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Patch Notes (Jade Early Access)




Patch Notes

Version 0.13


🚨Patch Version 0.13 ( Live: June 6th, 2022 )

Read and comment on the 0.13 patch notes post over on the official Big Time forums


  • You can no longer dodge if you’ve been falling for too long
  • You must sprint for a short while before being able to activate the post-sprint attack
  • Heal ability values have been tuned to be more distinct


  • A new animation has been added for Backstab
  • New Interaction animations for various objects have been added
  • New casting animation for fireball has been added
  • Orb lightning now has a new cast animation
  • AI will now occasionally do a little jig when they defeat you
  • Glacial Entombment has a new cast animation


  • Certain loot is now ‘encrypted’ when dropped and must be decrypted before use. Look for your friendly neighborhood decryptor in town!
  • You can now unequip abilities from the hot bar by right-clicking
  • Collision accuracy for various volumetric abilities has been improved to match the visuals more closely
  • Energy Regen ability is now significantly more effective at regenerating allies’ energy
  • Direction selection of Fire Wave has been improved
  • High-level Ninja Leap will now leave a decoy behind distracting foes briefly
  • Revive ability reticle will now correctly highlight targets that can be revived
  • “Adrenaline Potion” that will revive nearby downed friendlies has been added to the game
  • “Resurrect Potion” that will respawn fully dead friendlies has been added to the game
  • Many improvements have been made to Into the Frey ability
  • Fireball will now block movement (bot not aiming) during cast
  • New “rolling thunder” upgrade path added to deployable fixer turrets


  • Visuals for waterfalls and other bodies of water have been improved
  • Deadly water in dungeons now appears more “poisonous”
  • Foliage and overall visuals in Forest dungeons have been improved
  • VFX for bleed ailment has been improved
  • Exploding drone bugs have a new explosion VFX
  • VFX for poison ailment has been improved
  • VFX for rest has been improved
  • VFX for activating shrines has been improved
  • VFX for ancient monitor death has been improved
  • VFX for choppers slashes have been improved
  • VFX for players revived by fixer ability has been added
  • VFX for canister traps has been improved
  • VFX for temporary immunity (post-revive/respawn) has been improved
  • VFX for bubble shield has been improved
  • VFX for alacrity projectile has been improved
  • VFX for smoke poof has been improved
  • VFX has been added to caster when various abilities are activated
  • VFX for lord of the dead ability has been improved
  • VFX has been added for enemy healers
  • VFX for quest bombs has been improved
  • VFX for firewall has been improved
  • VFX for shadowblade Sap ability has been improved
  • Collisions on the Forest Bushes are fixed now. No more clipping camera


  • Improved collision on several props throughout dungeons
  • Time’s End’s vista has been improved
  • Various gaps in dungeon tiles have been fixed
  • New destructible canisters have been added to Time’s End


  • When first connecting to a region, players will now be given the opportunity to select which overworld instance they want to join
  • New item indicator will now persist longer in the Cosmetics tab so it’s more apparent which NFT is new when you loot one
  • Lore text on one-way ticket to town consumable has been improved
  • Improved readability of various reticles (both healing and damage) throughout the game
  • A sensitivity slider has been added to the settings menu
  • Icons have been improved for several consumables and abilities throughout the game
  • Added new icons for various ailments and status effects
  • Toggle hud keybind has been added to the keybinds menu so you can change it from the default Ctrl+`
  • Fixed icon for Rage status effect
  • UI for splitting stacks of items has been improved
  • Many incomplete or missing descriptions have been fixed for abilities
  • Improved display of item requirements to be more legible


  • Big Che has new sounds for various attacks
  • Various inventory movement sounds have been added


  • Fixed UI icon indicator a party member os down remaining after that party member has respawned
  • Fixed NFT/Cosmetic items still being visible during shadowblade’s invisibility
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck in “limbo” after canceling connection dialogs
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the exp bar to appear blank or display invalid XP values after changing TimeLines
  • Fixed issues with whirlwind causing pops/corrections to third-party players watching the move
  • Fixed Dagger of Sir Branor not appearing in-game
  • Fixed enemy poison and fire aura visuals not matching damage radii
  • Various issues with Lord of the Dead have been fixed
  • Fixed issues with players that had many NFTs in their inventory being unable to connect to servers reliably
  • Fixed certain boss fights not having as many enemies as intended
  • Fixed issues with zone names not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to circle one another endlessly
  • Fixed being able to bind the same action to multiple buttons
  • Fixed some cases of loot chests and canisters floating above the ground in Time’s End


  • Foliage and other models in Time’s End have been optimized to reduce load on player GPUs in this area
  • Improved CPU overhead of player movement on servers
  • Fixed servers doing more work than intended when processing game warnings
  • Server-side replication has been reworked. Dramatically reducing CPU overhead for highly populated servers


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