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Crabada’s Battle Game: First-Look (Part 2: Special Mining Zones, Adventure Mode and Resources)




Crabada Battle Game — Loading Screen Preview

Dear Crabadians! 🦀

In the second of a two-part article, we will be covering updates on:

  1. Special Mining Zones (PvP) ✨
  2. Adventure Mode (PvE) 🗺️⚔️
  3. New Resources 🪙🍲

Part one, covering the Crabada, Stats and Skills, and Discipleships (Scholarships) can be found here:

The first release of the Battle Game is expected to launch on Swimmer Network in May 2022!
*Please note that the images used in the article are WIP and do not accurately represent the final product that will be launched, and are for illustrative purposes only. This includes information such as costs, stats and buffs.

Let’s Crabbing Go!

1. Special Mining Zones ⛏✨

Battle Mining and Looting

Crabada Battle Game — Battle Mining and Looting — Special Mining ZoneBattle Mining/Battle Looting in Special Mining Zones

Mining and Looting in the Battle Game will come with brand new battle mechanics! Crabada will fight it out in 3v3 Claw-to-Claw combat!

New Special Mining Zones are unlocked when a player clears specific stages of the map in Adventure Mode!

Emerge victorious from battle, and harvest valuable resources from the spoils of your victory (or defeats)!

Here are a few changes in battle mechanics to take note of:

  • Battle Points and Mine Points are no longer used in the Battle Game
  • There will no longer be reinforcements in the Battle Game
  • Faction bonuses now apply to each attack on individual Crabada instead of the team
Crabada Battle Game — Battle Mining and Looting

Energy System (Energy Crust 🌟)

Fragments of Crustaco’s Energy, containing the fervent and adventurous spirit that once flowed freely throughout the Kingdom of Crabada continue to persist through the trials of time, passing on a new wave of hope and dreams to the New Generation.

Energy Crust is the energy required to fuel the industrious Crabada. It is consumed to initiate Battle Mining or Battle Looting activities in each of the 20 Special Mining Zones.

  • Battle Mining Expeditions will consume 4 Energy Crust
  • Battle Looting Missions will consume 1 Energy Crust
Crabada Battle Game — Example of Energy Crust CapExample of Crust Energy cap

Each account’s Energy Crust cap increases with the amount of Crabada Slots in the account, with a base of 24 Energy Crust. The amount of Energy Crust is increased/decreased when a Crabada from your inventory is added to or removed from an available slot.

Energy Crust Formula: Energy = floor(Crabada Slots/ 3) * 24

* The number of Crabada Slots each account has can be expanded with $CRAM (3 Crabada Slots = 250 $CRAM). There is no hard cap on the amount of Energy Crust.

Energy Crust will fully regenerate daily at a specific time (to be updated). Energy Crust for any newly assigned Crabada will only reflect after the next energy reset to prevent any chance exploitation of the Energy System.

Battle Mining Rewards

  • $CRA Tokens
  • Material to craft Food or $TUS
  • Crystal Shell to upgrade Crabada Levels

Battle Looting Rewards

  • $CRA Tokens
  • Material to craft Food or $TUS
Note: The Idle-Game will still be running concurrently alongside the Battle Game.

2. Are you ready, Adventurer? 🗺️⚔️

1*_6XPB89TmJQ3MXqJFLpqsw.pngExplore 100 stages of Adventure Mode in the first release of the Battle Game!
In Adventure mode, players explore the dangerous and untraveled islands around Crustaco Bay, faced with powerful enemies to overcome in search of undiscovered treasure!

Crustaco Bay (World #1) will consist of 100 stages, and will be available to all players in v1 of the Battle Game. New worlds and areas will be available with future updates.

Note: Participating in Adventure mode does not consume any Energy Crust.

Adventure Mode Rewards

  • Player EXP (Experience Points) to upgrade Player Levels
  • Crystal Shell to upgrade Crabada Levels

Difficulty Levels

There are 3 different levels of difficulty in v1 of the Battle Game:
Easy → Hard → Very Hard

In order to access Crustaco Bay at increased difficulties (with increased loot), players will need to clear all stages in the previous difficulty setting.

E.g: To access Adventure mode on “Hard” difficulty, a player would need to clear all levels in “Easy” difficulty first.

New Resources 🪙🍲

Crabada Battle Game — Combine Material to craft or food for your Crabada, or combine them into $TUS!Combine Material to craft food for your Crabada, or combine them into $TUS!

New Drop: Crystal Shell

Crystal Shell can be found in Battle Mining Expeditions and Adventure Mode. They are used to upgrade Crabada Levels.

New Drop: Materials

Instead of $TUS, Materials are now dropped from completing Battle Mining Expeditions or Battle Looting Missions!

Materials in v1 of the Battle Game can be:

  1. Combined to create Treasure Under Sea ($TUS) [5 Materials required]
  2. Combined to create food to fill Crabada’s hunger bar, making sure that your Crabada are fighting at their optimal power [5 Materials required]

We will be releasing further information on the list of Crabada Pincer Skills next so stay tuned!

Wishing everyone, Good Snibbing! #snibsnib 🦀✨

Upcoming Crabada Events

We have tons of exciting news, announcements and events coming up so hang tight, and keep up-to-date via our social channels*!

  • Anti-Bot Update (12 Apr)
  • Swimmer Network Launch
  • The Great Crabada Migration (Idle-Game and Marketplace)
  • Battle Game Mode Launch
  • Triple $CRA Event

*Links to all official social channels can be found at the end of the article.

About Crabada

Treasures (Under Sea) of undiscovered past await daring adventurers who seek the future. Mine, Loot, Breed, Battle! Will you be the one to take the place as King of the Crabada? Or will you sow the seeds of discord across the land? The world is your oyster. Soon, they will tremble when they hear your name.

Crabada is an exciting play-and-earn idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada (the NFTs). Players will rediscover the prosperous ancient kingdom of Crabada and earn rewards through activities such as mining, looting, breeding, battling, exploring, crafting, and more!

Explore rich new lands across the Ocean as you march sideways into an immersive idle gaming experience! Are you ready, Adventurer?

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