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Crabada Update: Swimmer Migration, the Idle-Game and Reward Adjustments





Dear Crabadians!🦀

If you have not migrated your Crabada to Swimmer Network, now’s the time! Join the Battle on Swimmer Network (Subnet) as we dive into the future of Web3 gaming!🏊‍♂️🌊

As of 20 May, 7:00 AM UTC, several core functions of the Crabada Idle-Game and marketplace on the Avalanche C-Chain will be discontinued as we continue to migrate our player-base onto Swimmer, and make the transition from a Play-to-Earn game to a Play-and-Earn game.

Here are the changes that will take place.

Idle-Game on C-Chain (20 May, 7:00 AM UTC)

Mining Expeditions and Looting Missions will no longer be available on the C-Chain Idle-Game.

The following features will be disabled:

  • Start Mining Expedition
  • Start Looting Mission
  • List Crabada for rental on Tavern

Players will only be able to:

  • Disassemble teams
  • Remove Crabada from Tavern rentals
  • Withdraw Crabada from the Idle-Game to the marketplace inventory

Crabada Marketplace on C-Chain (20 May, 7:00 AM UTC)

Trading of Crabada will no longer be supported on the C-Chain marketplace.

The following features will be disabled:

  • List Crabada for sale
  • Buy Crabada from listings
  • Make a Crabada Swap offer

Players will only be able to:

  • Morph eggs
  • Delist Crabada
  • Cancel Crabada Swap offers

Redemption Program for Players Affected by Migration Issues

The process of The Great Crabada Migration and players bridging their assets was smooth for many. However, there were some players that had trouble bridging their assets over to Swimmer, or were affected by bugs that were present during the period of migration. These issues have since been addressed.

We appreciate the patience and support that the affected players and the community have given us in resolving these issues. Hence, we will be running a redemption program for players that were affected by the following issues:

  1. Crabada stuck in the process of bridging over to Swimmer
    Some players had their Crabada stuck during the bridging process, rendering them unable to play the Idle or Battle Game for a few days.
  2. Crabada with Incorrect Breed Count
    The Breed count for some Crabada were incorrect because parents were not successfully bridged. Some players had purchased Crabada with incorrect information about their Breed count, that resulted in higher breeding fees or the inability to breed the Crabada.
  3. Expansion of Idle-Game team slots instead of Battle Game Crabada Slots
    Crabada slots that were migrated to the Battle Game from Idle-Game team slots were supposed to be a one time thing. However due to a lapse of information, players have spent $CRAM to add team slots on the Idle-Game instead of the Battle Game.

More details and instructions on the procedure for claiming your will be released in the coming week!

Transitioning the Idle-Game to a Managed Emission System

The Idle-Game was planned as a beta where players could get an introductory experience to the core game loops that we were developing for the Battle Game. Beyond our wildest expectations, the Idle-Game became one of the leading on-chain game experiences available in Web3-enabled gaming.

With the release of the Battle Game, the Idle-Game now provides a less than optimal playing experience with regards to the type of experiences and content that we want to deliver to our players.

At present, the Idle-Game experience will still be preserved, and the loyal players of the Idle Game will continue to have the ability to play the game.

However, moving forward, the current Idle-Game needs to take a different direction in order to still provide a unique and differentiated experience for players via game mechanics that allows for expression of its distinctive on-chain characteristics. At some point of time in the future, the Idle-Game economy could also potentially be separated from the Battle Game.

Making such improvements would require some time and planning. Therefore, the Idle-Game will shift towards a managed emission system for the time being.

The Crab Nation’s Economic Rejuvenation

1. Adjustments to Game Rewards

To ensure long-term sustainability of the Crabada ecosystem, course-correcting policies will be put in place to inspire preservation and recovery, to take our first step toward economic rejuvenation.


  • $TUS rewards reduced by 30% effective 22 May 2022, 07:00 UTC
  • $CRA rewards will be completely removed from the Idle-Game effective 22 May 2022, 07:00 UTC
* Idle-Game $TUS rewards will be actively monitored over the coming weeks, and further reductions may be implemented, up to a potential total reduction of 90% (of original rewards)
** Balancing incentives for Miners and Looters may also be managed via adjustments to existing features such as the Looting Points System, Miner’s Revenge, and the percentage of rewards stolen by Looters

Battle Game:

  • $CRA rewards will be reverted to the original 1x multiplier in the Battle-Game, effective 22 May 2022, 07:00 UTC
  • $CRA rewards will be completely removed from the Battle-Game, effective 1 June 2022, 07:00 UTC

2. Transition to a Material-Based Economy

As seen in the Battle Game’s Economy v1, Materials were introduced as part of crafting recipes to create Food and TUS within the Battle Game.

In Economy v2, Materials can be brought on-chain and tradable in the marketplace. Materials will increasingly become an important part of gameplay. Some potential use cases include, but are not limited to, new mechanics and features such as:

  • Using Materials for crafting items
  • Using Materials as a component that is required for breeding

3. Roadmap: Enhanced Player Experience and Immersion

In addition to the above, our roadmap currently is being revised to prioritize creating enhanced player experiences and immersion. Beyond new game content and mechanics, we want to create more social experiences (play-together) within the game.

Sneak Preview of an upcoming feature:

Friend v Friend (1st Week June)

1*MXL6t0yzaikjpXEZ9b91rg.pngFriend v Friend feature is being planned for Battle Game (UI is not finalized)

“Who is the strongest amongst you? Challenge your friend to Battle and let’s find out!”

About Crabada

Treasures (Under Sea) of undiscovered past await daring adventurers who seek the future. Mine, Loot, Breed, Battle! Will you be the one to take the place as King of the Crabada? Or will you sow the seeds of discord across the land? The world is your oyster. Soon, they will tremble when they hear your name.

Crabada is an exciting play-and-earn idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada (the NFTs). Players will rediscover the prosperous ancient kingdom of Crabada and earn rewards through activities such as mining, looting, breeding, battling, exploring, crafting, and more!

Explore rich new lands across the Ocean as you march sideways into an immersive idle gaming experience! Are you ready, Adventurer?

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