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Preparing for LAND Smart Contract Migration to Layer 2




L2 migration is coming soon — we’ll help you get your LAND ready



  • To prepare for Polygon deployment and bridging, we’re finishing the migration process for all LANDS to Layer 2
  • Going forward, LAND can only be bridged from the new LAND smart contract
  • No user action is required, but to avoid any lost tokens, we will automatically migrate LANDS not already updated to the new contract on April 27, 2022
  • The address of the new LAND smart contract introduced this year is 0x5CC5B05a8A13E3fBDB0BB9FcCd98D38e50F90c38
  • There is no cost involved on the user’s side; all migration gas costs are entirely covered by The Sandbox
  • If you have any questions, we’re here to help!

We are finishing the migration for all LANDS to Layer 2 to prepare for the Polygon network’s deployment and bridge. Through Polygon, gas fees are greatly reduced, so there are long-term benefits through this process. But to achieve these benefits, all LANDS must be migrated to the new smart contract that was deployed on January 30, 2022.

Going forward, LAND can only be bridged from the new smart contract and we want to avoid any confusion or lost tokens. Therefore, on April 27, 2022 we will automatically force migration of any LANDS not already updated. This ensures that even if you don’t take any steps your LAND(S) will be prepared and ready for L2.

To repeat, even if you don’t migrate your LAND or LANDS manually, The Sandbox will automatically migrate your LAND(S) to the new smart contract on April 27, 2022. So you don’t need to do a thing if you don’t want to — but if you prefer to update your LANDS yourself, we’ll remind you how to do it.

Not sure if your LAND(S) are migrated to the new smart contract?

If you want to check on your LAND(S) and manually migrate any LANDS that haven’t been updated to the new smart contract ahead of time you can do so through the following steps:

To check if your LAND(S) are migrated to the new smart contract:

  • First, you need to connect with your The Sandbox account that is linked to the wallet that holds the LAND token(s)
  • Then go to https://sandbox.game/en/me/migration to see the respective contract status for each LAND you own
  • If you see a green checkmark with the message, “All your LANDs have been successfully migrated,” you’re good to go. Congratulations and good job!

However, if you see an image like the one below, you can take action to migrate your LAND(S).


  • If you see any LAND(S) listed under the old contract, proceed by clicking the blue “Migrate All My LANDS To The New Contract” button
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • There is no gas cost to you for the migration — The Sandbox will cover all fees for this

Closing Thoughts

We hope this solution will make the migration process easy and pain-free. However, if you need any additional support to manually migrate your LAND tokens, please contact us through any of the following channels:

We know that any migration process can cause a little stress. In this case, though, the benefits of using L2 are worth it, and we’ll help you get through the process, including automatically migrating your LAND(S) to the new smart contract if necessary.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and we’ll see you in the metaverse.


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