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Ruby Pass Date Announced

Ruby Early Access will be live Thursday, July 15th @ 9:00 am PDT. You have one more weekend to get those Jade drops! Join us for updates and some patch note leaks in the official Discord! Ruby Pass Date Announced was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article

Jade Early Access is live!

Welcome to Big Time, Jade pass holders! Today you get to join Gold and Silver pass holders playing the Big Time Pre-Alpha. Patch Notes With the next phase of Big Time’s Early Access program, comes another big patch: Read and comment on the 0.13 patch notes post over on the official Big Time forums. Pass Redemption Need help redeeming your pass? Check out our Early Access Pass Redemption Guide. Make sure to join the rest of the early access community over on the Big Time Discor

Patch Notes (Jade Early Access)

Patch Notes Version 0.13 🚨Patch Version 0.13 ( Live: June 6th, 2022 ) Read and comment on the 0.13 patch notes post over on the official Big Time forums BALANCE: You can no longer dodge if you’ve been falling for too long You must sprint for a short while before being able to activate the post-sprint attack Heal ability values have been tuned to be more distinct ANIMATION: A new animation has been added for Backstab New Interaction a

Patch Notes

Version 0.12 🚨Patch Version 0.12 has not been applied yet. Watch Discord for an official announcement on the Patch going live. BALANCE: Lord of the dead: Change scaling of dead bodies to damage (starts strong but then scales damage slower than before) Made several boss-type mobs less polite about picking attack locations with other AI Fixed TRex not being able to connect with its intended attack targets reliably Raptors now have a heavy attack ANIMA

Early Access Mystery Boxes

We are excited to announce the addition of mystery boxes dropping in-game for Early Access periods. Please see our release schedule below and some additional important information below. Important to know: The Time Keeper has been renamed “Time Warden.” The Mystery Box contains a “Placeholder NFT” that can be exchanged at a later date for the actual NFT Version of the game object. Date TBD, more information to come. Time Wardens, Armories, and Forges all have varyin

Patch Notes

Version 0.1 BALANCE: High end vendroid will now only spawn in 20+ level ranges Big Che’s rocket barrage is now a bit spicier Boss currency/equipment drop rates have been tweaked (non-NFT) Putting points into stats will now improve player attributes for each point rather then every 5 points Reduced “bleed out” time when players are knocked down AI that are significantly higher level than the player will now be less polite about waiting their turn
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