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Boost Your Alpha Season 2 Rewards with mSAND Staking




Learn how you can earn up to 200 additional raffle tickets by staking SAND, without any gas fees!


With Alpha Season 2 in full swing, we want to remind players that there are lots of individual and community benefits for staking mSAND during the season. The more the community stakes, the higher the Alpha Season reward (details here). And for you personally, the rewards are even better. 1 point equals 1 mSAND staked for the duration of the Alpha Season 2 so 28 days. The maximum amount of raffle tickets you can get through staking is 200. To get the maximum 200 tickets, you will need to collect a total of 400 points.

  • The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 reward is of 500 $SAND.
  • If the Community Booster reaches +100%, the $SAND rewards will thus be 1,000 $SAND for all Season 2 Alpha Pass holders.
  • However, if the Community Booster reaches less than the maximum boost, the amount that has been reached will still be added to the 500 $SAND rewards. For instance, if the Community Booster reaches +40% by the end of the Season, then the $SAND rewards will reflect that booster: for instance if the community booster reaches +40% then the final rewards for season 2 will be 700 $SAND)
  • By staking 200 mSAND during the whole Alpha Season 2 (March 3–31), you’ll earn 100 raffle tickets
  • By staking 400 mSAND during the whole Alpha Season 2, you’ll earn 200 raffle tickets
  • By staking 800 mSAND for half the Alpha Season 2 (two weeks; shorter duration but a larger amount) you can also earn 200 raffle tickets.
  • If you did not start staking on day one, worry not! You can still get up to 200 tickets by staking. If you wish to earn the 200 additional raffle tickets, you can get them by staking more mSAND to account for the time already elapsed.
    Here is a quick cheatsheet of how much you will need to stake to reach 200 tickets depending on the day you start staking :

Get ready to rack up bonus raffle tickets with no effort while you have fun playing in The Sandbox!


Here’s how you can get started staking:

Don’t delay, get in on this opportunity now!


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