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Open Letter : STEPN and APE Realm

Open Letter : STEPN and APE Realm Dear STEPNers, Looking back over the past few months, we have enjoyed the successes of both the SOL Realm and BNB Realm, and have encountered a few speed bumps that we plan to take head-on. In this letter we wish to introduce our new third realm, called APE realm as well as talk about STEPN as a whole. With APE Realm, we incorporate elements of brands and new communities to explore the personalized possibilities of STEPN. This is in line wi

Forging New Worlds: What is the Metaverse?

In line with our recent crypto glossary article, we have kickstarted an initiative aimed at easing new users not only into our app but also the Web3 universe, breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-digest pieces. Next up is a series exploring a recent flavour of the year — Metaverse. As the 1979 hit single Video Killed the Radio Star famously asserts, developments in technology define our culture and lifestyles. For example, back in 2005, social media was all about text — updating

STEPN Realm 3 : OG APE Sneakers Airdrop Rules

STEPN Realm 3 : OG APE Sneakers Drop Rules Dearest STEPNers, We are aware many of you have been waiting with bated breath on the details of the launch of Realm 3. To get the ball rolling, we’re starting you off with ways to get a head start. So read on for the OG APE Sneaker drop rules on our Realm3. Genesis Sneaker STEPN Genesis Sneaker holders are eligible to receive the following OG APE Shoebox drops: 1x Common Genesis Sneaker gives 1x Common OG APE Shoebox

Designing Walkable Cities.

Good design is simple, but it’s definitely not easy. Something that affects our lives every day — yet we don’t always think about — are our living environments. How do we design cities that help make us healthier, boost our happiness, and increase our longevity? One way is by making it easier to walk. STEPN’s North Star Here at STEPN, we’ve designed a product that is meant to supplement and enhance your experience of walking. By rewarding movement with cryptocurrency, we’ve c


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Crypto Terms : STEPN & beyond

Crypto Terms: STEPN & beyond Greetings! STEPN has come a long way from our humble beginnings in December of 2021. We are well on our way to accomplishing our mission of bringing Web3 to the masses. That said, it is acutely evident that many of our users are new to the crypto space and may not be familiar with the jargon used. We have compiled a list of terminologies specifically relating to the STEPN ecosystem and beyond to help you navigate the crypto world a bit better! Glos


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Part 3: Reimagining FitTech From the Bottom Up

This is the third and final installation of our series, STEPN: Building the Future in a Bear Market. In previous parts, we discussed two of the fundamental ways we seemed to achieve “overnight success.” We did this by working hard and long hours and actively “building the future” ahead of us, instead of just sitting around and trying to speculate at what would happen. The first portion of our series is Part 1: How We Created a Blue Ocean Market. It covers how we pioneered the move-and-


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Part 2: Building the future, rewriting the playbook of growth

In our previous article, we laid out our philosophy on how to predict the future. Everyone wants to know what will happen in the future, but beyond a few lucky guesses, no one really knows what is around the corner. Even the best of the best, experts with all of their fancy financial models, are unable to figure out which direction the stock market is heading tomorrow. As Jeff Stibel of the Harvard Business Review lays out: But instead of throwing a bunch of resources, time


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Part 1 : Building the Future, how we Created a Blue Ocean Market

How We Created a Blue Ocean Market Everyone wants to be able to predict the future. There is an inordinate amount of time, resources, and money is thrown towards drawing up projections for tomorrow. Even our pop culture is obsessed with it. Think about movies that are focused on travelling through time, or imagining what life will be like 50 years from now. But…predicting the future is extremely difficult. Unless you happen to have a magical crystal ball, it’s going to be pre

STEPN’s Action Plan for Game Economy

Over the past 5 days, we have received over 1,500 responses to our call for feedback from our community members. It was extremely heartening to see members banding together towards improving the game. “There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” From the responses, we witnessed a healthy blend of insights and wisdom, as well as support and kind words. We would like to share what we have unpacked over the past few days. Basis of this initiative

Part 3: NFTs — A Non-Fungible Renaissance

Part 3: NFTs — A Non-Fungible Renaissance Art, Culture, and Tech This is the third and concluding part of our series on deep dive into NFTs which we believe to be the bricks in the walls of Web3. We have talked of their essence in part 1 and utility in part 2 and in this article we explore the current and future applications in art. Dusty history books often refer to the Dark Ages, a time ruled by barbaric conquests and intellectual darkness in mediaeval western Europe. Thank

Reflections on our game ecosystem

Looking back at the past two months, especially with the recent opening of the BSC realm on the 30th of April, STEPN made an unprecedentedly bold move. We certainly paid our dues in this attempt, but we also learned a ton. Herein, we try to review this expedition in an objective manner, and summarize our take-aways and action plans, hoping that we can upgrade STEPN’s economic system before the roll-out of the future realms. Therefore the team’s goal is completely aligned with the use

SMAC: STEPN Model for Anti Cheating

Introducing STEPN’S Anti-Cheating System — SMAC The word ‘cheating’ in any context carries negative connotations. And why should it not? To cheat, by definition, is to deprive a person of something valuable through the use of deceit or fraud. In traditional video games, cheaters deprive normal users of in-game resources, assets or positive gaming experiences. It is rampant, and frustrating for those who are playing fair. For Play2Earn games where money is involved, solving cheating and

Part 2: NFTs — A curious case of Utility

Part 2: NFTs — A curious case of Utility In our previous article, we gave a brief introduction to what NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are about. For this part of the series, we will be diving deep into the utility, both existing and potential, of NFT technology, and how it stands to change the world as we know it. What exactly is utility? Previously, we have mentioned that NFTs are tokens with metadata attached (such as artwork). NFTs with utility are those with a use for it outs

NFTs — the bricks in the walls of Web3

NFTs — the bricks in the walls of Web3 An Introduction to NFTs: Part 1 In 2021, the usage of the word NFT has been widespread across the vast landscape of the Internet. It is hard to find a young person who is unaware of this term. Headlines of digital monkey drawings selling for millions span the articles shared on Facebook — oh-so-wild times indeed! It is thus understandable that NFTs are often mentioned in confused breaths or statements that condemn and cast doubt on

We are building digital campfires, gather around!

For as long as humans have existed, communities have been integral to our survival. Here at STEPN, we consider community one of our most important pillars, and a massive amount of our resources and time is dedicated to ensuring that we are growing our community of STEPNers thoughtfully, prioritizing quality over quantity. With the advent of the digital world, online communities are becoming more and more important, but how these communities actually form is starting to shift significan

Guilds — families or governing bodies?

Guilds — families or governing bodies? The phenomenon of human tribalism is a greatly interesting one. Since our caveman days, the evolution of humanity has been marked by powerful competition amongst groups and alliances. From the rise and fall of empires to the formation of labour unions, it is clear that our propensity for alliances has shaped the landscape of our world tremendously. This much is already evident within the Web3 space. People share hot new information and trad

Tokenomics at STEPN

Introduction Imagine having a machine that prints money — we’d all be rolling in riches! Alas, as adults we realize that this dream we had as children is simply not feasible, due to the principle of inflation. When the money in circulation increases, the cost of goods and services increases accordingly. The principle that a burgeoning money supply causes high inflation is one of the basic laws of economics. The dream-like machine often appears to take the shape of Play2Earn blockchain

STEPN’s Story of Success

Here at STEPN, we’ve been extremely grateful for all the excitement, support, and engagement we have seen from the community. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions seeing our dream grow into a reality. We’ve truly put our blood, sweat, and tears into this platform for the past several months, working long nights to create something that will help make the world a healthier place. We’re continuing to work hard to reach more people and encourage them to build healthy habits, and spendin

STEPN taking bold steps toward Carbon Neutrality

Today, April 22 marks Earth Day 2022 — where humankind reunites in celebration of support for our planet. We move together as one towards being the change we want to see, working hand in hand towards a greener and brighter future. The theme of this year’s Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet” — a call for all of us to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). This aligns with STEPN’s mission of pioneering a climate-positive Web3 space. We believe that the technology an


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Welcome to the STEPN Exclusive Club.

REWARDS: **Grand prize: 10 Stickers designed by the grand winner will be featured on our Discord server + $10K worth of GMT Nominated prize: 4 nominated winners will each get $2k worth of GMT and a potential opportunity to work with us in the future.** YOUR TASK: From 23:59 GMT 25/04 to 23:59 GMT 09/05 create 3 animated stickers(Congrats 🎉, Laugh 😂, Sad 😢 as the themes of the 3 stickers). Example stickers: http://distok.top/stickers/ Post it on Twitter with @stepne


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STEPN and Wellbeing Impact!

As we continue to build and grow STEPN, we like to reflect on our roots every now and then. One of our biggest motivators when we first started this project was to add more good to the world. As we considered how we could create something that would benefit our friends, family, and neighbours — and spread those benefits across the globe — we kept our north star in mind. We want to make the world a healthier place while bridging the gap between web2 and web3. This north star led us to b


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