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The Rainbow Marketplace




Hello! Today, let’s learn a bit about the Rainbow Marketplace, which is the economic hub of Crypto Unicorns, and the place where players can buy and sell a variety of in-game items, including seeds, berries, crafting materials, and boosters, in exchange for RBW Tokens!


The Marketplace will serve as an important place for our players:

  • This is where you will be able to buy seeds, crafting materials, and boosters you can use to make your land and farms more productive.
  • This is where you earn RBW from selling items that you have produced, such as berries or crafted materials, or items you no longer need.
  • The general market dictates the prices over time. Savvy players can predict what the market will do and make profitable trades, just like a real-world stock market. Let’s see your inner trader!

The Rainbow Marketplace is built as an AMM, or Automated Market Maker, functioning like Uniswap, the popular decentralized exchange. This means that, once setup, our Marketplace will be able to continuously offer fair, updated prices for a variety of items, automatically, with little to no human management.

How Does the Marketplace work?

Since it is an AMM, each item (bundle) available will have a separate Liquidity Pool (LP), where it is paired with RBW. At launch, each LP will be supplied with a starting amount of the item and RBW Tokens from the Treasury. This will serve as the initial liquidity for anyone who wants to buy or sell that item. Over time, the price of the various items will be adjusted by the community’s buying and selling activity.

Because it is an AMM, the price of an item is always algorithmically calculated based on the supply in the LP. Similar to Uniswap, we are using a “Constant Product Function” for our AMM. To put it simply, this function means that as an item is sold in the Marketplace, the price of the item goes down, and as the item is purchased, the price goes up.

1*Dxnj37qOkgC9d6_ueT2N1Q.pngAsset Quantities in a Constant Product Function LP

The shape of the curve (see the hyperbola above) is designed to ensure there is liquidity at any quantity. Follow this link to read more about Constant Product Functions.

1% Market Fee: Whenever a player buys an item, there will be a 1% fee that will be collected and put towards the Treasury, which will go to ensure that the Marketplace continues to provide RBW for the long-term future!

Slippage: Because this AMM is just like Uniswap and other DEXs, there is also the possibility of “slippage” in a transaction. Before completing a transaction, you will clearly see the maximum slippage allowed.

1*U64FC77EwMkIWdo6qAt7mQ.pngYou will need an available Unicorn to Sell in the Marketplace

A Unicorn is required: In order to sell your items to the Marketplace, you will need to haul your goods to the market with a Unicorn! Your unicorn will be busy for 8 hours before they are available for other tasks.

Daily Bundles: It’s important to note that the Daily Bundles that were mentioned in the Whitepaper are not currently planned for the Rainbow Marketplace. Instead, items will persist in the Marketplace continuously, and prices will change over time.

New Items and other Changes

Over time, the team may continue to make adjustments to LPs, market fees, or add or remove items from the Marketplace, as we continue to tune the game balance and evolve the game.

What are you going to be buying and selling in the Rainbow Marketplace? See you there!


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