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Discover Ancient China’s Tang Dynasty in The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 2!




Let’s go back in time and explore the gorgeous Tang Dynasty together. Oh, and destroy an evil presence too.

In the real world, the Tang Dynasty is considered to have been the golden age of art and culture in China. In the metaverse, you can now go back in time and experience this for yourself.

Border Town of Tang Dynasty is one of the games that is coming to The Sandbox’s second Alpha. It is supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund. Read on to find out more about this rich and immersive experience.


About The Game

Border Town of Tang Dynasty is a beautiful exploration game where you can discover Chinese art and culture while completing some quests. Visit Xuanhua Hall, spend some time at Linghu Lake, and enjoy a festival in the border town, where people light kongming lanterns to celebrate.


This experience embodies many elements of Chinese art and culture, such as flowering cherry trees, elegant palaces, Ancient Chinese-style buildings, dragon totems, and Chinese art. It is a truly immersive and beautiful experience for all to appreciate and enjoy.


But it’s not all about exploration. There are also some quests that you will need to complete, in order to reach the end of the experience. These quests range from collecting Ganoderma Lucidum for the king, searching for a lost portrait, and defeating an evil presence that stalks from the mountains above the Border Town of Tang Dynasty. To highlight just three of them.


Teaser Trailer

Take a look at the teaser trailer for this experience.

Play The Game

Join the second Alpha at The Sandbox to play this game today!

👉 Click here to go to the Alpha page on The Sandbox’s official website to play Border Town of Tang Dynasty, and more!

Note that Alpha Season 2 ends on the 31st March.

About The Creator

Border Town of Tang Dynasty was developed by CGame. Here’s what they had to say:

We are CGame studio from China. At present, we have produced two 2x2 games, one about the Tang Dynasty and the other about the monkey king. We still have 10 games under production. We enjoyed the production process very much. In this process, VoxEidt let us give full play to our creativity and produce many works of art that surprised us. Gamemaker makes it very easy for us to make many game functions, and we like everything about it.
Our game has a strong ancient Chinese style and many awe-inspiring large buildings. Players can enjoy the whole game immersively in rich scene tasks.
VoxEdit is really easy to use. It comes with modeling design and animation. We have made many NPCs with it, and their effects are very good. The Game Maker is an amazing tool, it has built-in components to allow us to easily edit quite mature games. We are very familiar with it now, and we are studying more interesting ways to play.

🔗 Follow the creator: Twitter

The Game Maker Fund

Are you an aspiring game designer? An indie studio with a great idea? Or an established game design company looking for an entry into the metaverse?


Then take a look into the Game maker Fund at The Sandbox, which is there to support and fund great gaming ideas and experiences for The Sandbox Game’s metaverse. Click here to learn more about the Game Maker Fund and how to apply.

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