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Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG where you team up with friends to adventure across time and space. Explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations.






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  2. Ruby Early Access will be live Thursday, July 15th @ 9:00 am PDT. You have one more weekend to get those Jade drops! Join us for updates and some patch note leaks in the official Discord! Ruby Pass Date Announced was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  3. Welcome to Big Time, Jade pass holders! Today you get to join Gold and Silver pass holders playing the Big Time Pre-Alpha. Patch Notes With the next phase of Big Time’s Early Access program, comes another big patch: Read and comment on the 0.13 patch notes post over on the official Big Time forums. Pass Redemption Need help redeeming your pass? Check out our Early Access Pass Redemption Guide. Make sure to join the rest of the early access community over on the Big Time Discord server! NFTs We do NFTs right. No pay-to-win, cosmetic NFTs, completely optional, and the community decides their value. Check out the cosmetics that are exclusively dropping during Jade Early Access. Jade Early Access is live! was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  4. Patch Notes Version 0.13 Patch Version 0.13 ( Live: June 6th, 2022 ) Read and comment on the 0.13 patch notes post over on the official Big Time forums BALANCE: You can no longer dodge if you’ve been falling for too long You must sprint for a short while before being able to activate the post-sprint attack Heal ability values have been tuned to be more distinct ANIMATION: A new animation has been added for Backstab New Interaction animations for various objects have been added New casting animation for fireball has been added Orb lightning now has a new cast animation AI will now occasionally do a little jig when they defeat you Glacial Entombment has a new cast animation GAMEPLAY: Certain loot is now ‘encrypted’ when dropped and must be decrypted before use. Look for your friendly neighborhood decryptor in town! You can now unequip abilities from the hot bar by right-clicking Collision accuracy for various volumetric abilities has been improved to match the visuals more closely Energy Regen ability is now significantly more effective at regenerating allies’ energy Direction selection of Fire Wave has been improved High-level Ninja Leap will now leave a decoy behind distracting foes briefly Revive ability reticle will now correctly highlight targets that can be revived “Adrenaline Potion” that will revive nearby downed friendlies has been added to the game “Resurrect Potion” that will respawn fully dead friendlies has been added to the game Many improvements have been made to Into the Frey ability Fireball will now block movement (bot not aiming) during cast New “rolling thunder” upgrade path added to deployable fixer turrets ART: Visuals for waterfalls and other bodies of water have been improved Deadly water in dungeons now appears more “poisonous” Foliage and overall visuals in Forest dungeons have been improved VFX for bleed ailment has been improved Exploding drone bugs have a new explosion VFX VFX for poison ailment has been improved VFX for rest has been improved VFX for activating shrines has been improved VFX for ancient monitor death has been improved VFX for choppers slashes have been improved VFX for players revived by fixer ability has been added VFX for canister traps has been improved VFX for temporary immunity (post-revive/respawn) has been improved VFX for bubble shield has been improved VFX for alacrity projectile has been improved VFX for smoke poof has been improved VFX has been added to caster when various abilities are activated VFX for lord of the dead ability has been improved VFX has been added for enemy healers VFX for quest bombs has been improved VFX for firewall has been improved VFX for shadowblade Sap ability has been improved Collisions on the Forest Bushes are fixed now. No more clipping camera LEVELS: Improved collision on several props throughout dungeons Time’s End’s vista has been improved Various gaps in dungeon tiles have been fixed New destructible canisters have been added to Time’s End UI: When first connecting to a region, players will now be given the opportunity to select which overworld instance they want to join New item indicator will now persist longer in the Cosmetics tab so it’s more apparent which NFT is new when you loot one Lore text on one-way ticket to town consumable has been improved Improved readability of various reticles (both healing and damage) throughout the game A sensitivity slider has been added to the settings menu Icons have been improved for several consumables and abilities throughout the game Added new icons for various ailments and status effects Toggle hud keybind has been added to the keybinds menu so you can change it from the default Ctrl+` Fixed icon for Rage status effect UI for splitting stacks of items has been improved Many incomplete or missing descriptions have been fixed for abilities Improved display of item requirements to be more legible SOUND: Big Che has new sounds for various attacks Various inventory movement sounds have been added BUG FIXES: Fixed UI icon indicator a party member os down remaining after that party member has respawned Fixed NFT/Cosmetic items still being visible during shadowblade’s invisibility Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck in “limbo” after canceling connection dialogs Fixed a bug that could cause the exp bar to appear blank or display invalid XP values after changing TimeLines Fixed issues with whirlwind causing pops/corrections to third-party players watching the move Fixed Dagger of Sir Branor not appearing in-game Fixed enemy poison and fire aura visuals not matching damage radii Various issues with Lord of the Dead have been fixed Fixed issues with players that had many NFTs in their inventory being unable to connect to servers reliably Fixed certain boss fights not having as many enemies as intended Fixed issues with zone names not displaying correctly Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to circle one another endlessly Fixed being able to bind the same action to multiple buttons Fixed some cases of loot chests and canisters floating above the ground in Time’s End PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION: Foliage and other models in Time’s End have been optimized to reduce load on player GPUs in this area Improved CPU overhead of player movement on servers Fixed servers doing more work than intended when processing game warnings Server-side replication has been reworked. Dramatically reducing CPU overhead for highly populated servers View the full article
  5. Ruby Pass redemption has been delayed until July. A specific time & date will be announced in early July. View the full article
  6. Version 0.12 Patch Version 0.12 has not been applied yet. Watch Discord for an official announcement on the Patch going live. BALANCE: Lord of the dead: Change scaling of dead bodies to damage (starts strong but then scales damage slower than before) Made several boss-type mobs less polite about picking attack locations with other AI Fixed TRex not being able to connect with its intended attack targets reliably Raptors now have a heavy attack ANIMATION: Adding Scared Idle for Evermore Cadet NPCs who are lost Modified Barbarian Leap buildup animation Extended Idle animations when in Inventory Screen Swapped various animations in abilities to match the abilities better GAMEPLAY: Players can now loot items while sprinting “Invert mouse” option has been added to settings for all your inverted players Buffs granted from emotes around trees will now persist longer A new “return to town” item has been added to the game When performing emotes, weapons will now “phase” in and out when they are hidden/unhidden Holding ALT while sprinting allows you to rotate the camera around the character without changing direction Botanical research flowers now turn blue on interaction start and fade out on interaction end The Whirlwind ability has been changed to be more responsive to the player’s button release Camera shake on exploding enemies has been strengthened ART: VFX — Each collection of cosmetic NFTs now has a new unique particle system associated with it. Your NFTs now look cooler :) VFX — Mage staff swing particles have been improved VFX — Melee swing particles have been improved VFX — Time Warrior ability “Lord of the Dead” has a new range indicator and a new effect on players to better show its functionality. Fixed issue with skylight in Time’s End lighting. Some settings had been altered, causing the shadows to be too dark. LEVELS: A new “Desert” adventure tileset has been added to the game, and higher-level portals leading to it have been added to Time’s End New breakable objects have been added to Time’s End and elsewhere Adventure instances now have zone names UI: Added Inventory filter for items that are not equip-able Item requirements text now wraps The Portal icon has been updated and will now appear on the compass Picking up gold will now display the amount picked up in the notification bar Players can now unequip items by right-clicking them Party invites will now persist on-screen for longer, so they are more obvious SOUND: Fixed no sound playing on items moved in bags Added sound when unequipping items BUG FIXES: Fixed several instances of impact and explosion particle effects being oriented incorrectly Fixed an issue with Party chat notification not being cleared properly Show the name of the last zone you entered and didn’t leave when leaving a zone Fixed issue with Dual Wield Swords sometimes playing the wrong Heavy attack Fixed some cases where boss battles did not end up with any bosses spawning Fixed some instances of portals spawning in the ocean Fixed some cases of pocket watch icons disappearing when attempting to drop with ctrl Fixed an issue that caused the icon and name of full heal to be different in the skill tree and the hotbar. Fixed the chat prompt being closed if only one word was typed in Fixed some abilities not been shown when changing timepieces Fixed lower level mobs summoned by summoner mobs not ‘decaying’ with time as intended Fixed dead/spectating players being considered “idle.” Fixed some issues that could cause assets around portals to be sunk into the ground Fixed an issue where zone names would be displayed twice Fixed drinking potions while not holding any weapons Fixed an issue that caused some skill information not to be accurate Fixed an issue where Trash/Favorite icons disappear when swapping equipment with right-click Fixed pocket watch gears not displaying “cant equip” X when changing timelines Fixed some issues that could cause players with extensive inventories with many pocketwatches+bags to appear without equipment for themselves, but correct to other players Fixed issues related to canceling connections to servers PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION: Fixed AI objects for fauna in the overworld accumulating over time and eventually slowing down Time’s End server instances Several other server performance optimizations for AI, weather, and others Patch Notes was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  7. We are excited to announce the addition of mystery boxes dropping in-game for Early Access periods. Please see our release schedule below and some additional important information below. Important to know: The Time Keeper has been renamed “Time Warden.” The Mystery Box contains a “Placeholder NFT” that can be exchanged at a later date for the actual NFT Version of the game object. Date TBD, more information to come. Time Wardens, Armories, and Forges all have varying rarities. The mystery box will give you a random rarity, which will be revealed at a later date. Approximately 3–5 hours of gameplay are required to acquire a Mystery Box. Later EAL Phases will require significantly more time. Mystery Box Issuance number is not reflective of the total supply of Time Warden, Armory, or Forge. Issuance/ Total Supply is TBD. Players from the Gold and Silver Pass periods are eligible for mystery boxes in later Early Access phases. Ie. Gold Pass holders qualify for Mystery Box drop in Silver EAL. Gold & Silver Pass holders are eligible for Mystery Box drop in Jade and Ruby Pass periods. Gold, Silver, and Jade Passes qualify for Mystery Box drop in Jade. Early Access Mystery Boxes was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  8. Version 0.1 BALANCE: High end vendroid will now only spawn in 20+ level ranges Big Che’s rocket barrage is now a bit spicier Boss currency/equipment drop rates have been tweaked (non-NFT) Putting points into stats will now improve player attributes for each point rather then every 5 points Reduced “bleed out” time when players are knocked down AI that are significantly higher level than the player will now be less polite about waiting their turn to attack AI that are significantly higher level than the player will now trigger stronger hit reactions during combat Speed potion speed adjustment has been reduced Barbarian Shout no longer affects Defensive Layers. It is meant to be a Crowd Control ability. Orb Lightning: Now hits the single closest target at level 1. With each extra point spent, Orb Lightning will hit an extra target. “Chaff” mobs are now slightly tougher across the board AI that are significantly higher level than the player will no longer be stunned by player abilities AI Projectile Damage will now scale with the level of the AI casting/shooting them PlayerStatsToAttributes - At Stat amounts of 31+, those stats will now start affecting the attribute they affect Mob offensive stat - Mobs now Scale up their Accuracy Stat at higher levels mob defensive stats MobDamage - At level 15, 25, and 35 the mob damage curve increases letting those mobs do more damage AI that are significantly lower level than the player will not drop as many goodies when killed (This is true for mobs that are devolved at time of death as well) Damage curves for various AI types have been increased Reduce the amount of time Big Cyberpriates stay knocked down The time period after reviving or being revived when players are invulnerable has been reduced Devolve will no longer stack (except between different versions of devolve) Cooldowns, and cooldown reduction modifiers have been tweaked across the board to fix cooldowns being unintentionally small Several abilities that were not improving when upgraded now get better as they are upgraded Sweep The Leg now deals 50% less damage for each successive enemy hit. Consumables are no longer affected by cooldown reduction stat bonuses Vendor item costs have been adjusted for various items NInja leap cost has been increased, and cost will now scale with level AI: Several changes were made to improve game experience when players are “training the zone” by running through the entire dungeon and aggroing all enemies AI are now more free to activate special abilities Fixed some cases causing AI to get stuck on bushes Fixed TRexes getting into a state where they never attacked again ANIMATION: Adding Scared Idle for Evermore Cadet NPCs who are lost Extending inventory idles Longer Waffles animation Cyberpirates reinforcements animation extended Added portal spawn-ins for summon decoys Added new animations for no weapon stance Added new shadow ability animation GAMEPLAY: Add NFT roll chance when completing quest objectives* Into The Fray has been changed to leap to a user-targeted location rather than a set distance. New passive ability — Shield Block Energy Reduction — reduces the amount of energy used to absorb damage when actively blocking with a shield. Bloodspray Aura - Bloodspray Aura’s effect now correctly grows with the ability level - Bloodspray aura’s radius now grows from 500 units at lvl 1 to 1000 units at lvl 10 Summon Party Portals - Portals now attempt to position themselves in front of the summoned player so that they are easier to notice. - If a summoner is not available to teleport to when a summoned player takes a portal, they will be teleported to the summoner’s last known location. - Portals will attempt to re-teleport players if the initial teleport failed (previously this resulted in the portal disappearing without teleporting the player). Various ability reticles will now highlight targets that will be affected by the ability. Many abilities with short cast times were changed to keep them from being interrupted from light damage in between going on cooldown and the ability effect occurring. The visuals for Heal Beam have been adjusted to better reflect the intended effect. Pocket Watches that have been equipped, or had points spent on them can no longer be dropped or sold Outdoor adventure instances will now have some more variety in quest objectives LEVELS: Boss battles are now only active after all other objectives are completed Boss battles in the forest dungeon have been updated with geo changes and enemy placement changes General fixes for areas of the map that were easy to use for escaping the playspace Adjusted forest dungeon use of their various components to make for improved layouts and cut down on travel time between encounter spaces Added some CommBots discussing defensive layers to Time’s End Enemies now spawn near some higher-end portals in overworld Valley at start of Time’s End was smoothed out to make it easier to get into the forest from the starting area UI: Added color feedback to item notifications Equipped items can now be marked as trash and favorite Added a tooltip to trash and favorite checkboxes Trash and fav checkboxes are now hidden until hovering over the items to make them more obvious Added a darken gradient at the top of the item slot when hovering to improve trash and fav checkboxes visibility It is now more obvious when items are unable to be equipped Added custom tooltips for empty items and ability slots Added streamer mode option to the settings menu that will hide which server you are on Added vsync and frame rate limit options on settings menu Mark as trash / Fav icons have been updated New icons for Pouches Non-equippable pocket watches are marked as such Added High contrast crosshairs Added a way to accept party invites from the notification and increase the duration of it Added several missing icons for periodic ailments Current ping is now displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen When users are kicked from servers due to being idle for too long, a message indicating what happened will be displayed SOUND: A new sound has been added for the Whirlwind ability BUG FIXES: Fixed an issue causing zone chat to be missing when not in a party Fixed emotes listed in UI being incorrect Fixed a typo on the backstab ability description Fixed an issue that could cause the user to be sent back to the lobby if blocks and swaps weapons multiple times quickly Fixed rarity color that wasn’t showing correctly for some items on the item notifications panel Fixed an issue that could cause video settings not to undo when canceling Fixed an issue causing fog that remains in the entire overworld when the player goes DBNO and dies in Icy wastes and respawns Fixed an issue causing DBNO screen desaturation persists for 1 minute after respawning when the player dies from a mob in the overworld Fixed sorting not being saved in inventory Fixed an issue that could cause the chat menu to be unresponsive after unfocusing the text box while loading into a dungeon Fixed an issue that could allow potions to mix two at different levels in the same stock Improved feedback when the party wipes Fixed an issue that could cause the revive UI to become stuck on screen Fixed overlapping issues with Pocketwatch selection (Timelines) Set a new default chat tab if you are not in a party Fixed issue with Heavy Cyber Pirates registering hits on their lower extremities Fixed mob names getting (dead) added to them erroneously in the damage log Fixed the SHOP sign not rotating for some vendors in the overworld Fixed name of Warrior Trainer in Time’s End Fixed some ability effect particle systems that were rotated the wrong way. Fixed collected flowers not disappearing when interacted with Fix narrative pawns not being cleaned up in some cases in Time’s End Fixed several Titles having the wrong Title text applied in-game Fixed two handed weapon stance missing heavy and small hit reacts Fixed canisters and loot chests blocking the camera Fix BarbarianShout using the incorrect damage curve Fixed several Two-Handed NFT weapon meshes that had the wrong grip offset Fix up things going into bags when they could be equipped instead Fixed Elite turrets not having their intended golden material Fix issues with Mega Clockies who are left to get back up after being knocked down Several client crashes have been fixed Fix summoned mobs not decaying over time as intended Fix Lord of the Dead ability not functioning as intended Fire trap in ice dungeons will now be more deadly as it was intended to be Fixed a bug where equipment able to be worn due to stat increases on other equipment could become displaced if the player took off equipment required to wear that item PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION: Skip updating AI influence maps in the overworld (Time’s End) to improve server performance Avoid updating player pawn meshes when it’s not necessary Reduced overhead for computing damage indicators and updating foliage Fix fauna in overworld (Time’s End) not getting cleaned up and bringing server performance down over time Avoid doing extra work on the server to update melee lock-on target display Avoid updating mine points in Time’s End when not needed Move several objects to tick in parallel with physics updates ART: Vfx- Heal Beam Reticle Size Parameter — Added a parameter to adjust the scale in + X for this reticle, so instead of moving it away from the caster the reticle can be scaled until it reaches its target. Vfx — Frost Spells — Some particles systems were marked as local space when they should be world space. Some particles were popping out of existence where they should gently fade away. Vfx — Minor devolve FX — Visual effects to “Devolve” ability. Fx on the caster and one effect for the enemy afflicted by this debuff. Vfx — Unstopoble shout fix — Fixed several Systems that had an wrong offset where it would make the effect clipping through the ground. Vfx — Decal for AOE — Visual effect feedback to better represent the radius and target of abilities. Vfx — Aoe Decal Loop — Set the decal to play infinitely Vfx — Glacial Entomb fix — Fixed the rotation orientation on the snow meshes for this ability. Vfx — Visual effects to “Devolve” ability. Fx on the caster and one effect for the enemy afflicted by this debuff. Vfx — New visual effect for Chronomancer`s Energy Ball ability. Vfx- New visual effects feedback for Big Pirate Anchor attacks. Vfx — Chronomancer`s energy ball now have a trail. Vfx- New visual effects feedback for Big Pirate attacks. Vfx — Better visual feedback for devolve ability. Vfx — Visual feedback for Summoner Overling swipe attack. Vfx — Visual feedback for Rend ability when it breaks the right defense layer. Staff loot mesh replaced Adjusted colors of character models so that they don’t become washed out in bright areas Fixed glowing Gastropods Fixed 2Handed Sword NFTs being held incorrectly Fixed some cases of floating trees in Time’s End Time’s End has new clouds MISC: Improved visual look of Big Cyber Pirate chain physics simulation Overworld hub servers no longer need to shut themselves down every 6 hours Patch Notes was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  9. Watch the Early Access Launch TrailerWe are excited to announce the launch of Early Access for Gold Pass holders, redemption starts April 19th, 2022. With Early Access around the corner, we want to walk you through how to redeem your Early Access Pass. Are you a gold pass owner? Join our private VIP onboarding experience. FAQs:Can I share my Gold Pass or account? It is not recommended to share your login information. Is the game login separate from the marketplace account login? Your marketplace login is the same as your game login. If your marketplace account has redeemed an Early Access pass, your username and login can be used for the game launcher. How do I play the game once my pass is already redeemed? Once your Early Access pass has been redeemed, open the Big Time launcher, enter your marketplace username, and log in for game access. Can someone sell my NFTs when using my account? Yes, however, 2FA is enabled for all marketplace sales for security purposes. Someone would need access to your phone to confirm any sales. It is not recommended to share your login information with anyone. Will there be any support for Early Access players? Keep an eye out in our Discord for our upcoming dedicated Early Access Pass channel. Are there any permissions features that allow for the rental or sharing of in-game items? There have been many questions about “guild functionality,” including rental and sharing of in-game items. There will be no special permissions, sharing, or rental features for Early Access. Features that allow players to share NFTs will be announced later. What are the benefits of Early Access Passes? Check out our infographic below for more information on what’s included with our Early Access Pass tiers. Redemption Instructions:https://medium.com/media/a97c2b30073d40d11a43f3845e93fc1a/hrefStep 1: If you purchased a pass on OpenSea or Binance, confirm the pass is located in your wallet of choice. Step 1a: If you purchased on our Marketplace, please proceed with the remaining steps. Step 1b: If you purchased on Binance, confirm the pass has been withdrawn to your wallet of choice. Step 1c: If you purchased on OpenSea, click on your profile in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Once on your profile page, the address of your wallet is located below your profile photo. Step 1c: OpenSea: Locate WalletStep 2: Go to our website to redeem your Early Access VIP Pass Step 3: You must be logged in. Once logged in, you will be able to redeem your VIP pass from the drop-down menu under your profile in the upper right-hand corner of the Marketplace. Step 3: Redeem Early Access VIP PassStep 4: Select where you purchased your Early Access Pass: Big Time Marketplace, OpenSea, or Binance. Step 4: Select Pass LocationStep 4a: If you purchased an Early Access Pass from OpenSea or Binance, use WalletConnect or Metamask to connect your wallet containing your Early Access Pass NFT. Step 4a: Connect Wallet if the pass was purchased from OpenSea or BinanceStep 4b: After clicking on your wallet of choice, accept the connection request in your wallet. Step 4b: Accept connection request (OpenSea & Binance shown above)Step 4c: Once your wallet is connected, the “Signature Required” page will load. Click the orange button to send a signature request to your selected wallet. Open your wallet to view the signature request, and click “sign.” Remember, you can only link your wallet with ONE Big Time account. Step 4c: Send signature requestStep 4d: Once your wallet has been connected and verified, your passes will show. Step 5: Select your pass for redemption from your wallet or Marketplace account. You can only redeem your pass once your early access period has arrived. Your Early Access Pass NFT will be burned once redeemed. Step 5: Select Pass for redemptionStep 6: Wait for your Early Access Pass to process redemption. Step 6: Wait for pass redemptionStep 6a: Passes purchased on the Marketplace are redeemed almost instantly Step 6b: Binance and OpenSea NFTs need to verify all network confirmations to complete the redemption process Step 6c: Your Early Access Pass NFT is burned after redemption Step 7: Once your NFT has been burned and redeemed, click the download button to install the Big Time Launcher. Step 7: Click the download buttonStep 8: Congratulations! You are ready to play Big Time. Download the Big Time launcher to get started. Remember to use your same Marketplace account to sign in to the Big Time launcher. Are you a gold pass owner? Join our private VIP pass onboarding.Reminders: You can only redeem one pass per accountOnce your wallet has been verified and connected to your account, it cannot be unlinked. If your NFT is in another wallet than the one linked, you will need to transfer it to the linked wallet.Redeeming an Early Access Pass BURNS the NFT and grants your account early access If your redemption is still pending, do not try to redeem a second pass, as it may accidentally burn a second pass.No redemption of passes before the respective redemption dateIf you purchased from OpenSea or Binance, the redemption is processed by the Polygon and BSC networks and may take a few minutesBig Time is currently only available for PCMinimum Recommended Specs: GeForce GTX 1060 or better / Radeon Rx 580 or better / 8GB RAM DirectX 11 or above Intel core i5 4430/ AMD FX 6300 / 10GB available drive spaceSecurity Risk: It is not recommended to share login informationRemember, you can only link your wallet with ONE Big Time account.We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in Big Time!Early Access Passes: How to Redeem was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  10. https://medium.com/media/236ab6eee67873bc173c53857f27262f/hrefHow to Add Funds to your Big Time Account:Go to nft.bigtime.ggClick “sign in” in the upper right hand cornerSign in using your google accountChoose your method of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and sign inOnce signed in, click your profile icon in the top right and select “add funds”Choose either “Crypto Deposit” or “Bank Deposit”Crypto Deposit: Make sure that the token you are going to transfer is USDC, and make sure the network you are transferring from matches the network you are transferring to (Ethereum-Solana-Tron). We recommend you to try with a small amount first, as mistakes with transactions will probably lead to total lose of your funds.Crypto Deposit: Select which network your USDC is on, and click “Create Wallet Address”. If adding an Ethereum Network Wallet Address, there will be an associated GAS fee for network transaction. Send funds to the associated address for your selected blockchain.Bank Deposit: click “Add Wire Bank Account”. Fill out your “Billing Details” and click “Add Wire Bank Account”. Once your bank account has been added, it will show under bank deposits. Click on your bank account once it has been added, and wire funds to the account shown using your specific “Tracking Reference”.Once funds have been deposited you are ready to purchase SPACE!Deposit Funds Tips:ONLY USDC is accepted. Ensure you are sending and receiving USDC on the blockchain network it is located on. All mismatched networks and assets will be lost.Note: Most USDC on Coinbase and other exchanges are on the Ethereum NetworkIf you need to move funds from one network to another, use a bridge like AllBridge. Check out this example set up of how to move USDC from Ethereum to Solana using AllBridge.Credit Card Transactions will not be reactivated in time for the Exalted Space Sale. Only Bank Wire Transfers and Crypto Deposits will be accepted.Big Time’s KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process:Go to nft.bigtime.ggClick “sign in” in the upper right hand cornerClick on your profile in the upper right hand cornerClick on Identity VerificationMake sure you are in a well lit room, with your phone camera or webcam available. Have your government issued ID document ready.Click Start VerificationSelect the country your ID is issued bySelect your ID type (Passport, Drivers License, Identity Card)Select Continue on Mobile or Take photo using Webcam or Upload file from this DeviceTake a picture of the front of your IdentityTake a picture of the back of your IdentityFor liveness verification, “Face Verification”, take a scan of your face centered with the oval on your screen (see KYC Tips below for more information)Wait for approval of your identity verificationOnce approved, you are able to access withdrawals, purchases above $3,000 and deposits over $2,000KYC Tips:You must provide us with the front and back of your ID/driver’s license/passport (full front is sufficient) and a picture of yourself.The ID image must be clear and without any fingers or objects obstructing the document, so the liveness process can be completed properly.Place Your ID on a flat surface.The ID must be fully visible (all the borders should be inside the picture).Select the ID that looks best, signature, photo, your first name, last name and nationality.If you use a cell phone, position it on a flat surface to avoid camera movement.Make sure beforehand that you fit in the photo frame.Avoid moving when the system takes your image until the process is finished.Avoid using accessories such as hats, face mask, glasses or any other accessory that does not allow us to see your face clearly.The ID photo must be sent horizontally so that the system can compare your face with the photo you provide.If you have an unsupported document type and/ or an ID containing a corrupted image, subsequent attempts are likely to fail unless something is changed on your end.Due to compliance/regulatory requirements, a manual review and approval is not possible, so ultimately we have to get it successfully processed through the systemFor more information on Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions, check out our previous article, Big Time Marketplace FAQs.Marketplace Tutorial: How to deposit funds and complete KYC was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  11. We are excited for our Exalted SPACE Sale launching March 24th 9am EST on the Big Time Marketplace. There will be Exalted and Mythic SPACE available for this sale, and will be your last chance to purchase SPACE before early access starts. First, we are excited to announce that anyone who owns an Exalted SPACE before Sunday Mar 20, 2022 at Midnight (12am) GMT will be gifted a Ruby Pass for early game access. As a reminder, a Ruby Pass will grant you access to the game right after Gold, Silver, and Jade early access periods. We appreciate all of our earliest supporters and wanted to offer early game access as our way of saying thank you. If you plan to be a part of our creator economy and join the few players producing the rarest NFTs, you will need to have Exalted and Mythic SPACE to own enough sockets to upgrade to the highest-tier Timekeeper, Forge and Armory. Hourglasses, Armor and Weapons are a few of the items produced from these upgrades. It is likely that there will only be a small percentage of rare SPACE holders producing NFTs early on, making them an important cornerstone of our creator economy. If you are reading this, it is likely that you are one of our earliest adopters, due to the projected scale of the game. Our upcoming Exalted SPACE sale is a great opportunity to expand your production capabilities and become one of the few players producing the rarest NFTs for in our in-game economy. It is important to note that credit card payments will not be reactivated in time for this sale. Our Exalted SPACE sale pricing is below: We look forward to growing our in-game creator economy with you! Big Time Exalted SPACE Sale: Quantity & Pricing was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  12. On March 17th 2022 we premiered our pre-alpha gameplay footage followed by speaking with our Founders covering all of our community questions and updates. Watch the Founders AMA with our CEO Ari and CMO Michael below. Learn more about Big Time gameplay, early access launch, SPACE, Big Time Token and more. https://medium.com/media/65865f26805369aa16362cf055add1ee/hrefTable of Contents:Introduction Gameplay Early Access Passes SPACE Big Time Token Introduction:Question: It’s been awhile since a community AMA! What’s the latest from Big Time? Ari: The entire team has been heads down, working on Big Time, our first title, which will be launched in Early Access next month. After more than a year and a half in development, we’re very excited to be receiving our initial live users. We have also been on a hiring spree, growing our team. For example, this Monday we have a new Head of Product joining from Epic Games, and a new Head of Partnerships with over 20 years in the AAA space. We have a fairly aggressive roadmap, and have been trying to ensure that we can polish all loose ends as much as possible, while acknowledging that this is a community-driven project and what matters most is to get the game in the hands of players to start getting more feedback and data. So I think everyone was very excited to see the first gameplay release today. Can you tell everyone a little bit about what they saw? Yes, so this was the first video release showing some more gameplay. It’s pre-alpha footage coming from some of the private playtests we’ve been conducting with members of our community. People have been having a blast seeing behind the scenes, and learning more about what each of the four initial character classes fight in the dungeons. Gameplay:We noticed in the trailer there’s only 4 people playing at a time, is four the limit? The max team size for combat is currently capped at six, actually. But if you don’t have 6 players, you can also have AI players to expand your team.Outside of dungeons, social spaces and open world levels can host hundreds of players at a time. From the footage & the screenshots all we have seen is our heros smash bugs in an ice level, will there be more content? Yes, one of the coolest parts about Procedural Generation is that we can essentially create infinite different unique environments for players to battle through. Meaning, every single time you enter the ice dungeon, it’s different than the last time. In terms of more play areas, we have a ton of different locations, which we’ve dubbed “Time Shares”. So far we’ve teased Time’s End, Samurai City, and Dinosaur Canyons, and we’ve got a ton more. Within early access, you’ll be able to play Time’s End locations. Within Time’s end, there is the paradox forge, the infinity vault, and the syphon, which are all different landmarks of the time. When you say the dungeons are random, what does that mean? Do you fight the same bosses? Procedurally generated levels provide randomness to the shape of each level and the combat encounters that occur in each of them. So each level will spawn a unique set of enemies for you to battle, based both on chance and your group’s skill level. The trailer was amazing, is there a place where I can get a clear overview of classes? We have just published an overview of each character class on our Instagram. You can check it out at instagram.com/playbigtime. What are the required specs to play the game? Our min specs for gameplay are: GeForce GTX 1060 or better / Radeon Rx 580 or better 8GB RAM DirectX 11 or above Intel core i5 4430/ AMD FX 6300 10GB available drive space These specs may be adjusted based on game development. Early Access Passes:Question: So I think we all agree the game looks amazing, so when do we get to play? Michael: EAL will start some time in Q2 So I know we need a game pass to play but they look very expensive, is it worth it? We have not been very clear about the benefits of passes, so we recently published a graphic on our twitter that gives a nice overview. VIP Pass holders are able to pick up various types of rare NFTs including space during the EAL. The more expensive passes have significant increases in the drop rates in EAL. 1000 Gold Pass Holders enter the game 4 weeks before anyone else during EAL. How about silver & jade? 3000 Silver pass holders join the gold members at the start of week EAL week 5 & the drop rate decreases. 8000 jade pass holders join the gold & silver members at the start of EAL week 8 & the drop rate decreases. What if I really want a pass but I can’t afford it? If you are a creator, artist or a loyal community member we are giving away Ruby Passes. 16,000 Ruby Pass holders join the Gold, Silver, and Jade members at the start of Early Access Launch week 10 & the drop rate will return to the regular drop rate. The Ruby passes are NOT being sold by Bigtime. They are being given away to creators, by creators to their social media followers, and to loyal community members on Discord. If you are a member of our discord community…… We are currently rewarding active members of our community with higher roles, unlocking channels where we have hosted early game demo giveaways, ruby passes, and other NFT giveaways. Join our Evermore Academy community program to earn XP and rewards. Well if I can just get a Ruby Pass for Free why would I buy a Gold, Silver, or Jade VIP Pass? While Ruby Passes are free, the in-game NFT drop rate returns to the normal drop rate after Ruby Passes are released. According to the graphic Early Access Launch (EAL) ends at week 10 and Ruby members only get 1 week, is this true? The current plan is for EAL to run up until the launch of the game. EAL will last “at least 10 weeks”. It is quite likely there will be more time for EAL. The drop rates change as each new type of pass holder gets access to the game. We noticed on the twitter graphic only Rare, Epic, and Legendary Space drops in EAL, will Mythic & Exalted drop in EAL? Mythic and Exalted will not drop in EAL. However, it WILL drop in the full release of the game. What if I have a guild and I need a lot of passes for all of my guild members to get into the game? We have only planned the first 10 weeks of EAL. We have something in store for the guilds, we think the guilds will be very pleased. What do you get to keep from Early Access (EA)? During EA, any NFTs you collect are yours to keep. After EA, we will reset player progress, but your NFTs will still be yours. If I dont have alot of money and I am not an influencer how do I get a chance to play early access? We just announced the ruby pass, a pass made with the community in mind. It allows community members who’ve been a part of Big Time as fans to enjoy EA. Check out our Evermore Academy to learn more about how you can support the Big Time community and earn rewards such as Ruby Passes, and additional Discord roles. SPACE:Question: So besides Passes, there’s SPACE, we had a public sale in December, a lot of us bought space but we don’t understand exactly how it works, could you explain? Ari: SPACE is a cornerstone of the Big Time in game economy. It allows players to produce in-game items that can be collected, traded or sold on the Marketplace to other players. A significant proportion of the NFTs that will be available are going to be produced by SPACE owners if they have utility features installed. For example, installing a Time Keeper on your SPACE will let you produce the Hourglass NFTs, which unlock token drops in-game. How is SPACE different from land? Space is like land but it has no locality. We learned from experience that having to choose a place in the world can be confusing for players, and also that having a shared map that could be partially empty was not good for our user’s experience. SPACE has similar functionality to LAND in Decentraland and Sandbox. SPACE is not in a fixed grid or location, it is not shared, and is tied to a player’s account in game. You are in total control of your SPACE. Also, every player will be able to unlock a Time Machine inside the game, free of cost. This is a personal pocket universe that players can decorate, and use them to host events. You can also upgrade your Time Machine by getting some SPACE, either on the Marketplace, or by picking it in-game. Once you have SPACE, you can access some unique features, such as the ability to produce, upgrade, and repair NFTs. How much space is there? There will only ever be 600,000 SPACE available. How much of the space has bigtime sold so far? We sold a total of 22%, 12% through the initial sale to guilds, another 10% through the first sale on our Marketplace in December. The remaining supply will be slowly introduced into the game economy through the Marketplace as well as in-game drops. We want to make sure that those who have the time to grind but aren’t looking to spend money also have a fair chance at getting these items. What are the different types of space? There are 5 rarities of SPACE - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Mythic - Exalted Space comes in 3 sizes - Small - Medium - Large The more rare space has more sockets, and the rarest spaces will enable you to craft the most rare weapon & armor skins. How is the bigtime economy player owned, currently it just looks like bigtime sells everything. Mike: This is a great question! Currently, bigtime is selling SPACE and soon Timekeepers, Armories & Forges. These are Utility NFTs that the players need, to create the weapon & armor skin NFTs in the game. What can the Space holders create? Space holders have access to the equipment that allows for the collection of the in game token. We will release all of the exact details on this in the near future. Additionally, space holders can create armor & weapon NFT skins using the Armory & Forge How do armor & weapon NFT skins work? They are cosmetic.They won’t give you any advantages but they will make you look cool. The forges and armories can craft skins that are exclusive to the forges & armories. These skins will be highly sought after & collectible. How do I craft the rarest skins? To create the rarest armor & weapon NFT skins you will need to: i. Own a lower tier of that armor or weapon NFT ii. Own exalted space iii. Own a upgraded forge or armory. The most rare NFT skins will have a limited issuance and once the players create that amount they are no longer created. So the space holders sound pretty important! Yes exactly, The majority of weapon & armor NFT skins can only be created by the space holders. So the majority of skin purchases will be made by players from players who own space, and that’s why Big Time’s economy is player owned? Yes that’s exactly right! That’s really cool! So it sounds like I need to get some Exalted Space. Should I also try to buy other space? While you need exalted space to craft the rarest NFT skins… You will want a collection of all the different tiers of space. Because to craft the rarest NFT skins you need lower tiers of that weapon & armor skin. Having many lower tier spaces will let you more easily create the required lower tiered NFT skins than just having exalted Is there anything else I should know? Ari: If you really want to get your hands on some Exalted & Mythic SPACE, we will be having a public sale on March 24th, at 9 am Eastern Time. We’re going to publish all the details on Monday. Stay tuned! Will there be any exalted and mythic left in game for the players who cant afford mythic & exalted? We expect a very high proportion of space NFTs to be dropped in-game, in a way that’s accessible to all players. Big Time Token:By the way I think you mentioned something about a token, where can we buy the token? We have plans for an in-game token that will be launched as the Early Access phase comes to an end. Hopefully towards the end of June. Currently you can not purchase the token. The token is only available in-game. You have to play the game to collect the token. No investor, or employee will be given the token or any early access. ___________________________________________________________________ Stay tuned to our socials for up to date information and all you need to know. Also be sure to get signed up with our Evermore Academy, support the community and get rewarded. Big Time Founders AMA was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  13. What is Big Time’s Evermore Academy? Evermore Academy is located at the center of Epoch City. Students and Warriors travel to Time’s End to learn and train while solving the crisis of the end of time and space. Want to get rewarded for being a loyal supporter and fan of Big Time? We welcome you to the freshman class of Evermore Academy! Follow the steps below to earn XP and get started at Evermore Academy. Experience Points (XP) can be redeemed for Ruby Early Access Passes, Discord roles in our discord server, as well as other prizes. Discord roles will grant you access to special Discord channels featuring exclusive content and giveaways. Step 1: Enroll in our Quest Program Step 1Step 2: Click Sign In with Discord and enter your Discord username and password Step 2Step 3: Click Authorize Step 3Step 4: Complete the Onboarding Quest by finishing the first three tasks Step 4Step 5: View and complete the remaining quests for additional XP Step 5Step 6: Complete remaining quests Step 7: Redeem XP in the Store to earn prizes such as a Ruby Pass, Discord Roles and more. Step 7Quests and prizes will be added as time continues. Be sure to check back as time goes on to level up your XP with new quests. Get awesome rewards with your XP as a thank you for being a part of the amazing community at Big Time. The Academy thanks you for your hard studying and work in support of the community. Introducing Evermore Academy’s Quest’s was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  14. We are excited to announce the Exalted Space Sale launching March 24th 9am EST on the Big Time Marketplace. There will be Exalted and Mythic spaces available for this sale, more details coming next week. This will be your last chance to purchase SPACE before early access starts. Let’s dig in further… SPACE is the cornerstone of the Big Time in game creator economy. It allows players to produce in-game items that can be collected, traded or sold on the marketplace to other players. All items in-game are produced by SPACE owners. SPACE is capped at 600,000 total fixed supply, this supply will never change. SPACE allows players to join the Big Time in-game creator economySPACE has similar functionality to LAND in Decentraland and SandboxSPACE is not in a fixed grid or location, it is not shared, and is tied to a player’s account in game. You are in total control of your SPACE.SPACE allows players to produce in game items such as weapons and armorSize of SPACE = how many “sockets” come with each SPACERarity of SPACE = Rarity level of items produced with SPACESPACE is modular and can be combined with other SPACE to expand creator production capabilities. Have more than one SPACE type? Combine your SPACE to produce more in-game items to collect, trade or sell. What can Big Time SPACE produce you ask? Depends on what you add to your SPACE! Players will be able to upgrade their SPACE with Timekeepers, Armories, and Forges. Hourglasses, Armor and Weapons are a few of the items produced from these upgrades. These items can be collected, traded and sold by the SPACE owner. Want to produce rare NFT skins? Want to upgrade your creation abilities and dive into our creator economy? Exalted and Mythic offer the largest size or “socket” amount with the highest level rarity. Get ready to level up with our upcoming Exalted SPACE sale! Big Time Exalted SPACE Sale: What you need to know was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  15. Big Time Ruby VIP PassExclusive Big Time Ruby VIP Pass: Free Early Beta Access Big Time will be releasing a new way to gain free early access for Big Time. This next round of early access will come in the form of our new Ruby Pass. This pass will grant players the ability to participate in our early beta after Jade, Silver, and Gold pass players. The Ruby pass does not impact the paid early access passes value, or early time in game. Jade, Silver and Gold passes will now have additional time for early access as a result of the Ruby Pass. Don’t want to drop any money to see what the excitement is about? Here is your chance to earn a free Ruby pass for early access to Big Time. The Ruby pass will be awarded to members of our community who helped to grow the game’s following in its early days, as well as members of our community who continue to contribute to the communities’ development. Big Time wants to show its appreciation for all its early supporters, and as such, the Ruby pass can only be granted through community involvement or purchased on the secondary market. So what exactly is the best way to acquire a Ruby pass? The Big Time rewards program will be announced in the coming weeks where all community members are given the opportunity to support Big Time and earn a Ruby pass for early access. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement regarding how to participate in the Big Time rewards program to earn yourself a first look at the game. We are excited to show you everything we have been working on. Join the discord now to get involved! Big Time Ruby VIP Pass: Free Early Beta Access was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  16. Following up our Binance sale from last week, we’re happy to announce the Big Time Early Access Launch Collection, hosted on Opensea! The sale will be hosted on the Polygon Chain, in partnership with Opensea on March 7th, at 10am EST. VIP passes are limited and come in three tiers: Jade (only 8,000 passes), Silver (3,000 passes), and Gold (1,000 passes). Gold passes will offer players the earliest access, followed by Silver and then Jade. For this sale, there will be: 290 Gold Passes, priced at $2500 each770 Silver Passes, priced at $670 each2200 Jade Passes, priced at $320 eachThese passes grant players guaranteed early access to the game, which is planned for early 2022. Early Access means a head start hunting in-game NFTs, which will consist of limited-edition cosmetic and decorative items. We realize that some of you may never have participated in an NFT drop hosted on the Polygon Chain. To help you along, here are a few handy links explaining how the process works to purchase an NFT: How do I purchase Ethereum (ETH)?How do I transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon?What crypto wallets can I use with OpenSea?The sale will be live at https://opensea.io/collection/bigtime-launch on March 7th, at 10am EST. This will be one of the last opportunities to get your hands on these pass tiers, good luck! Announcing the Early Access Launch Collection on OpenSea was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  17. Our SPACE sale hosted on our own marketplace during December went great! However, some of you have noticed we haven’t hosted a mystery box sale in a while! We’re excited to have been able to offer so many sales to our US fans, but we haven’t forgotten about our followers in Asia, on Binance! On February 17th, 11am UTC, we will be releasing one of our last mystery box collections: The Syphon. This sale will be hosted in partnership with Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange. All purchases can be made using BUSD, which you can obtain on Binance.com. This event showcases our animated postcards featuring stunning vistas from The Syphon — where ancient technology draws power from a collapsing star. Each box has the chance of dropping 1 of 6 postcards, some rare or even super rare. As well as the standard postcards, each box has the chance of containing a VIP Early Access Pass, allowing exclusive early entry into the world of Big Time! There will be 25,000 boxes, each priced at 25 BUSD. These mystery boxes are only available at this sale and once they’re gone, they will never be back! Everyone who gets all 6 postcards in this collection will get an exclusive wearable in-game after the game launches. Place a reminder on your calendar for February 17th, 11am UTC (6am EST, 6pm GMT+8) to purchase NFTs here. We’ll see you at the Syphon! Syphon Mystery Box Sale Announcement! was originally published in PlayBigTime on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article

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