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🛠️ Origin Updates🛠️: Bug Fixes & Challenger Mode Changes






Key Points

  • We are deploying an update to Origin. The game will be in maintenance until the update is complete.

  • We’ve fixed many critical issues and bugs that were causing mechanics that enabled abuse.

We’ve been delighted by the response to Origin’s Alpha Season! Downloads have spiked and we’re currently seeing around 4,000 new downloads per day. In addition, marketplace activity has surged as you all test new team compositions.

Today we’re deploying a patch that addresses the most critical bugs present in Origin. Please keep in mind that as this is an Alpha Season we will be introducing balancing patches as we observe more data!

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✨ What’s New ✨

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes 🛠️

  • AoE attacks will correctly hit all opponents if an opponent has taunt

  • Multihit attacks will work correctly if an opponent has taunt

  • Cards with target choice are now forced to hit a taunt target, instead of being unplayable

  • Tiny Turtle now correctly targets the front most enemy instead of freely choosing the target

  • Runes now no longer work when the Axie equipping it is knocked out

  • Rage now correctly increases DMG from direct hits, instead of all sources

  • Gill no longer immediately triggers the Bubble Bomb that it just created

  • Fixed a bug where players were forced to use targeted attacks on the Axie behind an Axie with stealth

  • Updated the text to clarify that Cuckoo only applies its effect to single-target attacks

  • Robin's status effects no longer linger after the Robin is killed

  • Updated the Shrimp card to have the "if initial" mechanic, as intended

  • Rosa now correctly has "Banish" instead of "Unstable"

  • Wing Horn now shows the correct DMG of 33 instead of 35

  • Fix a bug where cards that deal more DMG based on target's Shield could ignore the Shield

  • Fix a bug where two different summons could be standing in the same spot

  • Fixed a bug where logging in from Mavis Hub made the game freeze

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