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Patch Notes Update — June 27, 2022




Patch Notes Update — June 27, 2022


Good early release day, Kingdom!

By now, the intrepid amongst you will have collected a veritable mountain of raffle tickets from your Dueling efforts. At the very least, you may have earned a few from putting me and my Heroes in their place. Well now there’s a place to spend those hard-earned tickets! Here’s the deets, with huge props to Winston Jazzhands for writing this out: These features will be available on Beta, along with the Duels feature, until they are both fully launched to production — Beetle Dude

Raffle Master

Now players can spend their Duel rewards at the Raffle Master, who’s set up in the Castle. There are five types of Raffles: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, and the Gold Pot. Mini Raffles run for 15 minutes, Small Raffles run for 6 hours, Medium Raffles run for 24 hours, and Large Raffles run for 7 days. Rewards are better for bigger Raffles but they take longer to complete. All Raffles are configured to run automatically and be opened, closed, and drawn by players.


Each Raffle will have information describing how many tickets the player has entered, how many total entries there are, and the chances of the player winning. The player can add more tickets to increase their chances. Players cannot cancel ticket entries after they have been made. Tickets are removed from the player’s inventory at the time of entering. Raffle entries require a minimum of one ticket and the max entries are one ticket for every three seconds remaining in the raffle. For example, a Mini Raffle has a 900 second duration so the max entries a player could make would be 300, assuming they entered them the moment the Raffle began. Every three seconds, the amount of entries possible would go down so at 899 seconds the max entries would be 299.

When the Raffle entry time ends, no more tickets will be accepted. At that point, any player can close the Raffle. When the Raffle has been closed, winners can be drawn and awards appear in the form of Airdrops within a few minutes after drawing winners. Any player can draw winners after the raffle is closed.

Gold Pot


In item raffles, players risk their tickets without the guarantee of winning anything. Tickets entered into the Gold Pot will always win Gold. Players will see a raffle description that shows the time remaining for the current entry period and a Claim button to withdraw gold from previous periods if tickets were entered. The amount of Gold each player wins depends on how many tickets have been entered. The Gold Pot is split amongst all tickets, with an equal share for each. Players won’t need to start, close, or draw for the Gold Pot. Gold Pot periods are 24 hours. We’ll be using the Gold collected thus far from Duels to incentivize the next week of Gold Pots.

Thanks again for being an awesome community! We’ve put a lot of work into the Raffle Master and are excited for the opportunities it will create for other features in the future. This will be the primary release for this week so no additional patch will be going out on Wednesday. Go check out the castle and keep an eye out for some amazing prizes running through the Raffle Master. Godspeed and good rafflin’!


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