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Bring Down a Futuristic Criminal Empire in The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 2!




In an experience brought to you by RTFKT and the Game Maker Fund.

Meta Dungeon is one of the games that is coming to The Sandbox’s second Alpha. It is supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund. Find out more about this electrifying futuristic sci-fi game and play it today!


About The Game

Meta Dungeon is a sci-fi action game, in which the player, who is just a regular citizen from the futuristic city, ends up getting abducted by, at the time to them, an unknown entity. When the player next awakens ordeal, they will find themselves in a place that is completely unknown to them — the Meta Dungeon.


The player will need to explore the Meta Dungeon to find some answers and a way out. During their exploration of this vast underground labyrinth, the player will meet many people that they can help — or harm. You will need to discover why you have been forced into the strange Meta Dungeon, make new allies (or enemies) and, eventually, dismantle an evil, corrupt criminal empire.

1*ffk74HMKZFKKswTyJjSmpQ.png1*78aurV1Eh6esf3l1bsf2Yw.pngLeft: An android citizen. Right: A hoodie citizen.1*wXsat5SUK2TVgknGwO6VAA.png1*_2Rsh6JJdHhnang0oVyAwA.pngLeft: A cyborg swordsperson. Right: A security robot.

Being set in the future, this world is full of futuristic and sci-fi art, buildings, assets, and NPCs. Such as flying cars, self-aware robots, bustling Blade-Runner-like settlements, and… wait what? A giant ape. Yes, you read that right.


Teaser Trailer

Take a look at the trailer for this game.

Play The Game

Join the second Alpha at The Sandbox to play this fan-meta-tastic sci-fi game today!

👉 Click here to go to the Alpha page on The Sandbox’s official website to play Meta Dungeon, and more!

Note that The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 ends on the 31st March.

About The Creator

Meta Dungeon, supported and funded by The Sandbox, is developed by RTKFT. Here’s a little bit of what their team had to say:


My name is Nicolas, I currently live in France and I have been a pro player on Overwatch, Fortnite and have been a full time streamer until mid-2021. I started making games when the Fortnite creative mode came out. I soon started working with Gotaga in France, doing collaborations with streamers; I also collaborated with NVIDIA, Red Bull, Ninja, Jul, and so on. When RTFKT offered me a chance to work with them on The Sandbox, I immediately accepted and here I am. So for the Game Maker, there are a lot of things that I like despite the little minor bugs, but I know it’s in development.


Hi, I’m Gunter and I am a voxel artist working on RTFKT’s Meta Dungeon. Prior to this, I have over a year of experience making voxel art, as well as being a Sandbox’s Creator Fund artist. Some of my featured assets include the Boombot (Summer Music Festival Sale) and Bathing Ape (Summer Pool Party Sale). Personally I think, VoxEdit is a very versatile 3D voxel modeller and animator. It is simple enough for anyone to pick it up and is also very enjoyable to use!


Hi, I’m æ (aka aeaea) and it’s been a year since I started creating games with The Sandbox Game Maker. I’m the creator behind The Meow Glitch, and now part of the team that created RTFKT Meta Dungeon. Over the years I’ve led the creative direction of experiences and games for clients like Audi, and the Berlin Video Game Museum (for which I was awarded two Cannes Lions). I love the fact that The Sandbox Game Maker is simple enough to use that anyone can learn to create environments, characters and stories in the Metaverse, yet complex enough to feel like you’re always mastering it.


I’m Kryw and I actually work as a Level Designer and storyteller at RTFKT Studios. In the past I was a professional player on Shootmania & Overwatch, where I won a lot of big LAN Tournaments. When Fortnite Creative was released, with Nokss we started to build together to do some brand maps for Gotaga. And now working on The Sandbox since last summer, this editor has huge potential for an early stage, but few things can be enhanced like doing maps with other people at the same time, but great tools need time right?

🔗 Follow RTFKT: Website | Twitter | Instagram | DiscordTikTok

The Game Maker Fund

Are you an aspiring game designer? An indie studio with a great idea? Or an established game design company looking for an entry into the metaverse?


Then take a look into the Game maker Fund at The Sandbox, which is there to support and fund great gaming ideas and experiences for The Sandbox Game’s metaverse. Click here to learn more about the Game Maker Fund and how to apply.

Join & follow The Sandbox: Website | TwitterDiscord

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