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Game Launch & Summer of Love




Are You Ready!?

The time has arrived…the day you all have been waiting for!!! We’re extremely excited for you all to get your hands on the game, and see all of your lands and unicorns up close and in the game world. We’re in the final stretch of getting everything deployed and ready to go. We’ll be releasing the game later today. We’ll post on Discord and Twitter once the game is live and shortly after that our website will update with a link to play the game. While you wait, we have a handy-dandy guide that we’ve created to help you out. Here is the Crypto Unicorns Game Guide. Definitely check out the Getting Started section to help you prepare for the game!


Remember, this is just the beginning… We have lots of upcoming improvements, features and updates planned, and we’ll give you more info on the roadmap in the near future! For now, the team will be working hard to make sure any issues that arise get resolved and will be focused on closing out the remaining priorities. Of course, we also want to give our dev team a brief respite since they’ve been all hands on deck for a while now, so please be patient with the game, help each other out if you can, and please do report any bugs or issues that you find!

We’re all proud of the work accomplished; it is challenging at the cutting edge of web3 gaming and our devs have solved some tough problems. It’s exciting stuff, but building new things has new and unexpected problems. Unfortunately, we have decided to delay the release of Evolution until next week to give our developers and testers more time to make sure it’s working smoothly. To compensate for the fact that you won’t be able to evolve your babies right away, we’ll be boosting the land rewards. We’ll be releasing an update about that tomorrow.

❤️ Summer of Love ❤️

In the meantime, we’re kicking off the Summer Of Love! We know you are ready to breed your unicorns and create all sorts of new, beautiful unicorn babies (please send baby pics, especially those mythics 😍), so we want to reward you all for growing our family of Unicorns.

The Summer of Love event will consist of 3 monthly milestone events and a season-long Leaderboard! Points earned during each monthly milestone event will be accumulated on the Summer of Love Leaderboard, which will span those 3 months. Monthly milestone rewards will be distributed at the end of each month.

Please note! The Leaderboard and Milestones are not yet visible on the website, but we’ll start counting the points from the launch of the game today. We’ll get the website updated next week, until then you can keep track of how many points you have by referencing the numbers below.

Milestone Events
Each milestone event will have multiple event tasks and 5 milestones. Players can earn points and rewards by completing the required tasks. At the end of each milestone event, milestone progress will be reset and players will be sent rewards based on the number of milestones they completed during the event.

The Milestone Event Schedule will be as follows-

Month 1 — Breeding Milestone


  • Duration: May 3rd — May 31st
  • Reward Distribution Date: June 2nd

Event Tasks

  • Breed a Unicorn: 50 points
  • Hatch a Mythic: 20 points
  • Evolve a Unicorn: 10 point

Month 2 — Evolution Milestone


  • Duration June 1st — June 30th
  • Reward Distribution Date: July 7th

Event Tasks

  • Evolve a Unicorn: 50 points
  • Breed a Unicorn: 20 points
  • Hatch a Mythic: 20 points

Month 3 — Hidden Class Milestone


  • Duration: July 1st — July 31st
  • Reward Distribution Date: August 4th

Event Tasks

  • Breed a Hidden Class Unicorn: 50 points
  • Breed a Unicorn: 20 points
  • Hatch a Mythic: 20 points
  • Evolve a Unicorn: 10 points

The Milestone Requirements / Rewards for the first event –Breeding Milestone– are listed below:

1*hDdDQGJ8XLOFFUnnXgHEpw.pngMilestone requirements and rewards for the breeding event.

Season of Love Leaderboard
Players can earn points on the Leaderboard by completing event tasks for each monthly milestone event. At the end of the Season of Love Leaderboard, players will be sent rewards based on their ending rank.

Season of Love Leaderboard Dates:

  • Duration: May 2nd — July 31st
  • Reward Distribution Date: August 4th

Upon the conclusion of the Season of Love Leaderboard, players will receive rewards based on their ending tier. The Season of Love Leaderboard tier rewards will be as follows-

0*pDYzWh2TKaqUtrV3Season of Love Leaderboard Tier Rewardsstat?event=post.clientViewed&referrerSou

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