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Pioneer Land Holder Program




Hello Uni Fam!

With the launch of CU drawing near, it is now time to formally announce the Pioneer Program! This program will span over four weeks and will aim to achieve two primary goals, reward loyal landholders and provide weekly packages of seeds/materials to help kickstart their operations.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into how this program will work-

How do I qualify?
To enter the program, players must “lock” their land plots into CU prior to May 8th at 00:00 UTC. Players must keep their land plots “locked” in order to qualify for each week’s rewards. Land plots “unlocked” during this program will lose their eligibility and will be excluded from the remaining airdrops.

For example, if a player locked 4 land plots into CU prior to May 7th, unlocks one land plot on May 15th, and then another land plot on May 28th, the player would receive the following land rewards.

Week 1: 4 Land Reward Packages
Week 2: 3 Land Reward Packages (one land plot removed during this week)
Week 3: 3 Land Reward Packages
Week 4: 2 Land Reward Packages (one land plot removed during this week)

Note that only Land Plots locked into CU prior to May 7th will be eligible for Pioneer Program rewards. Land plots entered into the game subsequent to May 7th and land plots locked prior to May 7th, unlocked, and then re-locked into CU will not be eligible for Pioneer Program rewards.

Important Dates
Each week, we will take a snapshot to determine the addresses/land plots that have been locked since May 7th. The addresses/land plots included on this list will be eligible for that week’s rewards.

Week 1- May 7th — May 12th
- Snapshot Date: May 13th 00:00 UTC
- Reward Distribution Date: May 19th

Week 2- May 13th — May 19th
- Snapshot Date: May 20th 00:00 UTC
- Reward Distribution Date: May 26th

Week 3- May 20th — May 26th
- Snapshot Date: May 27th 00:00 UTC
- Reward Distribution Date: June 2nd

Week 4- May 27th — June 2nd
- Snapshot Date: June 3rd 00:00 UTC
- Reward Distribution Date: June 9th

Due to the delay of the Evolution, we have increased the total amount of rewards given out via the Pioneer Program by 50%! Each land type will generate a unique set of rewards that cater to the class/rarity of the land plot. As the weeks progress, the amount of RBW / UNIM gifted to each land plot will increase.

RBW / UNIM Weekly Rewards per Land Plot Type-


Seed / Material Weekly Rewards per Land Plot Type-


-The Laguna Games Team


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