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Treasury Management

Hi Uni Fam, As crypto winter sets in it’s important to discuss how we plan to manage our DAO treasury. In short, we plan to passively deploy assets to earn low risk yield. This will grow our treasury value with an eye towards supporting and maintaining the CU Ecosystem indefinitely. Upfront, we plan to establish a sister Gnosis Safe on ETH Mainnet. While we are huge supporters of Polygon, it is important to acknowledge that it is still a sidechain and there are security tradeoffs that


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Governance — Phase 1.5

Governance — Phase 1.5 Hello, Unifam! With twelve weeks since the initial launch of the Governance Phase 1 post, and with the approval of the CUIP-04 — Governance Council Installation, we believe that now is the perfect time for us to iterate and supplement. Upfront, we acknowledge that building a self-governing community is a monumental undertaking — one that we hope we are all willing to experience together. Our hope is for our structure to evolve as we learn and grow together a


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Bug Bounty Program Launch

Hello, Unifam! It’s been a month since launch and with most major issues addressed, our development team seeks to further improve the experience for everyone. While the team is hard at work resolving known issues and finding other possible unreported issues, we feel that involving all stakeholders in the process will enable us to collectively take ownership of what we’re trying to build together, while also rewarding the community for their efforts. Enter the Bug Bounty Program. Let’s

RBW Tokenomics Primer

Hi Unifam! Last week Nat Elison wrote a wonderful article on Crypto Unicorns in which he discussed his thoughts on the game as well as our tokenomics. While he largely gave a positive review his analysis of RBW fell short. To his credit, the whitepaper only gives a bare outline and we’ve predominantly circulated updates and details via AMAs. Our hope is this document can be a reference for people today as well as new entrants into our economy in the future. Why not burn RBW? Nat s

Launch Postmortem

Hi Uni Fam, What a hell of a last two weeks it has been…. I want to start this note with a huge thank you to both the team and community for working together to rapidly resolve many of the LiveOps fires that cropped up. Now that the vast majority of issues have been resolved we have finally had a moment to breathe, take stock, and plan. Here are some high-level notes on the plan over the next 6 weeks: Ongoing LiveOps Issues: To date, we’ve focused on resolving issues bas

Golden Ticket Redesign

Hi Unicorn Fam! As game dynamics change, features must also be redesigned to promote continued utility. During the early stages of development Golden Tickets were designed to simply be an amplifier for loot box rewards. Given that Lootboxes and Golden Tickets won’t be a “normal” item that players obtain / use on a regular cadence, our Design Team has been hard at work determining ways to separate the two items. We are excited to now share the new functionality for Golden Tickets!

Pioneer Land Holder Program

Hello Uni Fam! With the launch of CU drawing near, it is now time to formally announce the Pioneer Program! This program will span over four weeks and will aim to achieve two primary goals, reward loyal landholders and provide weekly packages of seeds/materials to help kickstart their operations. Without any further ado, let’s dive into how this program will work- How do I qualify? To enter the program, players must “lock” their land plots into CU prior to May 8th at 00:00 UTC.

Game Launch & Summer of Love

Are You Ready!? The time has arrived…the day you all have been waiting for!!! We’re extremely excited for you all to get your hands on the game, and see all of your lands and unicorns up close and in the game world. We’re in the final stretch of getting everything deployed and ready to go. We’ll be releasing the game later today. We’ll post on Discord and Twitter once the game is live and shortly after that our website will update with a link to play the game. While you wait, we have a hand

The Rainbow Marketplace

Hello! Today, let’s learn a bit about the Rainbow Marketplace, which is the economic hub of Crypto Unicorns, and the place where players can buy and sell a variety of in-game items, including seeds, berries, crafting materials, and boosters, in exchange for RBW Tokens! The Marketplace will serve as an important place for our players: This is where you will be able to buy seeds, crafting materials, and boosters you can use to make your land and farms more productive. This i

Crafting Costs: $UNIM

Hello Frens! UNIM is the lifeblood of the game–literally! We all know that UNIM’s primary sink is in breeding and evolution but did you know that UNIM is used in other parts of the Crypto Unicorns world? Workshops require a ton of UNIM to craft the most advanced items, boosters, keystones, and more! Let’s dive into how UNIM plays a part in Crafting! Crafting While the more basic crafting items do not cost UNIM to craft, more advanced material crafting recipes will have a small UNI


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Governance — Phase 1

Governance — Phase 1 Fellow Unicorns, As we approach the launch of our governance system, it’s important to outline the initial structure as well as how we expect it to evolve. This new method of governance brings with it numerous challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, there is no roadmap for building a successful DAO. We can only look at other Web3 projects and learn together as we collectively experiment with these new mechanisms for human coordination. Upfront we acknowledge


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Crypto Unicorns: Shadowcorns Roadmap Reveal

(Initially posted in Laguna Games Medium) “Hi Unicorn Fam, Since the beginning of time immemorial, Shadowcorns have lived in the darkness waiting and watching. Bound to the Dark Forest since the cataclysm the Shadowcorns have existed only as pure shadow beings. The Unicorn’s recent entrance into the Dark Forest to pillage and summon has awoken an ancient enemy… It’s going to take some time to manifest Shadowcorns into their corporeal form! Since they are not breedable we won’t be us


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