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The Sandbox: “My Homies by Cheech & Chong” to light up The Sandbox




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Legendary comedy duo plants roots in the metaverse platform, bringing counterculture experiences and their NFT to The Sandbox metaverse

After 50 years of commercial and cultural success, the comedy duo, Cheech & Chong is entering The Sandbox metaverse. The famed duo’s iconic vehicles, looks, counterculture, psychedelic props, and, most definitely, cannabis will be voxelized and transported to a dedicated Cheech & Chong LAND for visitors to experience, man.


Character art design by Kahncept


“I’m deeply involved with the art community and believed early on that the metaverse would expand on how people interact with brands they love by contributing their own creations,” said Cheech Marin. “The possibilities of what can be created virtually are endless and we’re very much looking forward to the trips we’ll be taking with our fans to our own dedicated LAND in The Sandbox.”

“Art is about connecting with others and reaching deeper parts of self,” said Tommy Chong. “The metaverse is a new medium for people to create and connect with each other, but in ways they never thought imaginable. Our partnership with The Sandbox will introduce our community to a whole new world, together.”

“Cheech and Chong have always had an appreciation for art, counterculture and the different forms it can be expressed to stir emotions in people,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “We’re looking forward to what they will create with and for their community in The Sandbox and what they will introduce to our metaverse.”



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