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Crazy Defense Heroes “Daily Star Chest” Play-and-Earn adds new NFT rewards starting from July 2022!





Greetings all TOWER fans! The Crazy Defense Heroes “Daily Star Chest” event will continue in July 2022 with new rewards. In addition to TOWER tokens and Map NFTs, you can also earn Crazo Mint Pass and Perfect Attendance Badge NFTs.

Download Crazy Defense Heroes now on App Store or Google Play to start earning!

“Daily Star Chest” rewards in July 2022

Below is a table detailing the rewards you can secure in July 2022:


The total number of TOWER tokens you can secure depends on how many days you have opened a Star Chest in Crazy Defense Heroes and completed the check-in on the TOWER token website.

Read our previous Medium article if you don’t know how to open a Star Chest or check in on the TOWER website: https://medium.com/tower-token/introducing-crazy-defense-heroes-daily-star-chest-play-to-earn-event-4e44161f6c91

Apart from TOWER Tokens, you’ll be able to earn 3 types of NFTs:



TOWER Map is an NFT (ERC-1155 on Polygon) with various utilities. Click here to learn more.

2. Perfect Attendance Badge

1*8GfGheJTXvvAoYZ9yBCpbA.jpegThe Perfect Attendance Badge NFT for July 2022, image subjected to change

Starting from July 2022, we’ll also give an exclusive “Perfect Attendance Badge” NFT to users who complete all calendar check-ins within the month. The badge could be displayed in the upcoming TOWER blockchain game showcasing your achievements within the TOWER franchise; more details will be announced later.

3. “The Crazo” NFT Mint Pass

Earlier, TOWER revealed its first PFP project — “The Craozs”, holding a TOWER PFP indicates exclusive ID within the Franchise, and also the Animoca Brands Universe.

Players will get 1 Crazo Mint Pass for Each successful check-in after the 28th day. Each mint pass could be used to mint 1 Crazo in the upcoming presale.

Learn more about “The Crazos” by TOWER Token by clicking here

Important notes:

  • The Daily Star Chest event and the regular CDH XP Gain Play-to-Earn event are not mutually exclusive; You can earn TOWER tokens from both the XP Gain event and the Daily Star Chest event. Learn more about our latest XP gain event from our previous articles:
  • The Crazy Defense Heroes server time is set in UTC. The Star Chest cooldown period is 16 hours, you can only check in once even though you open 2 Star Chests within the same day.

Questions? Reach out to us!

If you have any questions regarding the Play-To-Earn events, TOWER token, Tower Experiment, and Crazy Kings game franchise, feel free to contact us!


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