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🎟️ AxieCon Ticket Sales Are Live!





Ticket sales for the first AxieCon in Barcelona, are live! AxieCon is a gathering of the greatest thinkers, builders, and battlers in the Axie ecosystem.

Reserve AxieCon Ticket

Keep in mind that anyone with a Mystic Axie will have the opportunity to upgrade their ticket to VIP status, which will include extra perks at the event.

VIP tickets will NOT be open for individual sale and are exclusively available to Mystic Axie holders.


Why AxieCon?

AxieCon will be a time for us to gather as a community to discuss our mission, vision, priorities, and product roadmap while meeting our past, present, and future allies in the community.

Programming will include:











See you in Barcelona!

Reserve AxieCon Ticket

The Road To AxieCon


Key Points

  • We are committing $1,000,000, in AXS, from the Play & Earn fund to support 3 unique tournaments with direct prizing at AxieCon!

  • To celebrate the conclusion of 21 great seasons with Axie: Classic, we’ll be hosting a world championship, with a robust set of online qualifiers, that will culminate in 16 players duking it out onsite at AxieCon in Barcelona. 500,000 USD in total prizing has been allocated to the World Championship.

  • For those that choose to attend AxieCon in Barcelona on their own accord, we’ll be hosting an onsite “bring-your-own-device” tournament for LAN-attendees with 400,000 USD in prizing.

  • We’ve designed an on-site “gym leader” experience where AxieCon attendees will battle for the chance to play the creators of Axie Infinity and win 100,000 USD in AXS rewards!

    Reserve AxieCon Ticket

Today, we take a major step towards expanding Axie’s competitive scene.

We are committing $1,000,000, in AXS, from the Play & Earn fund to support 3 unique tournaments with direct prizing at AxieCon!


Axie: Classic World Championship

$500,000 in total AXS prizing

To celebrate the conclusion of 21 great seasons with Axie: Classic, we’ll be hosting a world championship, fit with a robust set of online qualifiers, that will culminate in 16 players duking it out onsite at AxieCon in Barcelona, Spain.

Flights and hotels for qualified players will be paid for by Sky Mavis.

The qualifiers will be completely open, meaning that any player with at least 6 Axies, will be able to participate.

The tournament will unfold through a scaleable Swiss format via Community Gaming’s tournament platform and handle a maximum of 64,000 total players.

Community Gaming will be Official Tournament Platform and Operations Partner for the Axie Infinity World Championship, Axie: Origin BYOD Tournament and Axie: Origin Stadium Series and have been instrumental in bringing these tournaments to life

“We’re proud to be the Official Tournament Partners of this landmark event in Web3 gaming history. With Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis has blazed a trail in Web3 esports, and we’re excited to offer our platform as the central competition hub during this extraordinary global event.”

- Chris Gonsalves, CEO, Community Gaming.

Qualifiers will be broken into two primary regions, East and West, and run on inverted timezones from July 28 - August 21 with a 12-hour difference between them to ensure everyone around the world has a chance to compete.

We are also proud to present the prize pool structure, with 50% of the $500,000 going to players competing in the qualifiers. This means you don’t necessarily have to qualify for AxieCon to win prizes for competing.

We elected to hold a final tournament for Classic at AxieCon to ensure that the Origin team feels empowered to make big, sweeping changes to the Origin Meta as we prepare for Global launch this fall.

Full details 👇

Axie Classic World Championship


Axie: Origin BYOD Series

$400,000 in total AXS prizing

For those that choose to attend AxieCon in Barcelona, we’ll also be hosting an onsite “bring-your-own-device” tournament for LAN-attendees only.

Reserve AxieCon Ticket

There will be no qualifiers for this tournament, but anyone with an AxieCon ticket that is also physically in attendance will have the opportunity to register and compete.

The tournament will run over the span of AxieCon, with a winner crowned on the third and final day.

Registration will be able to accommodate a maximum of 2,048 participants on a first come, first serve basis.

Players will be required to bring their own devices to participate in this tournament and are welcome to use any phone, tablet, or laptop that can run the latest version of Axie: Origin.

Please note we will not be able to make any special exceptions for users with Apple phones & tablets that do not have access to Axie: Origin on TestFlight.

Full details 👇

Origin BYOD Series


Axie: Origin Stadium Series

$100,000 in total AXS prizing

For our AxieCon attendees that prefer competing in a more flexible, casual environment, we have created the Stadium Series to give everyone a chance to experience Axie esports.

Reserve AxieCon Ticket

The Stadium Series will host several heats at fixed times during each day of AxieCon where anyone in attendance can register to compete in Swiss-style mini-tournaments.

Players that go undefeated in each heat will be invited back at the end of each day to compete against our Axie Final Four, which will be comprised of Sky Mavis senior employees, like Jiho, Psycheout, Trung, and Zyori.

The most skilled players that are able to reach the Axie Final Four will be rewarded with additional AXS tokens, as well as the opportunity to meet, chat, and take a photo with their final opponents.

Full details 👇

Axie: Origin Stadium Series


Final Thoughts

AxieCon marks an exciting and unique time in Axie Infinity’s history as we celebrate the commencement of the Axie: Origin global launch.

We couldn’t be more excited to mark this event with a large commitment to the development of Axie esports infrastructure and continue taking steps towards an Axie Pro League Circuit.

We hope this clearly demonstrates how imperative esports will be to distributing AXS tokens to our most dedicated players and further encouraging a meritocracy model where the best players get the best rewards.

Regardless of market conditions or bearish sentiments, Sky Mavis is committed to building key esports infrastructure and enabling all of our players with the opportunity to become competitors.

As our esports initiatives continue to grow and scale, we will always be listening to you for feedback along the way to make sure we stay on target. Similarly, we will be putting substantial effort into designing prizing systems that don’t only reward those at the very top, but also create mobility for players that are just starting their competitive journeys.

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