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🛠️ Origin Update🛠️ : Phase 2 Is Here!






Key Points

  • We have entered Origin Phase 2 — our first Alpha Season is live with 49,157 AXS in rewards reserved for the top 10,000 players.

  • All player progression (ranking, runes, charms, and resources) has been reset.

  • We’ve deployed balancing updates for Cards, Runes, Charms, Effects, Revenge Cards, and Return (a new mechanic!). See all balancing updates here.

A large patch for Origin is live! This patch marks the transition into phase 2 and comes with the launch of an alpha season! We’ve also deployed a flurry of balancing updates along with a new mechanic called Return! To give everyone a fresh slate and to gather data for fine tuning economic balance, we’ve reset the leaderboard and all runes and charms.

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To kickoff this alpha leaderboard , we’ve filled the prize pool with 49,157 AXS!

  • For this Early Access alpha leaderboard, 10,000 players will receive rewards.

  • The top player will earn 500 AXS!

  • You can view the full prize pool breakdown here.

  • The Alpha Season will run until July 28, 2022.

  • As a reminder, SLP earning will begin in Phase 3. See here for more information about our plans and phases for Origin.

  • Expect more AXS rewards once we reach Season 1 and the game is more balanced and polished.

We are really excited to ramp up Origin and expect a lot of competition as we scale into our global launch this fall!

For Season Alpha, we’ve deployed a number of new updates, improvements, and bug fixes. Check them out below:

✨ What’s New ✨

  • All player progression, ranking, runes, charms, and resources has been reset

  • Balancing updates for Cards, Runes, Charms, Effects, Revenge Cards, and Return (a new mechanic!). See all balancing updates here

  • Added a new in-game mechanic called Return

    • Players can select multiple cards from their hand and put them directly on top of their Draw Pile

    • This will guarantee those card(s) are drawn on the next Round

    • The cost is 1 Energy, per card selected

  • Revenge Card Updates

    • Reduced maximum number of Revenge Cards from 6 --> 4

    • Revenge cards are now immediately shuffled into the Discard Pile, instead of being converted from hand

  • Opponent’s info (available energy, number of cards in each pile) formerly displayed in the top right, is now visible again

  • Users on desktop will now automatically log into the game when they are logged into their Mavis Hub account

  • See here for minor UI updates

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes 🛠️

  • Fixed a bug where cards could be played twice if the internet connection was interrupted

  • Various bug fixes when crafting with Moondust

  • Fixed a bug where Mavis could still reduce the Energy of cards even after dying

  • Fixed a bug where a summoned Robin could become immortal

  • Fixed a bug where Bloodmoon sometimes caused the game to crash

  • Fixed a bug where Mavis permanently reduces the Energy cost of cards with Retain attribute

  • Fixed a bug where Fury and Stealth animations were not showing up

  • Opponent’s Shield cards are now correctly shown as Secret in the Match History

  • “Update Now” button correctly downloads the newest version of Origin

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