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Double Peak Group & Kratos Guild to Sponsor First Undead Blocks $20K Tournament

1 July 2022 — Hanoi, Vietnam: Undead Blocks, the world’s first AAA FPS Play to Earn Zombie Shooter game, announced today that their $20K Pistol SpeedRun will be fully sponsored by Double Peak Investment Group & their gaming guild, Kratos Guild. As part of the sponsorship agreement, a Double Peak skin was specifically crafted for the SpeedRun, to be used by all participants for the event. Galen Law-Kun, Founder of Double Peak Group commented: “We could not be more excited

Undead Blocks: Introducing $25K Beta SpeedRun Competition, Gold ZBUX & Daily Leaderboards

(Initially posted on Medium)   Hello Survivors! We want to personally thank you for all of your support — we would not be where we are today without our amazing community. The Beta Bootcamp has been delivered to the first round of beta trainees with more trainees joining every week. We are getting close to delivering our closed beta to all of our Armed Survivors! In this article we will cover an exciting new way to compete & earn during the closed beta, introduce our two-tiere

Introducing The Undead Blocks Beta Bootcamp Program

The Beta Bootcamp is being introduced to Armed Survivors for the first time. Undead Blocks would like to congratulate and welcome all of our Armed Survivors for answering our first Call to Arms. Genesis Weapon Pack holders will soon begin their fight against the horde and compete everyday to earn ZBUX when our full game launches this summer! The Beta Bootcamp is reserved for Armed Survivors only and will allow them to enjoy the Undead Blocks experience before full game launch. We will

Undead Blocks “Call To Arms” Weapons Minting Guide:

Undead Blocks is minting Weapon Loadouts on Thursday, March 24th at 10AM(EST). Hello Survivor, welcome to the Undead “Call to Arms” Minting Guide. Undead Blocks is for gamers who are tired of paying for weapon skins, character skins, battle passes, DLC packs, and of not being able to monetize any of the assets they obtain in-game. It’s for gamers who want to earn from completing achievements, quests, and finding Easter Eggs in our maps. It’s for individuals who want to open their own s

Undead Blocks Raises $1.7M in Seed & Private Round led by Animoca Brands

11 March 2022 — Hanoi, Vietnam: Undead Blocks, the world’s first AAA FPS Play to Earn Zombie Shooter game, announced today that it has raised $600K in a Private round of funding led by Animoca Brands. The Private round comes after Undead Blocks completed a seed round of $1.1M co-led by Genblock Capital & Double Peak Group. Undead Blocks will be the world’s first AAA first-person shooter (FPS) play-to-earn (P2E) game, allowing players to purchase weapons as NFTs and earn in-game rewards

Undead Blocks — The World’s First Kill to Earn Crypto Game

Undead Blocks — The World’s First Kill to Earn Crypto Game So, you want to play Undead Blocks? Well, get ready for the fight of your life. This will be the first in a series of Medium articles highlighting Undead Blocks gameplay, tokenomics, how to play AND earn, and what’s on the horizon in the future! Undead Blocks is a multiplayer FPS zombie shooter, pitting Survivors against wave after wave of ruthless Undead. Developed by Kevuru Games (who have worked on some small proje

Introducing: The Undead Blocks Weapons Whitelist Program

The Undead have been unleashed! Our Survivors are loading up for the fight of their lives against the zombie horde, and are actively recruiting members to pick up their weapons and join the fight! Undead Blocks has announced our first Call to Arms, which begins on January 27th. Whitelist winners will start to be announced on February 15th. Weapon Minting Day will be announced at a later date, for mint in March. “Call to Arms” will allow Undead Blocks to get weapons into the hands of ou
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