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STEPN Realm 3 : OG APE Sneakers Airdrop Rules




STEPN Realm 3 : OG APE Sneakers Drop Rules


Dearest STEPNers,

We are aware many of you have been waiting with bated breath on the details of the launch of Realm 3. To get the ball rolling, we’re starting you off with ways to get a head start.

So read on for the OG APE Sneaker drop rules on our Realm3.

Genesis Sneaker

STEPN Genesis Sneaker holders are eligible to receive the following OG APE Shoebox drops:

  • 1x Common Genesis Sneaker gives 1x Common OG APE Shoebox
  • 1x Uncommon Genesis Sneaker gives 1x Common OG APE Shoebox + 2x Common Minting Scrolls
  • 1x Rare Genesis Sneaker gives 1x Uncommon OG APE Shoebox
  • 1x Epic Genesis Sneaker gives 1x Uncommon OG APE Shoebox + 10x Common Minting Scrolls

You could read more about STEPN Genesis Sneaker here


For a limited time, BAYC holders will have a chance to mint an OG APE Shoebox for FREE on STEPN’s upcoming new website:

1x Bored Ape NFT from BAYC gets 1x Common OG APE Shoebox.

  • Mint is FREE
  • Mint only starts from 7th July
  • Mint lasts 7 days, the opportunity expires on 15th July 00:00 UTC+10


Double-Enhanced Sneaker

If you received a Double-Enhanced Sneaker from Sneaker Enhancement (common/uncommon — > rare/epic), you will receive an APE Shoebox in Realm 3:

This offer will close 24 hours before the opening date of Realm 3.

  • Each Double-Enhanced Sneaker qualifies for one Common OG APE Shoebox.
  • If you BOUGHT or SOLD your Double-Enhanced Sneaker, you will NOT qualify for an APE Shoebox.

Sneaker Enhancement Raffle

If you didn’t get a Double-Enhanced Sneaker, you can still get one OG APE Shoebox through a raffle, we will draw 2,000 lucky winners from everyone that did at least one Sneaker Enhancement:

This offer will close 24 hours before the opening date of Realm 3

  • Each account can win a maximum of one Common OG APE Shoebox
  • Buying Enhanced Sneakers will not qualify you for the raffle
  • Selling Enhanced Sneakers you created will still qualify you for the raffle

OG Sneaker Enhancement

OG Sneaker holders on BNB Realm (Sneaker #20,000 ~ 30,000) can enhance once and guarantee one OG APE Shoebox (This stacks with other mechanisms for obtaining APE Sneaker, except the Raffle).

This offer will close 24 hours before the opening date of Realm 3

  • Each OG Sneaker Enhancement qualifies for 1 Common OG APE Shoebox
  • If you BOUGHT an unenhanced OG Sneaker and enhance it, you qualify.
  • If you BOUGHT or SOLD an Enhanced OG Sneaker, you do NOT qualify.

Twitter and Instagram Raffle winner

Participate in our Twitter and Instagram raffle and be one of 12 lucky winners to win a Common APE Shoebox.


We are just getting started

It’s always Day1 at STEPN. Your love and support continue to make us stronger day by day. And we reciprocate with the only way know — to build and serve our community.
We hope you’re as pumped as we are! Stay tuned for the launch of our brand new website with minting details and for our official announcement details of the 3rd Realm in the coming weeks.
Watch the space!


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