will be done on the last day of each event). Is there a raffle? No raffle! If you meet all above requirements, you’ll be in line to get your rewards! See you soon in The Sandbox Metaverse! Earn SAND with the Doggies was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  10. The Sandbox utility token continues to proliferate on global exchanges Leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the world continue to add SAND, The Sandbox utility token, to their listings. We recently announced that Coincheck became the first Japanese exchange to list SAND, making it more easily accessible for Japanese users. Now we have another major announcement to reveal… Today, we’re pleased to share that SAND is now listed on Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by trading volume. Being listed on Coinbase increases access to SAND not just in the U.S. but in over 100 countries where Coinbase is active. Coinbase has approximately 98 million verified users worldwide. We’ll continue to share more news about SAND as it becomes available! About SAND SAND is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum and distributed in The Sandbox metaverse game world. The Sandbox is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and users can use SAND to participate in the game and purchase and create items. SAND will also serve as a governance token for future participation in the game operations of The Sandbox. About Coinbase Coinbase is building the cryptoeconomy — a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto. Coinbase started in 2012 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely send and receive Bitcoin. Today, Coinbase offers a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy. Approximately 98 million verified users, 13,000 institutions, and 230,000 ecosystem partners in over 100 countries use Coinbase to invest, spend, save, earn, and use crypto. Join our community Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSandboxGame Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSandboxGame/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/vAe4zvY Telegram: https://t.me/sandboxgame All channels: https://linktr.ee/sandbox SAND is now listed on Coinbase, the largest U.S. crypto exchange was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  11. We continue to bring value to our LAND Owners. Let’s kick off the second part of the year by recapping the support we have delivered to our LAND Owners in The Sandbox Open Metaverse so far — and look at the exciting new programs we are planning to execute over the rest of the year. TLDR; Roadmap 2022 for LAND Owner SAND airdrop to all LAND Owners CLAIM, STAKE, BUY, PLAY, BUILD, MIGRATE and…MEET. Discord AMA on May 20th at 3PM UTC Activated programs: with an hourglass along with their planned date. It’s important that we hear directly from LAND owners, and to further discuss all the programs, we will hold an AMA on May 20th at 3PM UTC. We look forward to speaking with you then. As a LAND Owner Discover some of the perks, past and present that are attached to being a LAND Owner on the Sandbox Metaverse: CLAIM 2.5M $SAND airdrop to LAND owners — January 2022 5M $SAND airdrop to LAND owners — May 2022 $SAND claim to celebrate the Metaverse’s 1,000th day based on LAND holding time — September 2022 STAKE Multiplier on SAND-ETH staking (Uniswap) — May 2020 Multiplier on SAND-MATIC staking (Quickswap) — May 2022 Multiplier on SAND staking (Layer 2) — May 2022 LAND owner exclusive $CATALYST and $GEM farming (Layer 2) — June 2022 LAND owner exclusive 10M $SAND farming (Layer 2) — July 2022 BUY More than 100,000 LAND acquired by over 20,000 LAND owners New partners  — May / June 2022 New sales system with a raffle and KYC for a fair and distributed process — September 2022 Upcoming LAND sale Ubisoft, Paris Hilton, Warner Music Group, Gucci — Q2/Q3 2022 PLAY Season 1 — Exclusive Rewards — November 2021 Season 2 — Earn more $SAND and Raffle Tickets — February 2022 Season 3 — Extra Raffle Tickets, increased rewards, special raffle for LAND Owners only, raffle bonus — July 2022 BUILD 35+ certified Builders community — June 2022 Create ESTATEs with your LANDs — Q3 2022 Publish experiences on your LAND — Q3 2022 Rent LANDs & ESTATEs — Q4 22 Premium LAND will unlock new assets and behaviors in the Game Maker — Q4 2022 MIGRATE Get access to all features on Polygon Layer 2 — June 2022 1M $SAND distributed in cashback on migrated LANDs — June 2022 MEET Organize exclusive IRL events with our LAND owners including brands, talents and more… Soon at www.nft.nyc  — June 2022 Organize and finance local Meetups — Q4 2022 Be a LAND owner; Own the future The Sandbox is the #1 metaverse with a strong community and a large, broadly distributed group of LAND owners. We aim to renew our efforts to empower the community and encourage creators to innovate, dare, and help us grow our metaverse culture together. Broad LAND Distribution LAND ownership is one the most equally distributed of any metaverse Plan to reach 50,000 LAND owners by 2023 Strong Community Currently have 2.5M registered wallets 500,000 active users 350,000 Season players 20,500 LAND owners 150,000 SAND holder Support for Creators Hosted 5 Game Jams in 2021 700,000 $SAND distributed to creators across the world in 2021 CLAIM Alongside offering LAND owners creative opportunities in 2022 with ASSET minting and EXPERIENCE publishing, we want to offer equally exciting economic opportunities to support their creativity. In May 2022, a 5M $SAND airdrop will be distributed. We want to reward our most faithful contributors and let them know we have their back In September 2022, an anniversary claim of $SAND based on LAND ownership duration is scheduled for the 1,000th day of the metaverse! Let’s celebrate this milestone together. STAKE We plan to make staking a steady and durable mechanism in our ecosystem that represents involvement, trust, and decision making. We believe that bringing a new and improved staking system with more flexibility will allow us to experiment with the community and find the best ways to involve everyone in a meaningful way. Staking multipliers will be back on Polygon Layer 2 for SAND and SAND-MATIC as soon as the deployment is complete. We will bring back the table from SAND-ETH. $GEM and $CATALYST farming will open in June 2022, allowing LAND owners to kickstart the creator economy. An exclusive 10M $SAND reward for LAND owners involving LAND staking will start in July 2022. This new system will require you to own LAND and sets a maximum of $SAND you can stake per LAND. This focuses on empowering LAND owners through a minimal $SAND stake. BUY After the distribution of over 100,000 LANDs to more than 20,000 LAND owners, we want to keep expanding our community in a fair and distributed manner. We are committed to improving the LAND buying experience by taking measures to exclude bots and improve the overall flow. Our goal remains to onboard as many LAND owners as possible to create a rich and diverse metaverse. We are working on a new sales system involving more security through KYC and fairer distribution via a raffle system to ensure we continue distributing LAND in a meaningful way. Details will be revealed in the next few months and will be implemented for the next LAND sales in September 2022. New partners keep flowing into the metaverse and we can’t wait for you to meet them all! We are also working very hard to deliver you the next upcoming LAND sale scheduled for 2022 Q2/Q3 with amazing partners like @Ubisoft @ParisHilton @warnermusic @gucci PLAY With more than 350,000 players and 10M $SAND rewards distributed, Season 2 proved to be a success for the community. We heard your feedback, and we are continually adjusting to find the perfect balance when it comes to play and earn. For Season 3 in July 2022, LAND owners will be granted additional perks and rewards. More $SAND rewards for owning LAND Extra raffle tickets for each LAND owned without capping An exclusive raffle for LAND owners BUILD As we introduce the next steps to build the metaverse, we hope to stimulate a healthy circular economy and create new jobs and activities in the metaverse. Being an architect, a designer, a speaker, an event planner, a real estate developer, and more will become possible with the right tools. We kickstarted a certified builders community to curate the best content creators and connect them with LAND owners in need of someone to share their vision and help them bring it to life. This community now has 35+ members and will keep growing through 2022! Custom ESTATE creation is coming in Q3 2022. We want to make it as flexible as possible to let LAND owners carve out their own space in the metaverse. The Game Maker has witnessed a lot of creativity during our game jams and various contests. In Q3 2022, we want to empower users to flesh out what they want to build in the metaverse. The EXPERIENCE token will confirm that vision and let creators mint and trade their creations. By decoupling EXPERIENCE and LAND as separate tokens, we hope to foster creativity by letting everyone who wants to do so create their own EXPERIENCE. LAND remains the pillar on which EXPERIENCE needs to be hosted, but anyone can become a creator and monetize their talent. Through LAND and ESTATE renting, we hope to boost a healthy creator economy, where creators and owners can offer the best content possible through various possibilities and agreements. The Game Maker is a place for creativity but also a place for communities to build together. In the past, premium LANDs have been distributed around some of our partners, and they represent a foothold into their respective universes. We want to empower premium LAND owners through exclusive ASSETs and behaviors unlocked in the Game Maker. MIGRATE We believe full Layer 2 Polygon support is a game changer that makes The Sandbox cheaper, greener, and more energy efficient, benefiting players, creators, and the environment. With the ability to significantly lower gas fees and offer seamless gasless systems, we will be able to experiment even further with game mechanics, token interactions, and play and earn possibilities. LAND and ASSET are joining SAND on Polygon Layer 2 in June 2022. To encourage the migration and lighten the gas cost, a cashback of 10 $SAND per LAND migrated can be claimed on Polygon for a total of over 1M $SAND allocated toward this important milestone for our ecosystem. MEET As our community grows in the metaverse, it also pushes boundaries in the physical world! We want to champion our communities and offer an opportunity to connect LAND owners, creators, innovators, and players together. That’s the very purpose of The Sandbox as a platform to connect and exchange. Our goal is to provide places of discussion and exchange where we will nurture our special bond and relationship. We will keep showing up at major events and also schedule gatherings across the world for our communities. Our next stop to meet you is at NFT.nyc in June 2022. More exclusive events for LAND owners and certified builders are planned for the future. Join our community https://linktr.ee/sandbox LAND Owner Roadmap 2022 was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  12. Keeping The Sandbox Fair for All Players by Removing CheatsTL;DR All bot and programmatic actions are prohibited in The SandboxCreating multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning is prohibitedWe’ve identified and banned users trying to exploit the system, and these users were not eligible for the Season 2 Alpha Pass RaffleAnyone who thinks their account was banned by mistake can file a report that we’ll investigateWe’ll continue improving our security measures to ensure a fair play-to-earn experience for everyoneAt The Sandbox, we take play-to-earn very seriously. We want players to be able to earn rewards by playing — this is one of the benefits of being part of the metaverse. To reward our players, we need to ensure that the game is secure so that “cheat-to-earn” is not a possibility. The Season 2 Alpha Pass was the primary reward for all S2 players. To protect the value of an Alpha Pass for every player who fulfilled their gameplay goals, we implemented measures against bots, cheaters, and bad actors that attempted to exploit the system to get more chances of winning a Season 2 Alpha Pass. As the number of players in The Sandbox grows, the number of attempts to find loopholes in our security system also increases. The good news is that these attempts help to strengthen our security. Through the “help” of over 60K would-be hackers, we identified several tactics bad actors were using to game Alpha Season 2: Using bots to create multiple accountsThrough an API vulnerability, some users completed the full season from level 1 to level 5 in a few minutes — we know there are great players, but no one’s that good!An additional strategy that we’re still investigating.Players come first in The Sandbox, and it’s to protect players that we have banned the accounts of users found to have used cheats and bots. If your account was banned and you believe your account doesn’t meet any of the above criteria and was banned incorrectly, please file a report using the following form and we’ll look into it: https://forms.gle/Wq28Z729r49ZQf688. We’ll continue working to monitor the system and implement new safety measures. We will also use the investigation we just completed and the measures we took to improve our systems in the upcoming seasons, so please stay tuned. Until then, we’ll see you in The Sandbox metaverse! Join The Sandbox CommunityOur Discord community is a great place to discuss all things related to The Sandbox with other players and creators. We also offer a private live support ticket system there (timezone dependent) should you have any queries. And there are feedback channels where you can share feedback, ideas and bugs with The Sandbox’s developers. Join the community today: https://discord.gg/thesandboxgame The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Security Update was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  13. A new LAND sale is launching on April 28th at 1PM UTC around Mega City, a new cool neighbourhood in The Sandbox Metaverse. Welcome to Mega City 2, the latest expansion of The Sandbox map. The soul of the Mega City neighborhood has always been its people. Following the success of Mega City 1, The Sandbox continues to bring in the city’s talents to the cultural hub with the expansion of the Mega City project into its second phase. The new entrants include Ocean Park, Standard Chartered, Regal Hotels Group, Tatler Asia, EVI, Brinc, MADworld, Gameone, Chord Hero, Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture, and UFO School. These represent the finest in the industries of tourism, hospitality, culture, media, education, banking, investment, music, and entertainment, enabling The Sandbox to build a culturally vibrant community that represents the city. To know more, go here: https://register.sandbox.game/megacity2 https://medium.com/media/ed9a4a46f4d00ebbc559b671ebc8ba24/href Key numbers Yup, you read right, 38 regular LANDs will be put up for auction on OpenSea. They’ll appear as white squares on the map. The Premium NFTs Left: Ocean Park 45th Anniversary | Right: Toy poodle Ocean Park: Ocean Park 45th Anniversary — Ocean Park marks its 45th anniversary milestone by landing in the metaverse! Fasten your virtual seatbelt to embark on an extraordinary journey of unlimited fun and meet other fans! Regal Hotels Group: Toy poodle — This adorable and energetic doggy loves going for relaxing walks immersed in the natural wonders of MetaGreen! Left: CLAVI | Right: Billy Tatler Asia: CLAVI — Who knows what surprises and unexpected secret spots the lucky few owners of this gold and sapphire key can unlock in The Sandbox and beyond! Billy — Your friendly robot-in-disguise that will introduce you to the EVILand! Left: UNICO | Right: MECHADUCK Brinc: UNICO — This legendary Unicorn travels through The Sandbox and beyond, recruiting and empowering the next generation of game-changing entrepreneurs, helping them bring their unique ideas to life. MADWorld: MECHADUCK — When a plan was hatched, the MECHADUCKS went into mass production to track asteroids across Ducktopia and neutralize their Canardium remains… Left: GO Meow | Right: CHERO Gameone: GO Meow — Gameone’s most beloved mascot GO Meow voxelized itself to bring players the best gaming experiences in the metaverse! ChordHero: CHERO — Twang! This ukulele-holding monster is your trustiest teacher to learn music in a fun and easy way. Left: POST NO BILLS | Right: UFO STEAM Academy Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture: POST NO BILLS — The traffic signal controller with the signature calligraphy of the late King of Kowloon is now recreated in the metaverse! UFO School: UFO STEAM Academy — Beam yourself up to this educational UFO and learn everything about science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths! ESTATEs All of the auctions for this LANDs will be accessed through these links: Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 12x12 Estate L [120,192] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 6x6 Estate M [128,186] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 6x6 Estate M [108,180] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 3x3 Estate S [120,189] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 3x3 Estate S [111,198] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 3x3 Estate S [120,180] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 3x3 Estate S [117,198] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 3x3 Estate S [111,189] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 3x3 Estate S [108,186] Mega City 2 LAND Sale — 3x3 Estate S [123,183] The Partners Ocean Park, one of Asia’s most dynamic leisure and resort destinations, plays an iconic role in Hong Kong’s cultural and entertainment landscape. As Ocean Park celebrates its 45th anniversary, it is transforming itself in many innovative ways. The partnership with The Sandbox is one of the latest initiatives that the Park has embarked on to embrace the future of entertainment. In a strategic move for the brand, this partnership empowers the Park to develop immersive experiences, events and products in formats never before seen. It will also bring to life brand new virtual gaming experiences like missions, explorations, and animal interactions, guiding visitors to explore Ocean Park from a new perspective while offering unprecedented enjoyment with endless creativity. Furthermore, it will provide a fresh opportunity for fans to revisit the discontinued attractions that they miss. A series of exclusive NFTs of Ocean Park’s most iconic symbols will also be issued. Standard Chartered is a leading international banking group with a presence in 59 of the world’s most dynamic markets and serving clients in a further 83. SC Ventures, a platform and catalyst for Standard Chartered to promote innovation, invest in disruptive financial technology and explore alternative business models, has been driving the group’s entrance into the metaverse and its exploration of future Web 3.0 opportunities. The virtual land will be developed with a goal of experimenting and building new experiences for clients and the community in the metaverse utilizing Web 3.0 technology. Standard Chartered will be doing this with its partners, including clients, the community they have built through SC Ventures Fintech Bridge, other stakeholders and the Bank’s own team. As part of Mega City 2, Standard Chartered will focus on a number of use cases that bring the Hong Kong experience to The Sandbox. The team is excited to be a part of this ecosystem and looks forward to collaborating with other institutions. Regal Hotels Group, one of Hong Kong’s largest hotel operators, is pleased to announce MetaGreen, the first green metropolis in The Sandbox metaverse. With a view to inspiring people to achieve carbon net zero by 2050, MetaGreen promotes sustainable living and long-term decarbonization by incentivizing the adoption of eco-friendly behavior and green consumption choices in everyday life. Immersive play-to-earn experiences that provide a bridge between virtual gaming and the real world and NFT assets will be utilized as rewards to engage The Sandbox users in this environmental ‘edutainment’ model. MetaGreen will feature a thriving ecosystem of six unique and interactive districts, including a futuristic ‘net zero’ hotel and residence showcasing the latest sustainable ‘proptech’, metaverse convention center, shopping mall with a bank and retail store, virtual classroom offering a university-designed environmental curriculum for secondary students, online-to-offline biosphere activities and a green art gallery. Acutely aware of the environmental impact of proof-of-work protocols, MetaGreen has specifically chosen to partner with The Sandbox, due to its current migration to the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain and carbon offset pledges. Likewise, MetaGreen has already purchased more than double the carbon credits necessary to reverse its limited Ethereum emissions thus far. For more information, please visit http://www.metagreen.city. Tatler Asia, the leading luxury media group behind Asia’s most iconic magazines, digital media and experiences, will shape the future of luxury in The Sandbox through exclusive experiences in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious brand partners. Tatler will bring the best of culture, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle to The Sandbox (including the first ever ball in the metaverse in partnership with M+ museum), and the Gen.T summit, which brings together the young leaders shaping Asia’s future. EVI Services Limited (EVI), a Hong Kong-based education and information technology company providing learning and teaching support to the education community through physical classrooms and online platforms for primary schools, kindergartens, parents and students in Hong Kong and China. Metaverse Entertainment Limited, a company focusing on movie production, movie distribution and artists management will together build EVIland, an education and entertainment metaverse hub, in The Sandbox. EVIland will indulge players with educational and entertaining experiences through a virtual library, an exhibition hall showcasing digital arts and works created by players, environments to host classes and competition events for school and students and an occupational role-playing game. Metaverse Entertainment Limited will bring immersive entertainment experiences to EVIland by providing metaverse cinema, concerts and imaginative games. Exclusive NFT private passes will give access to unique experiences that will take place at EVIland. Brinc, a leading global venture accelerator founded on a sustainability mandate, has extended its support for game changers through the development of a shark-tank type of experience in The Sandbox. Aiming to educate, entertain and inspire all in the metaverse, the “Brinc Cosmos” will be a live ideation, pitch stage and future world. Startup founders and project leaders will be able to connect with an audience of live judges to display and demonstrate their Web 3.0 businesses across key categories of Arts & Culture, Blockchain, Digital Entertainment, Food Technology, Climate Change, and many more. The “Brinc Cosmos” will promote teams backed by the global venture accelerator — as well as curated entrants — and teach how Web 3.0 can play a key role in sustainability and climate change. Judges, mentors and visitors will be offered exclusive rewards such as tokens and NFTs for active participation through voting, engagement and game play. Founders on the Pitch Stage will gain necessary exposure and a chance to secure investment. In January 2022, Brinc and The Sandbox announced The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator with US$50 million committed to 100 startups enhancing the open metaverse. The program’s most recent callout received more than 800 startup applications within the first month. MADworld, a venture backed by Animoca Brands, is dedicated to bringing the best of global culture to Web 3.0. MADworlduses Web 3.0 technologies to promote its mission of delivering Connectedness, Culture and Community to the masses. In partnering with The Sandbox Mega City 2 project, MADworld will create a one-of-a-kind, cohesive approach to tie together gaming experiences with this global phenomenon. Gameone is a well-established game company based in Hong Kong which has developed and published many popular games. Gameone will create a unique interactive experience and bring its games into The Sandbox, creating a metaverse called Gameone City. Forming the innovation hub for Mega City 2, Gameone City will provide both unique and familiar experiences including a modern Hong Kong Pavilion, Wuxia costume city, and ACG sci-fi paradise. Gameone City will offer a new vision of fantasy adventure that extends from the ancient world to the future. Chord Hero is a startup that specializes in making music learning fun and affordable for everyone by using gamification and technology. Its do-it-yourself Maker Ukulele Set combines STEAM, art, gamified music education, and environmentalism in one product that has brought fun and affordable music learning to families and schools worldwide. Now, Chord Hero is bringing its expertise in gamified music education to Mega City 2 on The Sandbox. Its first project is an exhibition venue to showcase and sell NFTs of digitized ukuleles painted by students offline. The initiative encourages students, parents, and educators to experience the metaverse while showcasing the artistic skills of Hong Kong students to the world. Half of all proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will be donated to the non-profit HKSEA to boost arts education in Hong Kong. “Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture” is a metaverse project in The Sandbox, in which the World’s largest collection of King of Kowloon’s street art will make its debut, along with Asia’s largest anthology of art toys, stationery and comics books. A cultural icon who covered the streets of Hong Kong with his graffiti for over 39 years, Tsang Tsou Choi (1921–2007) used a brush and ink to proclaim himself The King of Kowloon (KOK) — the heir to the birthright that fueled a lifetime of artistic output. With his signature style, Tsang wrote himself into the collective memory of generations of Chinese, both under British rule and in the post-handover era. Enlivened in NFT and digital forms, a large portion of never-before-seen artworks will be available in The Sandbox Mega City 2, immortalizing Tsang’s legacy. Curated by HONG KONG CREATES, this project provides four creative online and offline experiences integrating the KOK NFT art museum, the first learn-to-earn Chinese Hanzi metaverse academy, a storytelling playground built on the KOK’s eccentric calligraphy that tells interesting stories about Chinese and Hong Kong history, art and culture, as well as an interactive game with an offline treasure hunting game linked to the NFT collectables. UFO School, a subsidiary of the HKEX-listed education group “HK Education (Int’) Investment Limited”, is an IT academy and STEAM education provider. With the arrival of the metaverse era, UFO School is introducing the revolutionary “Learn to Earn” model in Education that will be exhibited collaboratively with The Sandbox. UFO School will gamify its Masterclass Programs in Music, Arts, STEAM, Design and IT taught by globally renowned instructors in The Sandbox. Enrolled students will receive tokens or NFTs as they learn. Upon graduation, they will receive certificates in the form of NFTs embedded with a smart contract. The best work pieces produced by graduates in the form of digital assets will be showcased in a Hall of Fame gallery inside The Sandbox. UFO school is the official partner of The Sandbox providing training for talented individuals who want to become creators or architects inside The Sandbox. The ‘Learn to Earn’ model enables students to convert their vocational skills to provide service to landowners. Working with its local school partners, UFO school will launch virtual events, art exhibitions, concerts, and ceremonies in The Sandbox. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab a spot in the cool neighbourhood. See you on April 28th, 1PM UTC on The Sandbox Map! The Mega City 2 LAND Sale was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  14. L2 migration is coming soon — we’ll help you get your LAND ready TL;DR To prepare for Polygon deployment and bridging, we’re finishing the migration process for all LANDS to Layer 2 Going forward, LAND can only be bridged from the new LAND smart contract No user action is required, but to avoid any lost tokens, we will automatically migrate LANDS not already updated to the new contract on April 27, 2022 The address of the new LAND smart contract introduced this year is 0x5CC5B05a8A13E3fBDB0BB9FcCd98D38e50F90c38 There is no cost involved on the user’s side; all migration gas costs are entirely covered by The Sandbox If you have any questions, we’re here to help! We are finishing the migration for all LANDS to Layer 2 to prepare for the Polygon network’s deployment and bridge. Through Polygon, gas fees are greatly reduced, so there are long-term benefits through this process. But to achieve these benefits, all LANDS must be migrated to the new smart contract that was deployed on January 30, 2022. Going forward, LAND can only be bridged from the new smart contract and we want to avoid any confusion or lost tokens. Therefore, on April 27, 2022 we will automatically force migration of any LANDS not already updated. This ensures that even if you don’t take any steps your LAND(S) will be prepared and ready for L2. To repeat, even if you don’t migrate your LAND or LANDS manually, The Sandbox will automatically migrate your LAND(S) to the new smart contract on April 27, 2022. So you don’t need to do a thing if you don’t want to — but if you prefer to update your LANDS yourself, we’ll remind you how to do it. Not sure if your LAND(S) are migrated to the new smart contract? If you want to check on your LAND(S) and manually migrate any LANDS that haven’t been updated to the new smart contract ahead of time you can do so through the following steps: To check if your LAND(S) are migrated to the new smart contract: First, you need to connect with your The Sandbox account that is linked to the wallet that holds the LAND token(s) Then go to https://sandbox.game/en/me/migration to see the respective contract status for each LAND you own If you see a green checkmark with the message, “All your LANDs have been successfully migrated,” you’re good to go. Congratulations and good job! However, if you see an image like the one below, you can take action to migrate your LAND(S). If you see any LAND(S) listed under the old contract, proceed by clicking the blue “Migrate All My LANDS To The New Contract” button Follow the onscreen instructions There is no gas cost to you for the migration — The Sandbox will cover all fees for this https://medium.com/media/02a8650440312c2b9c856f5d75b73e99/href Closing Thoughts We hope this solution will make the migration process easy and pain-free. However, if you need any additional support to manually migrate your LAND tokens, please contact us through any of the following channels: Discord — [https://discord.gg/thesandboxgame] Telegram — [@sandboxgame] Mail — [migration@sandbox.game] We know that any migration process can cause a little stress. In this case, though, the benefits of using L2 are worth it, and we’ll help you get through the process, including automatically migrating your LAND(S) to the new smart contract if necessary. Thank you for your support and understanding, and we’ll see you in the metaverse. Preparing for LAND Smart Contract Migration to Layer 2 was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  15. The Alpha Season 2 Has Ended but the Party is not Over! Take a look back at the amazing season we had and learn how we can prolong the fun together! The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 came to an end on March 31st and we wanted to thank the 325,000 players! The tremendous participation and continuous support you have shown us these past few weeks is greatly appreciated. A big thank you to the 700,000 players that participated in our social contests for a chance to win an Alpha Pass, we hope you had as much fun as us. A total of 9 million SAND has succesfully been distributed to lucky Alpha Pass holders. For this season we have installed a new staking mechanics allowing people to double their rewards by the end of the season. A grand total of 60 million SAND has been staked during the season. We are very grateful you came to show support to our Alpha Season 2. https://medium.com/media/db79ff88e7eea7dfc962748db71b7516/href The Alpha may be over but the fun isn’t. We are reopening some of your beloved experiences from Season and will host some contests in them! Follow us on Twitter to know when new contests are announced.  — @TheSandboxGame We’d like to hear from you The Sandbox Metaverse is an ever-growing ecosystem and with each new milestone reached, we strive to upgrade and better your experiences within it. For that we need your help! Let us know, what you thought of the Alpha Season 2 by taking a moment to complete this short survey and join us in shaping the future of the Metaverse! Filling in the survey will also get you extra Raffle Tickets for the upcoming Alpha Season 3! Catch you in the Metaverse! The Alpha Season 2 Has Ended but the Party is not Over! was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  16. (Initially posted on Medium) Legendary comedy duo plants roots in the metaverse platform, bringing counterculture experiences and their NFT to The Sandbox metaverse After 50 years of commercial and cultural success, the comedy duo, Cheech & Chong is entering The Sandbox metaverse. The famed duo’s iconic vehicles, looks, counterculture, psychedelic props, and, most definitely, cannabis will be voxelized and transported to a dedicated Cheech & Chong LAND for visitors to experience, man. Character art design by Kahncept “I’m deeply involved with the art community and believed early on that the metaverse would expand on how people interact with brands they love by contributing their own creations,” said Cheech Marin. “The possibilities of what can be created virtually are endless and we’re very much looking forward to the trips we’ll be taking with our fans to our own dedicated LAND in The Sandbox.” “Art is about connecting with others and reaching deeper parts of self,” said Tommy Chong. “The metaverse is a new medium for people to create and connect with each other, but in ways they never thought imaginable. Our partnership with The Sandbox will introduce our community to a whole new world, together.” “Cheech and Chong have always had an appreciation for art, counterculture and the different forms it can be expressed to stir emotions in people,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “We’re looking forward to what they will create with and for their community in The Sandbox and what they will introduce to our metaverse.”
  17. (initially posted in Medium) Are you ready to rock?! We’re proud to announce that The Sandbox is partnering with Knotfest and Slipknot, the most enigmatic, provocative, and aggressive music collective of the modern era, to create the KNOTVERSE, a Web3 home for Slipknot and Knotfest metaverse experiences, concerts, and lifestyle, in The Sandbox. The collaboration brings together innovators in their respective fields to create a one-of-a-kind meeting place for heavy music culture in the metaverse. KNOTVERSE will host Web3 experiences curated by Knotfest and Slipknot, specifically for the culture. The KNOTVERSE roadmap will see unique NFTs and generative collections, plus metaverse concerts, gaming experiences, fan experiences, unique collaborations, wearables and much more. It will ultimately offer fans of the heavy culture utility through unique access to new music, IRL events, festival experiences, merchandise, gear, masks, and more. KNOTVERSE is thematically tied to Slipknot’s self-curated, destination festival brand and media site, knotfest.com, an immersive, dark carnival event that spans the globe. The KNOTVERSE LANDS in The Sandbox will inherit the festival’s dark carnival theme and integrate more than 20 years of Slipknot themes and imagery, authentically recreated in voxel form. “Slipknot has always been about creating new experiences, and opening KNOTVERSE as a shared space is a continuation of our culture as a collective that includes our fans,” said M. Shawn “clown” Crahan. “Everyone who’s ever attended Knotfest, or wanted to, now has an open door to step into a digital version of the experience in The Sandbox that’s live 24/7.” Stay tuned for more updates!
  18. Learn more here:
  19. Let’s go to Shibuya! (Originally posted in The Sandbox Medium) “The most famous shopping district from Tokyo is entering The Sandbox. With the Shibuya 109 ESTATE at its heart! This new playground will offer next-generation customer experiences that exceed expectations. The Sandbox is thrilled to see this new partnership coming to life. To celebrate, we’re opening the Shibuya neighborhood through a LAND Sale that will take place on April 7th at 1pm UTC. Premium NFTs 8 Premium NFTs will be distributed throughout the Premium LANDS: Kawaii Fairy — full set (left) ; Quu — full set (right) COCO (left) ; Neon (right) Kawaii Fairy (full set) — The full set to become the cutest fairy of the metaverse! Quu (full set) — A familiar statue that you’ve probably seen in Shibuya… COCO — COCO is a small but happy dog, full of energy. He rarely leaves Neon’s side. Neon — A cute Japanese school girl with bright neon hair. She is the owner of COCO. SHIBUYA109 — SHIBUYA109 LAND is a voxelized version of the iconic Tokyo landmark. There you’ll find the iconic Shibuya crossing, SHIBUYA109 mall, and other notable spots from the neighborhood. SHIBUYA109 will collaborate with several artists to develop a virtual city that can only be experienced through the virtual Shibuya. DanceFight — Welcome to THE competition venue in The Sandbox, a space where Creators and Fans gather for mind-blowing experiences that can only live in the metaverse. Ready to battle and cheer on your favorites? Bring the love as the world’s most talented street dancers from the DanceFight community come to life in The Sandbox. ESTATE Auctions All of the auctions for this LANDs will be accessed through these links: 3x3 ESTATE S [75,-3] 6x6 ESTATE M [78,-6] 6x6 ESTATE M [72,-18] Head over to the Sandbox map on April 7th at 1PM UTC and take your chance to own LAND in the Shibuya neighborhood!”
  20. Being “Metaverse Ready” will soon be a reality for fashion and lifestyle brands.Arianee, the leading web3 solutions platform for brands and The Sandbox are joining forces to offer users the first-ever service bridging IRL and metaverse utility through NFT. As the immersivity of the metaverse brings an additional layer to user journeys, brands and NFT collections alike, aspire to offer a seamless, continuous experience to their communities by bringing utility to NFTs. One of the most exciting and promising of these utilities is often referred to as “metaverse ready”, or the capability to deploy an NFT obtained IRL in the metaverse. For the very first time Arianee and The Sandbox are bringing this concept to life with a simple and seamless journey that brands will be able to offer to their customers.The concept is simple: if you own an NFT IRL, you can get the corresponding one in The Sandbox and vice versa. Brands minting NFTs on both platforms will be able to offer this to their users, on a simple interface. It is the beginning of the metaverse to store and store to metaverse roads. The possibilities are endless, and only limited by brands creativity who will have the opportunity to mix physical, digital, experiencial, immersive and enticing offerings for their most engaged and omnichannel users. The first brands deploying this one-of-a-kind service will be announced this Spring. Discover the assetsThis partnership enhances the joint ambition of Arianee and The Sandbox to leverage tokens and wallets as the new gateway to truly omnichannel experiences. From wearables, to events, private sale, exclusive collaborations and so on, The Sandbox and Arianee thrive to work towards a new customer relationship, enriched with personalisation and new services. In order to build the future use cases directly with the most engaged brands, The Sandbox is joining the Arianee Association as the first Metaverse Partner Member. Since its creation in 2018, Arianee has aimed to become a leading partner for brands in web3. The Arianee Association counts more than 40 members, including but not limited to Moncler, Breitling, Mugler, Panerai, IBM, Ba&Sh, IWC, Paris Fashion Week, the Richemont group. Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox: “The Avatar is the primary touch point for most users on how they will enter and interact in the Metaverse. Owning your identity and expressing yourself through bringing your favorite brand from the physical world and play on your virtual avatar in the metaverse will be a main attraction point and we’re proud to partner with Arianee on this topic and join the association and work with top brands”Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO and cofounder of Arianee: “I am thrilled to see our first brand partners jumping in on this opportunity, pushing the innovations boundaries and creating bridges between their traditional model and those new spaces. Their clients will now travel seamlessly between physical immersive and digital and we will soon witness the emergence of new users’ journeys.”The Sandbox and Arianee will both be present at NFC Lisbon, the leading european NFT & web3 community event. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience this new feature for the first time there. For people who will not be able to fly to Lisbon, Paris is still an option. On April 13th, we will be co-hosting an event focusing web3 for brands ABOUT ARIANEEFounded in 2018, Arianee is the leading web3 solutions platform for brands. Arianee’s open-source protocol is based on the blockchain and helps brands deploy their web3 strategy by enabling them to tokenize, distribute and leverage NFTs to transform their relationships with their communities. We create a direct, perpetual link which respects personal data. Arianee brings together major brands and partners in technology in its vision to build a decentralized internet. Arianee is known for its most recent partnerships with Printemps, Panerai, Groupe Casino and long time partners Richemont group, Ba&sh, RSVP, Breitling, and Paris Fashion Week. Arianee partners with The Sandbox was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  21. Win SAND prizes in our latest VoxEdit contest, featuring Deadmau5.We are excited to announce a VoxEdit contest in collaboration with Deadmau5. The Contest ThemeCreate an asset (NPC, equipment, building etc.) inspired the Deadmau5 universe. Important DatesSubmissions open: March 28th, at 00:00pm UTC.Submissions close: April 9th, at 23:59pm UTC.Reviews and voting begins: April 11th to May 1st.Result announcement: May 7th.Rewards50,000 SAND will be split amongst the top entries the following ways: 1st place: 20,000 SAND2nd place: 15,000 SAND3rd place: 8,000 SAND4th to 10th place: 1,000 SAND each.Important Entry GuidelinesLow quality entries or spammed entries with no effort put into their creation will be disqualified at The Sandbox’s discretion. The same goes for attempting to claim other people’s creations as your own — we’ll know.Entries with sexual, homophobic, racist, and other NSFW or inappropriate references will be disqualified. Keep it family friendly.Your entry must be made in The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit software (click here), available on Windows and Mac.Make sure you have read and understood the VoxEdit Contest Guidelines (click here).By submitting your asset, you accept that if your asset wins, it could be minted and distributed to all existing Head5 holders.Only owners of one or more head5 NFT can participate.How To Submit Your EntryCreate a GIF of your fully animated asset. (We recommend using Gyazo).Tweet your asset’s GIF mentioning @VoxEdit and @TheSandboxGame on Twitter. Make sure to include #VoxEditWeekly hashtag in your Tweet.To finalise your submission, please fill out the following Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZKbriGU7526vb3pqrrMRnFICVOtUDRHyhIaRi1ICpOe8dAA/viewform?usp=sf_linkNew to VoxEdit Or Need Assistance?Check out our new VoxEdit Academy knowledge base by clicking here.Join our Discord community to chat with other artists, linked at the bottom of this article.Good luck to all entrants! Join & follow The Sandbox: Website | Twitter | DiscordThe Sandbox X Deadmau5 VoxEdit Contest was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  22. In an experience brought to you by RTFKT and the Game Maker Fund.Meta Dungeon is one of the games that is coming to The Sandbox’s second Alpha. It is supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund. Find out more about this electrifying futuristic sci-fi game and play it today! About The GameMeta Dungeon is a sci-fi action game, in which the player, who is just a regular citizen from the futuristic city, ends up getting abducted by, at the time to them, an unknown entity. When the player next awakens ordeal, they will find themselves in a place that is completely unknown to them — the Meta Dungeon. The player will need to explore the Meta Dungeon to find some answers and a way out. During their exploration of this vast underground labyrinth, the player will meet many people that they can help — or harm. You will need to discover why you have been forced into the strange Meta Dungeon, make new allies (or enemies) and, eventually, dismantle an evil, corrupt criminal empire. Left: An android citizen. Right: A hoodie citizen.Left: A cyborg swordsperson. Right: A security robot.Being set in the future, this world is full of futuristic and sci-fi art, buildings, assets, and NPCs. Such as flying cars, self-aware robots, bustling Blade-Runner-like settlements, and… wait what? A giant ape. Yes, you read that right. Teaser TrailerTake a look at the trailer for this game. https://medium.com/media/b1d36a4a737b08dceabd71cb1519c17e/hrefPlay The GameJoin the second Alpha at The Sandbox to play this fan-meta-tastic sci-fi game today! Click here to go to the Alpha page on The Sandbox’s official website to play Meta Dungeon, and more!Note that The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 ends on the 31st March. About The CreatorMeta Dungeon, supported and funded by The Sandbox, is developed by RTKFT. Here’s a little bit of what their team had to say: NoKSsMy name is Nicolas, I currently live in France and I have been a pro player on Overwatch, Fortnite and have been a full time streamer until mid-2021. I started making games when the Fortnite creative mode came out. I soon started working with Gotaga in France, doing collaborations with streamers; I also collaborated with NVIDIA, Red Bull, Ninja, Jul, and so on. When RTFKT offered me a chance to work with them on The Sandbox, I immediately accepted and here I am. So for the Game Maker, there are a lot of things that I like despite the little minor bugs, but I know it’s in development.GunterHi, I’m Gunter and I am a voxel artist working on RTFKT’s Meta Dungeon. Prior to this, I have over a year of experience making voxel art, as well as being a Sandbox’s Creator Fund artist. Some of my featured assets include the Boombot (Summer Music Festival Sale) and Bathing Ape (Summer Pool Party Sale). Personally I think, VoxEdit is a very versatile 3D voxel modeller and animator. It is simple enough for anyone to pick it up and is also very enjoyable to use!AlexHi, I’m æ (aka aeaea) and it’s been a year since I started creating games with The Sandbox Game Maker. I’m the creator behind The Meow Glitch, and now part of the team that created RTFKT Meta Dungeon. Over the years I’ve led the creative direction of experiences and games for clients like Audi, and the Berlin Video Game Museum (for which I was awarded two Cannes Lions). I love the fact that The Sandbox Game Maker is simple enough to use that anyone can learn to create environments, characters and stories in the Metaverse, yet complex enough to feel like you’re always mastering it.KrywI’m Kryw and I actually work as a Level Designer and storyteller at RTFKT Studios. In the past I was a professional player on Shootmania & Overwatch, where I won a lot of big LAN Tournaments. When Fortnite Creative was released, with Nokss we started to build together to do some brand maps for Gotaga. And now working on The Sandbox since last summer, this editor has huge potential for an early stage, but few things can be enhanced like doing maps with other people at the same time, but great tools need time right? Follow RTFKT: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Discord | TikTok The Game Maker FundAre you an aspiring game designer? An indie studio with a great idea? Or an established game design company looking for an entry into the metaverse? Then take a look into the Game maker Fund at The Sandbox, which is there to support and fund great gaming ideas and experiences for The Sandbox Game’s metaverse. Click here to learn more about the Game Maker Fund and how to apply. Join & follow The Sandbox: Website | Twitter | DiscordBring Down a Futuristic Criminal Empire in The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 2! was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  23. Let’s go back in time and explore the gorgeous Tang Dynasty together. Oh, and destroy an evil presence too.In the real world, the Tang Dynasty is considered to have been the golden age of art and culture in China. In the metaverse, you can now go back in time and experience this for yourself.Border Town of Tang Dynasty is one of the games that is coming to The Sandbox’s second Alpha. It is supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund. Read on to find out more about this rich and immersive experience. About The GameBorder Town of Tang Dynasty is a beautiful exploration game where you can discover Chinese art and culture while completing some quests. Visit Xuanhua Hall, spend some time at Linghu Lake, and enjoy a festival in the border town, where people light kongming lanterns to celebrate. This experience embodies many elements of Chinese art and culture, such as flowering cherry trees, elegant palaces, Ancient Chinese-style buildings, dragon totems, and Chinese art. It is a truly immersive and beautiful experience for all to appreciate and enjoy. But it’s not all about exploration. There are also some quests that you will need to complete, in order to reach the end of the experience. These quests range from collecting Ganoderma Lucidum for the king, searching for a lost portrait, and defeating an evil presence that stalks from the mountains above the Border Town of Tang Dynasty. To highlight just three of them. Teaser TrailerTake a look at the teaser trailer for this experience. https://medium.com/media/bd66c8a6240acb92b591a4c6b063b562/hrefPlay The GameJoin the second Alpha at The Sandbox to play this game today! Click here to go to the Alpha page on The Sandbox’s official website to play Border Town of Tang Dynasty, and more!Note that Alpha Season 2 ends on the 31st March. About The CreatorBorder Town of Tang Dynasty was developed by CGame. Here’s what they had to say: We are CGame studio from China. At present, we have produced two 2x2 games, one about the Tang Dynasty and the other about the monkey king. We still have 10 games under production. We enjoyed the production process very much. In this process, VoxEidt let us give full play to our creativity and produce many works of art that surprised us. Gamemaker makes it very easy for us to make many game functions, and we like everything about it.Our game has a strong ancient Chinese style and many awe-inspiring large buildings. Players can enjoy the whole game immersively in rich scene tasks.VoxEdit is really easy to use. It comes with modeling design and animation. We have made many NPCs with it, and their effects are very good. The Game Maker is an amazing tool, it has built-in components to allow us to easily edit quite mature games. We are very familiar with it now, and we are studying more interesting ways to play. Follow the creator: Twitter The Game Maker FundAre you an aspiring game designer? An indie studio with a great idea? Or an established game design company looking for an entry into the metaverse? Then take a look into the Game maker Fund at The Sandbox, which is there to support and fund great gaming ideas and experiences for The Sandbox Game’s metaverse. Click here to learn more about the Game Maker Fund and how to apply. Join & follow The Sandbox: Website | Twitter | DiscordDiscover Ancient China’s Tang Dynasty in The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 2! was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  24. Learn how you can earn up to 200 additional raffle tickets by staking SAND, without any gas fees!With Alpha Season 2 in full swing, we want to remind players that there are lots of individual and community benefits for staking mSAND during the season. The more the community stakes, the higher the Alpha Season reward (details here). And for you personally, the rewards are even better. 1 point equals 1 mSAND staked for the duration of the Alpha Season 2 so 28 days. The maximum amount of raffle tickets you can get through staking is 200. To get the maximum 200 tickets, you will need to collect a total of 400 points. The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 reward is of 500 $SAND.If the Community Booster reaches +100%, the $SAND rewards will thus be 1,000 $SAND for all Season 2 Alpha Pass holders.However, if the Community Booster reaches less than the maximum boost, the amount that has been reached will still be added to the 500 $SAND rewards. For instance, if the Community Booster reaches +40% by the end of the Season, then the $SAND rewards will reflect that booster: for instance if the community booster reaches +40% then the final rewards for season 2 will be 700 $SAND)By staking 200 mSAND during the whole Alpha Season 2 (March 3–31), you’ll earn 100 raffle ticketsBy staking 400 mSAND during the whole Alpha Season 2, you’ll earn 200 raffle ticketsBy staking 800 mSAND for half the Alpha Season 2 (two weeks; shorter duration but a larger amount) you can also earn 200 raffle tickets.If you did not start staking on day one, worry not! You can still get up to 200 tickets by staking. If you wish to earn the 200 additional raffle tickets, you can get them by staking more mSAND to account for the time already elapsed. Here is a quick cheatsheet of how much you will need to stake to reach 200 tickets depending on the day you start staking :Get ready to rack up bonus raffle tickets with no effort while you have fun playing in The Sandbox! ResourcesHere’s how you can get started staking: Learn how to stake mSAND with zero gas fees hereReview the Alpha Season 2 raffle details hereLearn how to bridge SAND to mSAND hereDon’t delay, get in on this opportunity now! Boost Your Alpha Season 2 Rewards with mSAND Staking was originally published in The Sandbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article

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