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[Axie] July Development Update!

Key Points Origin and Land development are chugging along and gaining momentum. Community members have been key sources of input for both products. Your Axies are becoming tickets to an infinite realm of experiences thanks to the Axie Builder’s program and user-generated content initiatives. We are making massive investments towards community partnerships and expanding the Sky Mavis team. The Ronin Bridge. Land staking. Origin updates. Commu

🛠️ Origin Updates🛠️: Bug Fixes & Challenger Mode Changes

Key Points We are deploying an update to Origin. The game will be in maintenance until the update is complete. We’ve fixed many critical issues and bugs that were causing mechanics that enabled abuse. We’ve been delighted by the response to Origin’s Alpha Season! Downloads have spiked and we’re currently seeing around 4,000 new downloads per day. In addition, marketplace activity has surged as you all test new team compositions. Today we’re deploying a patc

🎟️ AxieCon Ticket Sales Are Live!

Ticket sales for the first AxieCon in Barcelona, are live! AxieCon is a gathering of the greatest thinkers, builders, and battlers in the Axie ecosystem. Reserve AxieCon Ticket Keep in mind that anyone with a Mystic Axie will have the opportunity to upgrade their ticket to VIP status, which will include extra perks at the event. VIP tickets will NOT be open for individual sale and are exclusively available to Mystic Axie holders. Why AxieCon? AxieCon will be a time

🌾 Land Staking Is Live!

Key Points Land staking is live! You can stake your land here. Rewards will begin to accrue at this block. Once any type of gameplay for Land is released that can support token rewards, these Land Staking rewards will transition to be rewarded through active gameplay.  Rewards are 11,194.62 AXS AXS per day and differ based on the rarity-level of the staked land. View a land staking guide here. Stake Land We’re ecstatic to roll out Land stakin

🛠️ Origin Update🛠️ : Phase 2 Is Here!

Key Points We have entered Origin Phase 2 — our first Alpha Season is live with 49,157 AXS in rewards reserved for the top 10,000 players. All player progression (ranking, runes, charms, and resources) has been reset. We’ve deployed balancing updates for Cards, Runes, Charms, Effects, Revenge Cards, and Return (a new mechanic!). See all balancing updates here. A large patch for Origin is live! This patch marks the transition into phase 2 and comes

🌋 Land Staking Is Coming!

We plan on releasing Land Staking in 24 hours and 30 minutes. At this time you’ll be able to start staking your Land. ⏰ Countdown: https://explorer.roninchain.com/block/15020573 AXS rewards will start to accrue to staked Land 1 hour later. ⏰ Countdown: https://explorer.roninchain.com/block/15021773 Pick Up Land Here View the full article

Introducing: The Creator Academy

We believe in nurturing growth amongst our community members. Visit Creator Academy Axie creators of all sizes create so much value for our ecosystem. However, until now, there’s been a shortage of educational resources allowing Axie creators to take their content to the next level. Today, we change that: We’re funding 200 fellowships for creators to participate in Nas Academy’s new Creator Academy. This training school has been designed by Nas Academy specifically for A

The Axie Creator Program

Everyone should participate in the value they help create. This is the core belief behind many Axie initiatives like AXS leaderboard rewards, Lunacian Codes, IRL meetup grants, and more. These programs deploy support back to Lunacians everywhere while helping to further align incentives. Today, we begin testing a framework that provides valuable support back to our community of contributors and content creators: The Axie Creator Program The Axie Creator Program is being desig

🛠️ Origin Update 🛠️

Later today, we will be deploying updates to Origin. The game will be down until the updates are complete. Download Origin ✨ What’s New ✨ In Arena Mode, players that go first will once again be able to use attack cards on the first turn (We have removed the "Disarm turn 1" mechanic based on feedback) We have introduced a scaling system for Energy and Card Draw: The player who goes first gains 1 Energy and draws 3 cards on their first turn

Origin: Phases and Advancement Plans

Progress on Origin is humming along and so far we’ve seen over 600,000 registered accounts. This post will walk you through our thinking around how we’ll batch together updates in phases as we build towards global launch. Phase 1, which we’re currently in, focuses around major balance changes: making the game more competitive, improving the amount of in-game decision making, and ultimately making the game more fun! Phase 2, which we expect to come in July, will see a ful

AXS Gated Forum Discussions by Commonwealth!

Earlier this month, we released a forum for token-gated discussions hosted by Commonwealth! This forum was built to enable our community to post discussions topics around topics important to the future of Axie Infinity. There is also a polling feature that will allow us to gather feedback around new product features and ideas. The forum will allow for more detailed long-form discussions around some of the most important topics affecting the Axie community! Join The Discussion One

Lunacian Codes Public Testing is Live!

Key highlights: Public testing starts now for Lunacian Codes, our new experimental referral program. It will be funded by the ecosystem fund during testing. We’re currently testing the implementation of custom codes for creators and will share more on this later. In the meantime, creators can proceed with non-custom code registration and help us begin testing immediately!* The Axie community is a portal into Web3. Many of you have put extraordinar

Builders Program: The First Projects Accepted!

Your Axie NFTs are a ticket to an infinite realm of experiences. Today, we take a major step towards making this a tangible reality. The Builders Program is one of many initiatives that will unlock more enjoyment and utility for your Axies, in this case from community built experiences. While we plan on harnessing community-built games to strengthen the Axie ecosystem, Sky Mavis will also be forming partnerships with major game studios to develop experiences for the Axie Infinity and Ronin.

🚀Origin Update 🚀

We will be deploying updates to Origin at 3am EST on May 27. The game will be down until the updates are complete. ✨ What’s New ✨ Balance Patch - May 27 UI Improvements - May 27 In Arena Mode, players that go first will once again have 3 energy, but are now unable to use attack cards on the first turn Added Login via QR code When challenging another player, the player who sends the challenge request will always go first

Discord Role Icon Design Contest Winners!

As the largest Discord in Web3, it’s important that our Discord roles add flavor and life to the various roles in our community. To support this mission, we recently held a Discord Icon art contest where anyone from the community could submit their icons for consideration. We saw over 600 submissions! Voting was conducted in the Axie Discord where owners of the various roles could vote on their respective icons. We were impressed to see many amazing entries! The contest winners wi

AxieCon: Barcelona 🇪🇸

During this 4 year journey, many of us have made friends that we’ve never met in the physical world. Friendships that span the globe and transcend physical boundaries. For too long, the Axie universe has been confined to our screens. This September, that changes. We’re ecstatic to invite each and every one of you to the first AxieCon this September, 7-10, in Barcelona! AxieCon is a physical gathering of our Digital nation. Builders, battlers, dreamers, thinkers will all desce

Origin Early Access Mobile Release!

Axie Infinity: Origin is live on Android mobile devices! With 3 free starter Axies and this mobile release, Axie Infinity is now more accessible than ever! Remember, Origin is still in an Early Access testing phase. Today, we’ve taken one step closer to our full global launch which will include token rewards, crafting NFT runes/charms, and the first Origin leaderboard season with AXS prizes. The timing of global launch will depend on the feedback we receive over the coming months.

[Axie] Marketplace Update!

We’ve deployed important updates to the Axie Infinity Marketplace! New Axie: Origin Art ✨ Updated Dark Theme 🌌 Refreshed Land Item Art 🌵 Bug Fixes 🐛 New Axie Marketplace! New Origin Axie Art ✨ FINALLY! The new Origin art is here! All Axies on the marketplace have been updated to include the awesome new art from Origin. We also added new animations to bring your Axies to life. Venom You can now easily save a powerful, high res

[Axie] 🛠️Origin Update🛠️

We're planning to release a patch for Origin in ~4.5 hours at 3 AM EST. Download Origin ✨What’s New - Balancing updates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12b8MKZVqnDo6UEDy2IW5H6Qgj9rbfLFCYXkIV_JbTlM/edit?usp=sharing - Bloodmoon will now take effect from turn 12 instead of 20 🛠️Improvements and Bug Fixes - Sturdy Fighter Rune no longer applies its effect to AoE attacks  

[Axie] Land Staking

This post will give an overview of the progress around Land Staking. Land Staking is an initiative designed to increase ownership of AXS among our landholders. Our vision for Land is immense and while our land holders patiently wait to get their hands on Land, we want to make sure that their long term outlook is rewarded with more ownership and influence over our collective ecosystem. So far we have: Progressed in the design and development of the user experience for land sta

Axie Esports - Mid Season Update

Greetings Trainers! With May approaching, we are rapidly coming to the final sprint of our second Axie Esports Grant, leaving many wondering what’s coming next- especially given the recent launch of the Axie: Origin alpha. We won’t have all of the answers you seek in this newsletter today; however, there are a few key topics we’d like to address and unpack a little bit. But first we’d like to say thank you to everyone that has participated in Axie Esports over the last three month

Introducing Axie IRL: Community Meetup Grants

We’re excited to announce that we are soft-launching Axie IRL, our community meetup program where qualified community members can host their own Axie Infinity meetups! We believe in the power of community and physical gatherings that bring Lunacians closer and more united. Scaling physical events and meetups is key to ensuring that our community continues to grow stronger and that collectively, we are also able to introduce more people to Axie Infinity and the Web 3 ecosystem. With thi

Axie Infinity: Origin Update 4/28

Later today, we will be deploying updates to Origin. The game will be down until the update is complete. ✨What’s New: Removed bots from matchmaking in arena battles for Boar and higher ranks Reworked the matchmaking algorithm Updated the amount of Victory Stars required for each tier and rank. Details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d5cj3Kh5aCgfGxfyIulUbGF25Bbu497d6IPBRL-O328/edit Updated the amount of Victory Stars received at B
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