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Earn SAND with the Doggies




For VIPs only 🐶


If you’re part of the Doggies club, we have an event for you! During 4 weeks, Snoop Dogg avatar holders will be sharing a prize pool of 1M mSAND!

How will it work ?

Each week a new event will be added to The sandbox Contest page. Snoop Dogg Avatars owners are invited to spend time in a different experience each week and show off their avatar. All participants will be sharing the weekly prize of 250,000 mSAND.

  • Week 1: 03/06 — Alpha Lobby
  • Week 2: 10/06 — Rooftop a la mode
  • Week 3: 17/06 — Meet at the Agora
  • Week 4: 24/06 — Club XYZ

I have a Snoop Dogg Avatar, how do I participate and win ?

  • Connect to The Sandbox account holding your Snoop Dogg Avatar.
  • Visit the dedicated experience (there will be a special logo on the map) and have fun! More details will be published on the contest page, so make sure to visit it regularly.
  • Make sure you hold on to your Doggies until the snapshot is taken (snapshot will be done on the last day of each event).

Is there a raffle?

No raffle! If you meet all above requirements, you’ll be in line to get your rewards!

See you soon in The Sandbox Metaverse!


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