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Annoucing MoCDA exhibitions in The Sandbox Metaverse




The Sandbox will bring two art exhibits curated by MoCDA into its metaverse in the months of June and July.

The Sandbox is collaborating with The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) a museum platform that seeks to support the many different facets of digital art and exhibits a comprehensive selection of the most representative artworks of the digital art movement, from the pioneers of the mid-20th century to the contemporary digital artists that continue to evolve and adapt alongside new technological developments.


Two exhibitions, curated by MoCDA, will be showcased in The Sandbox Metaverse across June and July. We are thrilled to welcome them into our ecosystem! Details below:

“Revisiting the Future: What will come as dreamed by digital artists”
Curator: Filippo Lorenzin

June 10th — June 24th

- Cyborg life — New architecture for a new world — Nostalgia for the future — New pleasures — Waiting for ruins by virtue of their special sensibilities, artists have traditionally played an important role in society. They are able to observe the contexts in which they live as a means of projecting themselves forward in time; thus, their works act as windows onto contemporary reality as well as portals through which we can glimpse future possibilities. One of the most interesting dynamics of this phenomenon is the influence of artists’ works on the creation and development of our tomorrow. The ideas of artists and authors from our past often drive present day engineers and scientists to develop and design machinery and environments for the future. In short, the vision of the dreamer today becomes the inspiration for the future tomorrow, creating a beeline between forecasting and implementation. “Revisiting the Future: What will come as dreamed by digital artists” will investigate how the future development of society, technology and art itself can be shaped by artists in our age.

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“Impossible Worlds”
Curator: Tom Van Avermaet

June 24th — July 8th

For the artists featured in this exhibit the digital realm has provided a space to create their own realities and we invite you to discover the unique dreamlands that their imaginations have spawned. Catch a glimpse of surreal creatures hiding in rainbow forests and allow yourself to be hypnotized by the strange sights and sounds of alien worlds. This exhibit is an ode to artists that are world builders, those that like gods and goddesses with digital pencils, VR sculpting tools and AI paint brushes spawn unique universes that may or may not reflect our own. As Pablo Picasso once stated, ‘Everything you can imagine is real’, a message the artists featured have very much taken to heart. Come join their journey into the depth of distant stars or the infinity of human creativity.

Featured Artists: Lumps, Jenni Pasanen, Giant Swan, Nicebleed and others

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Dive into the first exhibition on June 10th at 2PM UTC. You can show us your favorite piece of art on Twitter for a chance to win 200 mSAND, participate here: https://sandbox.game/en/season/contests/


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