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Patch Notes Update — July 8, 2022




Patch Notes Update — July 8, 2022


Good release day, Kingdom!

Today we’re taking a big step towards feature parity in Crystalvale by releasing our first two quests in the icy realm. Specifically, Fishing and Foraging are making their big debut. Check it out! — Beetle Dude

Fishing and Foraging Quests

Head to the beautiful new Professions grounds in Crystalvale and bring your Heroes with you! The music and art are just lovely and Forester Ivanna and Fisher Mark are ready and waiting for your assistance. You’ll notice a couple other new faces in the area, as well — the lovely Greenskeeper Sivia and the eccentric Pickman Khudmire, whose quests will be coming in future updates.

1*NbICAoiUaWkE3joVgXGZ-w.pngFisher Mark1*yGn0qDAdb4ifrKik-L1Q-g.pngForester Ivanna

We’re also working to bring the Meditation Circle to Crystalvale as soon as possible, to ensure those experience-packed Heroes can offload some of that pent-up XP.

Multi-hero Questing Duration

As part of this release, we will be removing all time penalties when grouping more than one Hero at a time for Fishing and Foraging quests in Crystalvale to start, then Serendale within the next few days. Each attempt will now take 20 seconds across the board.

Gaia’s Tears Update

Part of this release will introduce a new version of Gaia’s Tears on DFK Chain, to account for some necessary contract upgrades coinciding with the new quest contracts. Starting today, all summoning on DFK Chain will use the new token (earned via questing or by migrating from old Tears). Luckily, it’s simple to migrate! Just pull up your current Gaia’s Tears in your inventory, click to open their tooltip, and Approve and complete the Migration process. This will convert all of the original Tears over to the new version in a single transaction.

Note: For a limited time, the Tears bridge between Harmony and DFK Chain will only bridge the old Tears until the contracts are upgraded. Any Tears migrated via the inventory will only be usable on DFK Chain until that happens.

Bug Fixes

  • Misc. bugs marooned at sea

Thanks for being such a great community! Y’all are really the best. Now, godspeed and good questing in Crystalvale!


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