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Game Maker Fund Experience, “Nosy In The Wild”, Featured In Milan Exhibition





About Nosy In The Wild

Nosy in the Wild is a digital art experience that was designed in The Sandbox by visual artist Valentina Loffredo. The experience expands her wider project, “Nosy”, on the global issue of privacy in the digital age. The digital art experience was supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund.

Minimal, playful and eye-catching, the world presented in Nosy in the Wild captures our attention and invites us to explore every side of it. But we are not alone: surreal and uncanny noses are all around and a question arises: “Who’s watching who?”
While engaging into this exciting exploration, we realise that we too are under intense scrutiny. Those noses are not only playful and surreal elements but also symbols of surveillance tools. Nosy, the project Nosy in the Wild belongs to, is a multimedia project that includes photographs, sculptures, installations, street interventions, handmade artist books and now a digital art experience.

The Exhibition

Salone del Mobile is an annual event that runs in Milan. During this prestigious event, Valentina Loffredo’s art, including her Game Maker Fund supported digital experience, Nosy in the Wild, will be featured in an exhibition that is curated by Chippendale Studio, which runs between the 6th June and the 10th July.

1*wCf-m2i1nNx9Pq930p6s2g.jpegDetails of the exhibition1*CZ6R9fyiMTIkZsUr4h-96g.jpeg1*tGbxKGmCxoEyeY1M3c3qDQ.jpegThe Nosy In the Wild experience featured at the exhibition

Other pieces of Valentina Loffredo’s art can also be found at the exhibition.


The Game Maker Fund

The Game Maker Fund massively congratulates Valentina Loffredo on the success of her art and the exhibition in Milan.

The Game Maker Fund is an initiative that funds unique, fantastic game and other digital metaverse experiences (including digital art galleries). Aside from funding, it also provides other support to these experiences, such as with game design tools, quality assurance, and marketing, amongst others.


Whether you are a solo creator, a team of aspiring game designers, or even an established studio looking for an entry into the metaverse, we’re excited to hear your pitches for new metaverse games and experiences.

Are you going to be featured in an exhibition next?

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