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Crazy Defense Heroes July XP gain reward pool comes with new NFT rewards!

Dear Defenders, the Crazy Defense Heroes play-to-earn XP Gain reward pool is set to be 1,800,000 TOWER tokens for July 2022. The more XP you gain in the game, the more TOWER tokens you can earn! Starting from July 2022 and onwards, we’ll be giving an exclusive “Crazy Defense Heroes Elite Badge NFT” to the top 10% of players that gain the highest XP within each month. The badge could be displayed in the upcoming TOWER blockchain game showcasing your achievements within the TOWER franchise; m

Crazy Defense Heroes “Daily Star Chest” Play-and-Earn adds new NFT rewards starting from July 2022!

Greetings all TOWER fans! The Crazy Defense Heroes “Daily Star Chest” event will continue in July 2022 with new rewards. In addition to TOWER tokens and Map NFTs, you can also earn Crazo Mint Pass and Perfect Attendance Badge NFTs. Download Crazy Defense Heroes now on App Store or Google Play to start earning! “Daily Star Chest” rewards in July 2022 Below is a table detailing the rewards you can secure in July 2022: The total number of TOWER tokens you can secure depends

Open TOWER chests to get Game Card NFTs!

We are happy to announce that all TOWER Chests can now be opened or transferred to another wallet at https://www.crazydefenseheroes.com/inventory/chests! Each Chest contains 3 Game Card NFTs, and all Game Card NFTs are tradable on OpenSea. OpenSea Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/tower-battle-cards Contract Address: 0xcf501ead3ebfa60f40725fca1d82fc05bff63bf2 Game Card NFTs can be used in the upcoming TOWER PC blockchain game, and in a mini-game to earn TOWER tokens in the
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