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LAND Owner Roadmap 2022




We continue to bring value to our LAND Owners.

Let’s kick off the second part of the year by recapping the support we have delivered to our LAND Owners in The Sandbox Open Metaverse so far — and look at the exciting new programs we are planning to execute over the rest of the year.


  • Roadmap 2022 for LAND Owner
  • SAND airdrop to all LAND Owners
  • Discord AMA on May 20th at 3PM UTC

Activated programs: with an hourglass along with their planned date. It’s important that we hear directly from LAND owners, and to further discuss all the programs, we will hold an AMA on May 20th at 3PM UTC.

We look forward to speaking with you then.


As a LAND Owner

Discover some of the perks, past and present that are attached to being a LAND Owner on the Sandbox Metaverse:


  • ✅2.5M $SAND airdrop to LAND owners — January 2022
  • ⏳5M $SAND airdrop to LAND owners — May 2022
  • ⏳$SAND claim to celebrate the Metaverse’s 1,000th day based on LAND holding time — September 2022


  • ✅ Multiplier on SAND-ETH staking (Uniswap) — May 2020
  • ⏳ Multiplier on SAND-MATIC staking (Quickswap) — May 2022
  • ⏳ Multiplier on SAND staking (Layer 2) — May 2022
  • ⏳ LAND owner exclusive $CATALYST and $GEM farming (Layer 2) — June 2022
  • ⏳ LAND owner exclusive 10M $SAND farming (Layer 2) — July 2022


  • ✅ More than 100,000 LAND acquired by over 20,000 LAND owners
  • ⏳ New partners 👀🛹🎮⛓️🚬🕰️🎬 — May / June 2022
  • ⏳ New sales system with a raffle and KYC for a fair and distributed process — September 2022
  • ⏳ Upcoming LAND sale Ubisoft, Paris Hilton, Warner Music Group, Gucci — Q2/Q3 2022


  • ✅ Season 1 — Exclusive Rewards — November 2021
  • ✅ Season 2 — Earn more $SAND and Raffle Tickets — February 2022
  • ⏳ Season 3 — Extra Raffle Tickets, increased rewards, special raffle for LAND Owners only, raffle bonus — July 2022


  • ✅ 35+ certified Builders community — June 2022
  • ⏳ Create ESTATEs with your LANDs — Q3 2022
  • ⏳ Publish experiences on your LAND — Q3 2022
  • ⏳ Rent LANDs & ESTATEs — Q4 22
  • ⏳ Premium LAND will unlock new assets and behaviors in the Game Maker — Q4 2022


  • ⏳ Get access to all features on Polygon Layer 2 — June 2022
  • ⏳ 1M $SAND distributed in cashback on migrated LANDs — June 2022


  • ⏳ Organize exclusive IRL events with our LAND owners including brands, talents and more… Soon at www.nft.nyc ✈️ — June 2022
  • ⏳ Organize and finance local Meetups — Q4 2022

Be a LAND owner; Own the future

The Sandbox is the #1 metaverse with a strong community and a large, broadly distributed group of LAND owners. We aim to renew our efforts to empower the community and encourage creators to innovate, dare, and help us grow our metaverse culture together.

  • Broad LAND Distribution
  • LAND ownership is one the most equally distributed of any metaverse
  • Plan to reach 50,000 LAND owners by 2023
  • Strong Community
  • Currently have 2.5M registered wallets
  • 500,000 active users
  • 350,000 Season players
  • 20,500 LAND owners
  • 150,000 SAND holder
  • Support for Creators
  • Hosted 5 Game Jams in 2021
  • 700,000 $SAND distributed to creators across the world in 2021


Alongside offering LAND owners creative opportunities in 2022 with ASSET minting and EXPERIENCE publishing, we want to offer equally exciting economic opportunities to support their creativity.

  • In May 2022, a 5M $SAND airdrop will be distributed. We want to reward our most faithful contributors and let them know we have their back


  • In September 2022, an anniversary claim of $SAND based on LAND ownership duration is scheduled for the 1,000th day of the metaverse! Let’s celebrate this milestone together.


We plan to make staking a steady and durable mechanism in our ecosystem that represents involvement, trust, and decision making. We believe that bringing a new and improved staking system with more flexibility will allow us to experiment with the community and find the best ways to involve everyone in a meaningful way.

  • Staking multipliers will be back on Polygon Layer 2 for SAND and SAND-MATIC as soon as the deployment is complete. We will bring back the table from SAND-ETH.
  • $GEM and $CATALYST farming will open in June 2022, allowing LAND owners to kickstart the creator economy.


  • An exclusive 10M $SAND reward for LAND owners involving LAND staking will start in July 2022. This new system will require you to own LAND and sets a maximum of $SAND you can stake per LAND. This focuses on empowering LAND owners through a minimal $SAND stake.



After the distribution of over 100,000 LANDs to more than 20,000 LAND owners, we want to keep expanding our community in a fair and distributed manner. We are committed to improving the LAND buying experience by taking measures to exclude bots and improve the overall flow. Our goal remains to onboard as many LAND owners as possible to create a rich and diverse metaverse.

  • We are working on a new sales system involving more security through KYC and fairer distribution via a raffle system to ensure we continue distributing LAND in a meaningful way. Details will be revealed in the next few months and will be implemented for the next LAND sales in September 2022.
  • New partners keep flowing into the metaverse and we can’t wait for you to meet them all! 👀🛹🎮⛓️🚬🕰️🎬
  • We are also working very hard to deliver you the next upcoming LAND sale scheduled for 2022 Q2/Q3 with amazing partners like @Ubisoft @ParisHilton @warnermusic @gucci


With more than 350,000 players and 10M $SAND rewards distributed, Season 2 proved to be a success for the community. We heard your feedback, and we are continually adjusting to find the perfect balance when it comes to play and earn. For Season 3 in July 2022, LAND owners will be granted additional perks and rewards.

  • More $SAND rewards for owning LAND
  • Extra raffle tickets for each LAND owned without capping
  • An exclusive raffle for LAND owners


As we introduce the next steps to build the metaverse, we hope to stimulate a healthy circular economy and create new jobs and activities in the metaverse. Being an architect, a designer, a speaker, an event planner, a real estate developer, and more will become possible with the right tools.

  • We kickstarted a certified builders community to curate the best content creators and connect them with LAND owners in need of someone to share their vision and help them bring it to life. This community now has 35+ members and will keep growing through 2022!
  • Custom ESTATE creation is coming in Q3 2022. We want to make it as flexible as possible to let LAND owners carve out their own space in the metaverse.
  • The Game Maker has witnessed a lot of creativity during our game jams and various contests. In Q3 2022, we want to empower users to flesh out what they want to build in the metaverse. The EXPERIENCE token will confirm that vision and let creators mint and trade their creations. By decoupling EXPERIENCE and LAND as separate tokens, we hope to foster creativity by letting everyone who wants to do so create their own EXPERIENCE. LAND remains the pillar on which EXPERIENCE needs to be hosted, but anyone can become a creator and monetize their talent.
  • Through LAND and ESTATE renting, we hope to boost a healthy creator economy, where creators and owners can offer the best content possible through various possibilities and agreements.
  • The Game Maker is a place for creativity but also a place for communities to build together. In the past, premium LANDs have been distributed around some of our partners, and they represent a foothold into their respective universes. We want to empower premium LAND owners through exclusive ASSETs and behaviors unlocked in the Game Maker.


We believe full Layer 2 Polygon support is a game changer that makes The Sandbox cheaper, greener, and more energy efficient, benefiting players, creators, and the environment. With the ability to significantly lower gas fees and offer seamless gasless systems, we will be able to experiment even further with game mechanics, token interactions, and play and earn possibilities.

  • LAND and ASSET are joining SAND on Polygon Layer 2 in June 2022.
  • To encourage the migration and lighten the gas cost, a cashback of 10 $SAND per LAND migrated can be claimed on Polygon for a total of over 1M $SAND allocated toward this important milestone for our ecosystem.


As our community grows in the metaverse, it also pushes boundaries in the physical world! We want to champion our communities and offer an opportunity to connect LAND owners, creators, innovators, and players together. That’s the very purpose of The Sandbox as a platform to connect and exchange. Our goal is to provide places of discussion and exchange where we will nurture our special bond and relationship. We will keep showing up at major events and also schedule gatherings across the world for our communities.

  • Our next stop to meet you is at NFT.nyc in June 2022.
  • More exclusive events for LAND owners and certified builders are planned for the future.

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