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Launch Postmortem




Hi Uni Fam,

What a hell of a last two weeks it has been….

I want to start this note with a huge thank you to both the team and community for working together to rapidly resolve many of the LiveOps fires that cropped up. Now that the vast majority of issues have been resolved we have finally had a moment to breathe, take stock, and plan.

Here are some high-level notes on the plan over the next 6 weeks:

Ongoing LiveOps Issues:

To date, we’ve focused on resolving issues based on the number of reported cases. While this has worked to fix 90% of the tickets reported we are now left with a bunch of edge-case scenarios. Most of these are server-related issues which mean we have to balance time spent resolving issues with ongoing feature work and development.

Going forward we are carving out time each day to address LiveOps issues. We will be prioritizing based on how long a player has had the issue and work our way from there.

Upcoming Release Plan:

QoL Polish / Bugs — May 19th

Evolution Launch — May 26th

Shadowcorn Hatch Event — June 23rd

Next Feature Release — June 30th

  • Lootboxes
  • Land Vending Machine
  • Tech Debt & Hardening
  • QoL Polish

The above plan outlines a shift away from asap LiveOps patches to a normal monthly release cadence. The breakneck speed at which we’ve been operating has clearly caused us to release a subpar product. This transition will allow us to run our normal sprint cadence while having optimal amounts of QA time prior to each release.


Going forward the community can expect 1 release each month. We are still in progress on updating our 2022 roadmap based on discussions from our offsite last week. Players will see a renewed focus on Shadowcorns vs Unicorn gameplay and social features like neighborhoods. We believe a continued mix of on-chain minigames combined with in-game events and feature releases will keep things fresh and exciting.

We will be sharing this roadmap in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

UnicornSwap -

Despite the short-term fixes that are in progress to update metadata states we know there is a need to move to our own marketplace. To date, OpenSea has extracted over $1M USD from our community via their 2.5% fee and provided very little value. I’m excited by the opportunity to work with our long-time partners at Moonstream to build a custom marketplace for our growing community. Be on the lookout for a draft proposal here soon and then based on feedback and comments we’ll look to push that to a snapshot vote.

I understand the continued pushback on the 1% fee to the Moonstream DAO. It is my belief that we should not evaluate this as a typical Web2 vendor/SaaS relationship. In web3 I think it’s important to maximally align incentives over the long term while ensuring downside risk is protected and no rent-seeking occurs. I’ll be looking to outline this clearly in the draft proposal so keep an eye out.

Again, thank you to everyone who stuck it out through this bumpy first release. We do not want a repeat of that ever again. The plan above puts us in a position to work smarter and achieve a sustainable cadence.

Let’s continue building this generational IP together one step at a time.

— uWu Forever


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